What can I wear to full girls

Few of modern women can boast of an ideal figure. The reason for this is a very fast pace of life and imposed by fashion magazines, stereotypes of beauty. This resulted in increased female demand for oneself and a skeptical attitude towards her appearance and her body. And as they say, if you search, you always find, especially, what to remain dissatisfied with.
What to consider when choosing clothes

  • Clothing choice by figure type
  • Hourglass
  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • What to consider when choosing clothes

    Before proceeding to the question of what you can wear to a full girl,that lush forms - this is not a sentence. They absolutely should not restrict you in choosing clothes or accessories, and even more so to call any complexes, fears or taboos. Just do not get hung up on this, stop considering it a problem and look at it from the other side. Consider the completeness of your zest, your specific feature, thanks to which you can more carefully than everyone else, go to the selection of your wardrobe, because any ordinary things are simply not for you.

    What is necessary to consider the full girl in choosing clothes?

    To begin with, you need to determine the type of physique and recognize the existing problem areas, which actually, and need special attention and adjustment. Visually correct and pleasant for perception is a figure resembling the shape of an hourglass. In such a figure, the upper and lower halves of the body visually have an equal volume. If your silhouette is far from a similar shape, then you should clearly understand where the volume should be removed, where to add what to smooth and where to pull up. Therefore, the first conclusion arises by itself - when choosing clothes, full girls need to take into account their proportions.

    Besides this, harmony is certainly important. When choosing among the abundance of shades and textures, remember that all elements of the image must be balanced. Do not overload and weight the image with a lot of things and accessories, you risk to look massive. Do not abuse the layers and under no circumstances buy loose baggy clothes, this will only aggravate the situation and add to you undesirable volume.

    Women with lush forms with special responsibility need to approach the choice of fabrics with patterns and prints, because they can play with you a cruel joke or, on the contrary, help out.

    In addition, in no case need to buy things blindly following fashion trends. Whatever brand and ultramodern they may be, it's not at all a fact that these things will suit you and will look as bright as on models in a glossy magazine or on an online store page. Your goal is to choose only those clothes that will make you more fit and slim.

    Never "sweat a fever" and do not buy things, guided by a spontaneous desire or advice from the side. Sometimes this can lead to disaster. Do not rush, try on the thing you like, make sure that it emphasizes your advantages and hides disadvantages, think over the details with what you will combine it and where you can put it on, find at least three reasons why you need it, and then buy it.

    You should not take a thing with the condition that you change it( smash it or cut it), if it does not sit on you correctly, then it's better to immediately give it up, because more often such things are forgotten in the far corner of the wardrobe.

    In order not to experience difficulties with the renovation of the wardrobe, remember that in order to form the correct sets for both daily wear and for the ceremonial exits, it is enough to collect things in your closet in accordance with this list:

    • pulling underwear;
    • T-shirts of different colors with different sleeve lengths - 7-10 pieces;
    • blouses of different colors and textures - 2-3 pieces;
    • sweaters or sweaters - 2 pieces each;
    • trousers, skirts - 3-5 pairs each;
    • dresses and sarafans - 10 pieces;
    • coat, raincoat, jacket if possible coat - 1 piece each;
    • shoes, sandals, flip-flops, ankle boots and boots mainly on a high stable heel or platform;
    • scarves, scarves, stoles - 2-3 pieces each.
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    In addition to these tips, you need to remember the following:

    • In your wardrobe must be present things that visually smooth out your proportions, especially the dresses below the knee visually reducing the figure;
    • It can be difficult to pick up the top under jeans. Wearing with jeans full of girls can be practical any not fitted blouses and sweaters, but from T-shirts and tops it is necessary to refuse;
    • In the question of which jeans and trousers to wear full, the answer boils down to simple and classic cut models. Take care of too narrow models and too flared.

    By combining things from this list, you can look original and bright every day.

    But remember, the most important thing is that all these things should be practical and comfortable, and, most importantly, it's right for you to sit to emphasize your personality and create a sense of attractiveness and self-confidence.

    But these are only general recommendations, for a more complete picture it is necessary to understand in detail, in the matter of the correspondence of the chosen things to a certain type of figure.

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    Choosing clothes by the figure type

    Let's first figure out what types of female figures exist:

    • hourglass;
    • pear;
    • apple;
    • rectangle;
    • triangle.
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    This figure is considered to be a symbol of femininity, it is characterized by an equal volume of the chest and thighs in combination with a narrower waistline.

    It is preferable for a full girl with the type of hourglass constitution to wear clothes, in which there are smooth curves, repeating the silhouette, plus a calm cut line.

    The style of the dress should resemble a trapeze - fit your chest and smoothly fall from your hips. Excellent will look any fitting things.

    Learn also how to choose the right jacket and what to wear it with. Http://woman-l.ru/s-chem-modno-nosit-pidzhak/

    As an alternative, you can wear skirt models with an overstated waist, as well as a pencil skirt andwide belts.

    We advise to abandon trousers with patch pockets and decorative elements around the buttocks, as well as from jeans with a low fit, as these models make the hips even larger. It is better to choose middle-aged jeans or trousers with arrows or a vertical strip.

    When choosing a jacket, choose your fitting model, ending in the middle of the thigh. Shoulders should not be used at all. And when choosing blouses, you should pay attention to the models with collars and cuffs of rounded shape, deep decollete or smell.

    When choosing sweaters for owners of lush breasts, we advise you to abandon the cutout in the form of "boat" and collars "yoke".

