Unakite stone and its properties

Unakit - inexpensive, but very effective stone. Due to its physical properties - strength, durability, original texture and color, unakit is in demand in the market of stones and as a jewelry, and as a decorative and facing material.

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History of stone

Unakit is a fairly young stone. Its history is only 140 years old and dates back to 1874, when deposits of this mineral were first discovered in the United States.

The first unakit deposits were discovered in North Carolina, in the Unaka-Rank and Blue Ridge tracts, located near the Unak mountains, after which a new mineral was named.

Somewhat later, strata and deposits of unacite were discovered in Brazil, China, Ireland, and southern Africa.

In all these countries the green-red strong stone has found application both as a good semi-precious mineral, and as a reliable facing material, and as an inexpensive but original jewelry stone.

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Description of the mineral

Looks unacete very impressive - a beautiful combination of grassy-green gently pink and white or gray color makes its color unique, and high density, opacity and silky shine, which increases after polishing, give the stone a special charm.

In fact, unakit is one of the decorative varieties of granite, a coarse-grained, opaque rock.

Other stone names: unakit, epidosit.

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Chemical composition and physical properties of stone

In its species, unakit is an epidote granite consisting of a green epidote, transparent gray quartz and pink or white feldspar. Such an original combination of minerals forms an unusual mountain tricolor rock. Moreover, variations in the color scale of the stone and the patterns made up by the minerals entering into it are unique. Particularly beautiful are the blotches of red-brown, white, pink grains on the emerald-green background of the main color of the stone.

The chemical composition of the mineral includes:

  • calcium( Ca2);
  • iron( Fe);
  • Aluminum( Al2);
  • silica( SiO4);
  • hydroxide ions( OH).

Chemical formula of unacetite: Ca2( Fe, Al) Al2( Si2O7)( SiO4) O( OH).

Its physical properties, including glass shine, correspond to the properties of granite rocks. The hardness of unacite is 6-7 units on the Mohs scale, and the density of the stone varies from 2.55 to 2.85 g / cm3.

Unakit is well processed and perfectly polished. After processing and polishing, the stone acquires a special smoothness and a pleasant pronounced silky shine.

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Unacite deposits

Unakit, like other types of granite, lies deep in the form of massive bodies. Its main deposits are in China, Brazil, the USA, Russia( on the Kola Peninsula), South Africa, Zimbabwe and Ireland.

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Therapeutic properties of mineral

Among the main therapeutic properties of unakita, lithotherapists note its ability to positively influence the female body. That is why folk healers recommend wearing products with unakit women who want to become pregnant. And the positive impact of stone on a person is achieved only if the unacite belongs only to him. This is the main condition for the therapeutic effect of unacete.

In addition, jewelry with this stone is recommended for women seeking to lose weight: it was noted the effective influence of stone on the digestive system, a decrease in appetite, acceleration of metabolism and, as a result, weight loss.

Helps unakit cope with viral diseases, including influenza. For this purpose, traditional healers recommend wearing beads from unacite.

Positive effect of unakit on the human nervous system, creating a sense of peace and balance.

Lithotherapists also speak of the effectiveness of unacetic massagers, which are recommended for:

  • eliminating edema;
  • massage of face and body;
  • treatment of injuries;
  • removal by bruising;
  • treatment of inflammation;
  • relief of attacks of sciatica.
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Magical properties of unakit

Given the relatively young age of the stone, the magical properties of unacite have not been sufficiently studied.

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Nevertheless, it is believed that this stone can:

  • awaken a thirst for knowledge;
  • protect against stress;
  • drive away sadness and sadness;
  • protect from ill-wishers;
  • to neutralize external negative energy;
  • help to achieve inner harmony;
  • replenish the supply of positive energy;
  • help in achieving a dream.

Wearing jewelry with unacite is not always recommended, becauseExcessively long contact with this stone can cause indifference to the needs of others.

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Unakit and the zodiac signs

According to astrologers, unakit most patronizes people who were born under the sign of Scorpio. It is believed that Scorpio women are able to give a special charm, and men of this sign of the zodiac - to help get rid of the complexes.

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Application of the gem

Unakit belongs to the number of decorative and ornamental stones.

Its most interesting specimens fall into the stone-cutting workshops, where, after the jewelery processing and grinding, they turn into original cabochons for rings, inserts into earrings and round beads.

At the same time, being a variety of granite, unakit is widely used as an elite tile( paving and facing) and material for the manufacture of sculptured miniatures.

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Interesting facts about the stone

  • Esoterics claim that the unique stone unakit is able to "put on" the person "rose-colored glasses", helping him rejoice in every moment and trust the universe.
  • To residents of large cities, lithotherapists recommend that they always wear bracelets made from green unacite or keep a small piece of this untreated stone. It is believed that such a talisman is able to help a person survive in the bustle of a big city, not to become depressed.
  • An excellent talisman is unakit for those who can not part with their past. Such people will help the stone to aim at the future.
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How to distinguish natural unacite from forgery

Due to the fairly low price, unakite is not forged. Sometimes it is confused with jasper, which price is much higher.

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Stone care

Unakit is a strong enough stone and is not prone to care. However, when buying ornaments with unacete, you need to remember the basic rules for caring for natural stones:

  1. Remove jewelry with unakite, go in for sports, perform home or physical work, take beauty treatments, bath or shower, while visiting the sauna and pool.
  2. Protect the natural stone unakit from physical effects, shocks, sudden temperature changes, heating, long exposure to ultraviolet radiation.
  3. Exclude any contact of unacet with cosmetic or hygienic agents, as well as household chemicals.
  4. Avoid contact with unacetic acids and corrosive chemicals, including products containing bleach.
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Photographs of stone and products from it

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