How to make beautiful flowers from organza

Organza is an attractive weightless material, and flowers from it are especially fragile, feminine and realistic. In this master class are examples of creating a variety of complexity colors that you can use to enrich jewelry, accessories, clothes and so on.

  • Contents:
    • Simple flower
    • Terry flower
    • Flowers peonies
    • Collapsed rose
    • Bulk rose

    Simple flower

    To create this flower you need:

    • pattern-circles, the diameter of which will vary slightly,
    • organza of the required color,
    • candle,
    • glue-pistol or needle with threads,
    • additional decorative material( beads or beads).

    To begin, create templates. You can draw glasses on the cardboard with a neck of different diameters and draw a six-leafed leaf with large, barely marked petals.

    Complete the master-class on creating roses from beads

    After that, fold the fabric several times, circle one of the patterns and cut out.

    You have to leave five or six large circles, five or four medium and four or three smallest.

    After cutting, gently scorch the edges of the circles above the candle.

    After that start to collect the flower. It can be sewn or glued.

    First glue in one place in the middle all large, on top of them the middle ones and last add small circles.

    Decorate the middle of the workpiece with beads or beads.

    A ready flower can be planted on a hairpin, elastic band or used for other decorative purposes.

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    Terry flower

    To make such a flower it will be required:

    • organza or veil;
    • paper;
    • scissors;
    • tweezers;
    • candle and matches;
    • felt;
    • pin for brooch;
    • decorative beads;
    • needle and thread;
    • cardboard;
    • universal adhesive.

    First, you need to make 3 patterns from paper in the form of circles of different diameters: 8 cm, 9 cm and 10 cm.

    Then from the organza cut 4 pieces of each diameter. For convenience, you can fold a piece of organza four times and cut a circle.

    Each folded circle folded in half and cut the folds with scissors not reaching the center 1 cm.

    Hold the uncut tip of the workpiece with tweezers, round the corners. It should look like the photo.

    Unfold the workpiece and scorch each petal over the candle flame, while bending the remaining petals.

    Extend the petals and scorch the edges between them.

    Do this with all the blanks and proceed with the assembly.

    For comfortable assembly, thread the thread into the needle and stick it into the cardboard.

    Starting with more, alternately string all the petals on the needle, straightening them.

    When all the petals are assembled, pull out the needle and sew several times the middle of the flower, decorating it with beads. The flower is ready.

    To make a brooch out of it, cut out the felt ring from the felt by a size slightly larger than the size of the pin. And make small cuts in it to insert a pin.

    Use a universal adhesive to glue the felt with a pin to the base of the flower. A wonderful flower brooch is ready!

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    Peonies flowers

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    You will need:

    • any organza;
    • templates of colors and petals;
    • pins;
    • needle and thread;
    • vanishing marker or chalk;
    • needle bed or piece of foam rubber;
    • beads, rhinestones;
    • scissors;
    • candle and matches.

    Patterns for petals must be cut from cardboard first. The form of the template can be absolutely any. We suggest that you draw a few pentiliners of different diameters, as well as several separate petals in the form of hearts.

    Place the prepared templates on the fabric and draw a marker. If you need several identical petals, fold the fabric in several layers. Secure each part with pins and cut. There is no need to do this perfectly smoothly, since in future the edges will be fired, and on the live pion all the leaves are different and slightly torn.

    Once all the blanks have been cut out, proceed to the burning. Carefully carry each petal over the candle flame. They need to melt a little and turn up. Some large petals can be slightly incised to create a torn effect.

    Now put all the blanks to fit. Stick the needle and thread with your ear downwards into a piece of foam or into something soft and consistently thread on the needle the five-petalled blanks from the largest to the smaller. The number of layers can be arbitrary, for example, 4 large, 3 smaller, 3 even smaller and 4 very small. The middle of the flower can be decorated with petals of a different color, beads or small individual petals.

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    To form a flower from blanks in the form of hearts, you need 5-8 petals of each size. Collect them on a needle in a circle, threading one by one for the sharp part beginning with the largest elements. Each subsequent petal is laid on the previous overlap.

    After the flower is collected, it is sewn neatly with a few stitches in the center, always grabbing all the petals. If desired, you can decorate the middle with beautiful beads or beads. And on the reverse side, sew a safety pin or special fastener.

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    Collapsed rose

    To create such roses, prepare:

    • any organza and satin ribbon;
    • soldering iron with sharp rod( 100 W);
    • glass;
    • needle and thread;
    • glue gun.

    First you need to make 3 templates of petals of different sizes. For their manufacture, it is better to choose a material that is unaffected by the thermal action of the soldering iron. For this, tin or cardboard is perfect. In this case, used an empty bottle of hair spray, it can be easily straightened and cut. To avoid injury, edges are better to sand.

    Glass will need a little, on it with a soldering iron we will cut out the petals. After work, the adhering remains of organza can be easily removed when they cool.

    To form a single rose, you need to use a soldering iron to cut 10 petals: 3 large, 3 medium and 4 small. To cut them better on a scythe.

    Each petal fold in half along, inside inside, sew on the edge of the thread with threads in a tone and pull.

    Rose petals twist consistently, fixing with threads or a glue gun.

    Start from the middle - fold the small petal into the tube, and around it fasten the rest in ascending order.

    It will be interesting to look a rose with petals of different shades. You can also play with the texture of the fabric.

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    Volumetric rose

    To make a volumetric rose prepare:

    • tape from organza - 2 meters;
    • paper;
    • candle and matches;
    • needle and thread;
    • scissors.

    Cut out three petal patterns from the paper: large, medium and small. Large and medium petals will need 15 pieces, small - 12 pieces.

    Fold the tape in the appropriate number of times and cut out the required number of petals.

    Burn the edges of each petal, carefully passing it over the candle flame.

    Take three small petals and fold them with a fan.

    Fold them in a roll and stitch them together.

    Next, sequentially sew over all the remaining small petals, then medium, and then large.

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