How to create a fashion image with the help of the overlook style

For several seasons in a row, the oversize style is considered one of the main trendy modern trends. Its advantages include ease, comfort and free cutting. The style is often called provocative and insolent, as it represents a rejection of the long-established rules for selecting clothes. Oversize things can hide the shortcomings of almost any figure, and also emphasize the virtues.

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Features of the

style The term "oversize" in the modern lexicon has appeared quite recently, but the history of this style is quite impressive. In the 20-ies of the XX century, there was a revolution in the wardrobe of many women, when designers suggested changing crinolines and corsages for airy and three-dimensional chiffon decorations.

The heyday of the style falls on the 60's and the hippy culture: in fashion, wide jeans, colorful shirts and loose tunics.

It's difficult to squeeze this style into the outlined frames, but its main feature is the wearing of things as if larger than necessary. Designers who create such clothes, think over the cuts and increase the size of individual parts intentionally, so if a woman's raincoat or an oversized jacket looks bulky, they still will not give the impression that you have gone into someone else's clothes.

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This style can be called universal with respect to age or social gradation.

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How to choose the right

Baggy overstuff clothing gives an increase in various details, for example, backs, pockets, shelves, lapels or sleeves, so you can not consider an overweight thing if you just buy it a couple of sizes larger.

When creating a successful bow, the style of an oversize must correspond to only one or two pieces of clothing, especially this rule applies to girls with lush forms. Combine the baggy cardigan you need with skinny jeans, a coat-cocoon will be advantageous to look with a dressing case, and a pencil skirt will suit a bulky svitshot.

Dresses that are related to the overweight style may differ in style, but a loose cut always distinguish them among others.

Usually they are made of cotton, cashmere, knitwear or wool, which makes it possible to create a straight silhouette. Successful examples are dresses-shirts, dresses-shirts, dresses-sweaters, sports models that look like hoodies or long swiss shots.

Also it can be feminine models that have a complex architectural cut. Such outfits can be combined with classic boats, biker boots, sneakers and sneakers.

Cardigan, cardigan or oversized sweater can have a smooth structure or be made large knitted, the main thing is that the quality of the material is good, in combination with baggy cut low-quality knitwear will look rather sloppy.

The monotonous thing in this style will look better.

Based on the contrast, you should combine the volume top with the non-removable bottom( or vice versa): a pullover or cardigan oversize can be worn with skinny jeans, tuggins, a pencil skirt, leggings, shorts, miniskirt or skater.

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A coat that matches the oversize style can be long to the knees, maxi or short, with 3/4 sleeves short or elongated to cover the thumb.

From materials and textures fashionable now are cashmere, boucle, tweed or drapery. There are no limitations in the color scheme, depending on the taste or relying on the color-type, you can choose a coat in gentle pastel colors( coffee with milk, mint, beige, plum) or in saturated and bright( blue, scarlet, marsala, graphite).

In the style of oversize baggy jeans and pants, which are low at the waist, those who are 7/8 long are considered relevant. But it will be more profitable to wear them with shoes on a heel or a hidden platform, otherwise there is a risk of visually adding to your thighs a couple of extra pounds.

Models with an imperfect figure will like light sundresses and dresses, they are always made in loose cut, their length varies from mini to maxi, and the coloring can be very different.

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For the style of oversize, there are various decorations, either of small sizes or massive, accessories of medium size are not welcome. On top of a sweater or a dress you can wear a wide bracelet, beads or a long pendant, necklaces-collars, medallions, oval or square pendants are also suitable.

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A delicate belt is considered to be a good companion for the overture.

There are no restrictions on the texture of jewelry, it can be products made of wood, metal or plastic, textile or fur, with or without stones.

Small bags should be preferred from bags, for example, clutch, reticule, envelopes or huge monochromatic models.

Also the style can be favorably supplemented with wide-brimmed hats, caps, thin scarves, narrow gloves of different length.

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