    In addition, a full girl with this type of physique should be careful in choosing heavy fabrics and fabrics with a large floral or geometric pattern, it is better to give preference to monophonic things and light fabrics that can be draped, you will look more slim and elegant in them.

    As for accessories, it is not recommended to wear jewelry with pointed ends in the form of geometric figures.

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    This kind of figure is characterized by an outwardly expanding silhouette.

    The main rule for women who have such a figure is to balance the shoulders with the hips. To do this, place emphasis on the upper half of the body, thereby hiding a large bottom. Your assistants in this situation will be the shoulder pads. We recommend to wear them all the time on blouses, jackets, and even on dresses.

    By the way, dresses are better to choose with a V-neck or an American armhole, it will also be advantageous for you to look dresses with a corset and sarafans on wide straps.

    Skirts choose mainly sun-flared and trapezium from light flying fabrics, but in no case in the form of a tulip.

    It is not advisable to emphasize the waist with wide belts.

    We remind you that for you the main thing is to draw attention to the shoulders, so you safely wear blouses and décolleté shirts, as well as bright t-shirts with horizontal stripes. You are allowed to add to them any details: brooches, overhead collars, bright buttons, breast pockets, ties, voluminous scarves. Just avoid the need to tuck your blouse into a skirt.

    Girls with full hips need to give up losin and narrowed trousers, as well as from models with an overstated waist. It is better to choose straight knitted trousers or jeans flared from the middle of the thigh, they will help to make your legs slimmer.

    When choosing a jacket, be guided by the fact that it must be free cut and end at the waist level.

    Of accessories you will need thin or massive chains, a string of pearls or a scarf.

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    This figure gives approximately equal volume of the waist, chest and hips, therefore owners of such forms need to be very careful in choosing their style.

    For these women, the main thing is to visually pull out the silhouette with the help of longitudinal vertical lines. Remember with this type of figure you are contraindicated over-tight and too baggy things, as well as wearing flying fabrics.

    For daily wear, sleeveless dresses, dresses with an overstated waist or with a darker bottom are suitable. And for the evening out, a wonderful option will be dresses with a corset, as well as models cut out along the braid.

    When choosing blouses and sweaters, it is worth giving preference to knitted and crocheted versions that fit the chest, but remain free in the waist region. The shape of the notch and neck is allowed any, but it is preferable to open the neck and chest.

    T-shirts are worth buying with catchy distractions( ruffles, ruffles) long below the waist - this trick will help take your attention away from the abdomen.

    You can also try adding a vest to the wardrobe.

    Trousers will suit you in a straight cut or slightly tapered to the bottom of dark shades. Jeans are better to choose wide with a high fit and patch pockets on the buttocks.

    An excellent option for buying skirts will be a model with a high waistline and in the form of a trapeze up to the middle of the roe. Avoid mini and tight belts, this is not for you.

    Jackets should be chosen either shortened with a fastener at the chest level, or models not longer than the thigh line.

    You can use eye-catching beads and necklaces from accessories.

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    The sign of a rectangular figure is almost equal width of hips and shoulders in combination with a badly marked waist. Therefore, a girl with this type of figure should wear clothes that can emphasize the waist, but do not make her the main accent.

    From fabrics it is better to choose dense species, for example, gabardine, heavy silk and others. But the jersey, on the contrary, will only emphasize the voluminous forms.

    It's better to choose clothes straight silhouette, without any folds, with a V-neck, and sharp edges.

    To achieve a softer shoulder line, you can use shoulder pads, but small and not everywhere.

    You can use a dress-trapezoid with a deep neckline and short sleeves or absolutely without them. Be sure to complement such a dress with a belt or a basque in the waist. In general, a belt for girls with a rectangular figure should become an integral attribute in each set.

    When choosing an evening version is to try on dresses with corsets, such models will help to model the correct silhouette. Avoid thin straps.

    Pay attention to T-shirts and blouses from flying, flowing fabrics. Remember, a deep oval cutout below the collarbone visually lengthens the neck.

    The optimal length for you blouses and sweaters - to the middle of the thigh.

    You can choose trousers and skirts with a low fit. Ideal for you will be skirts in the form of a trapeze and trousers flared.

    Do not buy tight jeans with pockets or leggings with patterns on the hips, they will fill you.

    It will help to pull out the figure and balance the necessary proportions with a quality-cut jacket of an elongated model with patch pockets. You can also try a double-breasted jacket.

    Decoration it is desirable to choose a clear geometric shape.

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    In this figure, the shoulders and bust are wider than the hips. Therefore, the main rule when choosing clothes for women with a triangular figure is to shift the focus to narrower hips, thereby visually reducing the upper proportions of the body. You will need clothes with a deep oval or V-neck, the contours of which will slightly follow the silhouette.

    Only with this type of figure in the balance of body proportions can the use of vertical bands on top and horizontal bottom help.

    Preferred for you will be a combination of dark top, light bottom.

    In general, the whole upper part of clothing should be a simple style, and while skirts and pants, on the contrary, should be complemented with decorative elements to attract due attention.

    You will go skirts trapezium, sun-flared and pleated with an overstated waist and knee length. But trousers can choose almost any style, but more harmoniously will look trousers flared with a high waist. You should avoid tight jeans.

    A wide belt will help to accent the waist.

    But the use of padded shoulders is completely eliminated.

    Jewelry, parts and accessories should be selected angular shape, smooth bends are not for you.

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