Grunge style in clothes

Modern trends in fashion are characterized by a wide range of all kinds of popular and less known trends, the number of which is growing. So, literally any subculture is the soil for the formation of a new trend in fashion. But if there were no such currents, the world would not soon see the best invented styles.

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Strange as it may seem, in this century there are no standards of anything, there are no persistent constants if it concerns fashionand the beauty industry as a whole. Conservatism, ethnic staunchness, classicism, and those are ready for all kinds of mixes with modern trends and trends. Everyone can have their own style in clothes, and it will be fashionable. You yourself choose what is more to your inner state.

You are the designers of tomorrow's fashion, those with whom designers secretly take measurements. Do you think where the gurus take their ideas from the podium? No, not from their talented heads. They scoop them off the streets. From ordinary passers-by, from those who ventured and decided to bring in their image something extraordinary, new. So the skeletons of collections are formed.

There are always those who want to stand out. Someone wants to merge with the crowd, and someone to emphasize their "I".

The very time of the 21st century, without a clear framework, dictates this approach, and perhaps one of the most democratic and successful styles in the West, which perfectly reflects the spirit of modernity, can be called grunge.

This style is so free from tight frames that it's really easy to make a fuss. It arose some twenty years ago, rising on a wave of love for rock music. A great influence on the style was provided by mega-popular in those years Kurt Cobain and his wife Courtney Love, as well as the work of the renowned designer Marc Jacobs. It was they who began to destroy the persistent rules of the notion of a dress code respected in society and compliance with regulations, allowing themselves to dress not in the way that the case demanded, but in the way they wanted.

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The essence of style is a protest, a complete denial of what is flashy fashionable and relevant.

But at the same time this style is characterized by a kind of rough elegance, so it is ideal for both sexes. It is also worth noting that the grunge style is more appropriate for teenagers and young people - rebels in spirit.

The origin of the name of the style comes from the English "grunge".And in this word the whole meaning of the flow, because it is translated literally as "unpleasant."Teenagers and young people became the portrayals of this trend. Grunge has something from a hippie and a traditional American style. But, as it was said above, this direction differs rudeness and rebelliousness.

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Colors, fabric

How can I more effectively characterize this style? Imagine a person about whom I want to say that he looks like a hermit, almost like a person without a place of residence. So, this image will not go far away from the grunge style.

And not far away, he left only because despite external negligence in style, the clothes that are used in him are always of high quality and made mostly of cotton, leather and other natural raw materials. This is the secret of this direction - not everyone can afford it, but the grunge does not tolerate a parody. If you already speak frankly, it is better to dress in drains, rather than buy cheap and substandard things.

In the drains, you have more chances to find not just things under grunge, namely things created for this style. But it is worth to know and what to look for.

The color palette of the style is preferably based on dark tones and diluted with natural, light colors. The style loves to play on the contrast of dark and light.

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Fabrics for sewing such clothes are not chosen from cheap ones. It can be high-quality leather or imitation leather, cotton, wool. To dilute the ensemble, we apply knitwear, cotton and chiffon.

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Convenience, a sense of inner comfort, acceptance of your appearance are the main tasks of the style. They dictate the conditions in the construction of the image. Hence the list of basic grunge attributes:

  • Loose clothes, more often one size larger than required;
  • Comfortable, without excessive impracticality shoes. As a rule, grunge prefers shoes on a flat platform;
  • The details are what makes the style recognizable: prominent scrapes, flaws and deliberately made defects, patches, rough or untreated edges at all, protruding threads;
  • Uncomplicated hairstyles and haircuts. Absolutely no prohibitions on hair color. A widespread modern trend is bright, sometimes acidic shades of hair. Blue, blue, orange tones remain fashionable. And the hair can be painted as partially, and along the entire length;

  • Make-up also does not have strict limitations. In fact, grunge make-up is a youth makeup, and it is customary to focus on the eyes. Smokey makeup is popular in the style of smokey-eyes, where it is allowed to use not only classic black, brown and purple hues, but also the rest of the natural palette;
  • Grange loves all kinds of knitted things: cardigans, capes, sweaters, vests, snacks, mittens, hats, etc.;
  • The following details of the ensemble can be called basic grunge: single-color T-shirts, T-shirts or T-shirts with an interesting print, loose overalls, skirts to the knee and below.
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Denim( jeans)

The main attributes of this youth rebellious trend are jeans( best worn or torn, or both).By the way, such trousers should be skillfully made holes. And to make so that a hole decorated a thing, only the designer is capable.

Clothing from jeans of any natural shade( classic blue, blue, white, red, green, etc.) forms this direction. Adding the image to one or another product from denim can achieve different effects.

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Combining grunge with other directions

It is also important to be able to combine and wear it all. The grunge style should not give a sugary glamor, but its increased concentration is also useless. Do not overdo it, otherwise the image will turn out too repulsive. The best solution is a tandem dress in grunge style with similar directions like hippy, military or kazhual.

Read more about the hippy style here

From the grunge itself you can take the base, the rest add from other currents.

Another distinctive feature of grunge is the absurdity and multilayeredness of clothing. But in practice, especially on slender figures, this looks very good. We are talking about clothes with a complex cut( dresses with an interesting asymmetrical cut, for example, a dress of this type, a short jacket is dressed over the dress, a scarf over the jacket).

Combining things - this is the choice of everyone, a flight of personal fantasy. The main thing is that such a combination does not contradict the style, does not constrain movement and is convenient.

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