Psychological type - extrovert

The basis of the typology was created by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. He believed that a person, in order to perceive the world around him, needs thinking, feeling, feeling, intuition. Relying on this, two main psychological types were identified: the extrovert and introvert. Most people belong to the first psychotype. What is so remarkable about the extrovert?

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Quick test

Before you learn about extroverts, who it is and what they are, determine your psychotype. To do this, you can conduct a quick test. For him, there is no need to answer questions. Glen Hass is a professor of psychology at the Brooklyn College, inviting the subject to draw a finger on his forehead with the finger of Q. The dominant hand is used. In this case, someone must follow the actions of the subject. Or rather, in which direction the tail of the letter will be directed. If its end is on the right side of the observer, then the subject is an extrovert. If the subject is an introvert, most likely, the tail of the letter will "look" to the left.

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Types of extroverts

In contrast to the introvert, the extrovert is not closed in itself, but actively interacts with the outside world. He loves attention from others. Among the qualities of the nature of the extrovert can be identified:

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  • Sociability. To get a lot of attention from others, the extrovert attends public gatherings, parties. At the same time, he tries to take a central position, to become the "soul of the company";
  • Impulsivity. Can not sufficiently control his feelings, does not own his emotions;
  • Activity. Extraverts like to organize events, manage people, engage in social activities. At the same time they try to involve and involve everyone;
  • Self-confidence. Extroverts often exaggerate their abilities.

They put personal energy comfort in the first place. In this case, they can not take into account the surrounding people. The contact is easy and at ease, even if the person is unfriendly. Depending on the perception, extroverts are divided into 4 types:

  • Ethical-sensory. Active optimists with excellent taste. They strive for stability, have a low degree of stress resistance. Have difficulty in planning because of the inability to calculate the time;
  • Sensory-logical. Initiative and decisive pragmatists. They like to participate in events. They have a high degree of stress-resistance, but they suffer painfully in violation of plans and criticism;
  • Intuitive-logical. They have developed intuition, they are able to react quickly to the situation. Put the work in first place. They are too gullible, but often do not consider the feelings of other people;
  • Intuitive-ethical. They like to exchange emotions, beautiful and original things. Are able to analyze the behavior of people. They have the gift of persuasion. Do not like formalities and follow instructions.

Sometimes the introvert has a desire to change his psychotype. They ask themselves "how can one become an extrovert?" And change their attitude to the world around them.

Look at the characteristics of the opposite psychotype and try to "try them on."Become more sociable, more be in companies, take the initiative in communicating with others.

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Communication with extrovert

An introvert needs a special approach and attentive attitude. With the extrovert everything is much simpler. He himself is looking for communication with others. What is good for communicating with such people:

  • Do not leave them alone for long. This they really do not like. They need to be fueled by energy from the outside world;
  • Take care. For an extrovert it can not be much. He needs constant attention from the outside;
  • Say compliments and praise. Do not be afraid to overdo it; he will be only glad;
  • Allow extroverts to take the initiative and make decisions. They love it.

The relationship between an extrovert woman and an introvert male is very complicated. We need the utmost attention and patience of both partners.

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An extrovert man

The desire of an extrovert man to change the outside world, more importantly than "digging" in himself. They are aimed at subordinating the surrounding space and people. What kind of behavior is characteristic of the male extrovert:

  • They easily get acquainted with the young ladies and fall in love with them, but are notable for their inconstancy;
  • Male extroverts break into the lives of loved ones and friends without warning, and are able to break all plans;
  • Among women prefer for relationships of bright personalities, who always look happy;
  • Constant complaints and dissatisfaction of a woman can quickly scare off an extrovert man.

Conquering an extrovert, a woman will never be bored. But you need to be ready to live constantly in his rhythm.

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An extrovert woman

Despite her sociability, An extrovert woman does not tend to tell the truth about herself. Real trust needs to be earned by spending a lot of time on it. Characteristics inherent in them:

  • Has a large circle of girlfriends with whom he spends a lot of time;
  • The main thing for an extrovert woman is to surround the loved one with attention and care. This is a priority for her, but does not forget about her needs;
  • Calm character of male introverts considers weakness. If the partner does not show himself, he constantly reminds him of this;
  • An extrovert woman can not stand when she is pointed out for flaws or misconduct. Better flattery than constructive criticism.
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Extraverted child

Extrovert children can easily adapt in a new environment. They like diversity, so they quickly switch from one subject to another. How parents act with an extrovert child:

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  • This child needs a company to communicate. Usually he finds it himself, but sometimes the smallest for this requires the help of adults;
  • Children-extroverts are not very selective in friends. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the range of his communication. A bad company can harm a child;
  • The inability of an extrovert child to evaluate himself, can cause his outrage at the criticism directed at him. Therefore, parents should explain the reason for their dissatisfaction;
  • You can not prevent a child from communicating with adults, even if it seems that he is too intrusive. This will allow him to get social experience and teach communication.

With regard to the compatibility of couples with the extrovert-introvert combination, it all depends on the desire of the partners to be together. Knowing the nature of each other's character, they can build the right line of communication and coexistence.

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