How to choose the right electric toothbrush

For a quality daily care of teeth and oral cavity, more and more people prefer electric toothbrushes. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of modifications to this device for personal hygiene, presented in different price categories. On how to choose the right brush, what characteristics of the electric brush to pay attention in the first place, as well as on which manufacturers to give preference, it will be discussed in the next article.

  • Kinds of electric toothbrushes
  • Mechanical electric toothbrushes
  • Sound electric toothbrushes
  • Ultrasonic electric toothbrushes
  • Basic criteria for choosing an electric toothbrush
  • Power source: batteries or battery
  • Shape brush head: round or rectangular
  • What should be the weightelectric brush?
  • Brush brush movement pattern: 1D, 2D, 3D
  • Which nozzles should be included?
  • How many cleansing regimes are there?
  • Brush charging time and battery life
  • Useful functions of electric toothbrushes
  • Push sensor
  • Addition function
  • Bristle wear indicator
  • Timer
  • Charge indicator
  • Display information on the digital display
  • Marker notes
  • Optional accessories
  • Manufacturers of electric toothbrushes

Kinds of electric toothbrushesbrushes

All electric brushes on the market are classified into three categories based on the principle thatoiskhodyat cleaning teeth and oral care:

  • mechanical;
  • sound;
  • ultrasonic.

Classification can be based on the age of the users on which the instrument is oriented:

  • adults;
  • for children.

Baby brushes, as a rule, are externally different from adult brushes with more bright colors and stylized pens. The main difference lies in the size - the dimensions and the body, and the heads of the nozzle are reduced, the bristles themselves are made of softer materials, so as not to injure sensitive children's gums.

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Mechanical electric toothbrushes

The action of such brush on teeth is practically the same as that of a conventional brush. The main difference is rotational circular movements when cleaning teeth for you to make a brush, you just need to move it from area to area. The head of a mechanical electric toothbrush has a circular shape. Bristles can be the same and different in height. Depending on the model, such a toothbrush can perform from five to thirty thousand reciprocating and pulsating movements in one minute, resulting in a simple and effective cleaning of teeth from plaque.

Advantages of electric toothbrushes of mechanical type:

  • low cost( most budget option);
  • the efficiency of performing daily tasks for cleaning teeth;
  • is easy to use;
  • saving time spent on hygiene procedures.

Disadvantages of

Among the shortcomings, the specialists identify insufficient functionality. Of course, such a brush, although simple enough, is definitely better and more efficient than brushes of ordinary, but at the same time, other types of brushes that provide better cleaning of not only the teeth but also the oral cavity, it is much inferior.

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Sound electric toothbrushes

Externally sound electric toothbrush practically does not differ from a mechanical electric toothbrush. But its work is based on a completely different principle. It has a special high-frequency oscillator, which generates sound vibrational waves, due to which the bristles located on the head of the toothbrush perform vibrational movements( about thirty thousand movements per minute).

Advantages of sound electric brushes:

  • is more efficient than mechanical type( because cleaning is also due to mechanical removal of plaque, and due to the influence of sound vibrations contributing to the destruction of plaque);
  • saving time( for effective cleaning of teeth enough for about a minute of time);
  • prevention of possible diseases of teeth and oral cavity due to deep cleaning from the plaque between the teeth, preventing the formation of tartar.

Disadvantages of

The drawbacks of such a device for personal hygiene can be attributed only high cost, because of its use you will get only benefits, and also keep your teeth healthy. But to receive only the use of a sound electric toothbrush, only the use of strict compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations for its use.

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Ultrasonic electric toothbrushes

Ultrasonic brush is considered today the most perfect kind of all electric brushes on the market. Inside the brush handle there is a motor, and below the head bristles is a piezoelectric plate. When the motor is running, the piezoceramic plate emits an ultrasonic vibrational wave, due to which the bristles located on the head oscillate and make about one hundred million movements per minute. Due to the frequency of 1.6-1.7 MHz, the ultrasonic wave can penetrate to hard-to-reach areas - the dentogingival groove, the interdental spaces, the deep periodontal pockets. Ultrasound effectively eliminates not only pigmented, but also microbial attack.

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Advantages of ultrasonic electric toothbrush:

  • high efficiency, highest cleaning results compared to other types of electric toothbrushes;
  • qualitative and reliable prevention of most dental diseases;
  • ease of use, the ability to use for all family members.

Disadvantages of

Ultrasonic toothbrushes have a fairly high cost, so not everyone can afford them. But this is not their only drawback. Since ultrasound has a very powerful effect, there are special limitations to the use of such brushes. The ultrasonic brush can help:

  • reduce the service life of veneers, seals, crowns;
  • destruction of demineralized enamel sites;
  • exacerbation of chronic foci of inflammation at the base of the roots of the teeth;
  • exacerbation of inflammatory diseases of gums( periodontitis and gingivitis).

Ultrasound brushes are contraindicated for people with tumors of any nature in the oral cavity, as well as people with pacemakers.

Before purchasing a brush, the principle of operation of which is based on the influence of ultrasound, be sure to consult a doctor.

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The main criteria for choosing the electric toothbrush

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Power source: batteries or battery

Although the battery brushes are an order of magnitude more expensive than the brushes that run on batteries, it's worth it. Overpaying once, you will spare yourself the need to buy batteries from time to time to replace the discharged batteries - it is enough to recharge the battery from the mains once every few weeks. Another argument in favor of battery toothbrushes is that they have more power, respectively, are more effective.

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Brush head shape: round or rectangular

Manufacturers offer a choice of just two options - the usual for most rectangular, as well as round with a concave middle. Dentists recommend giving preference to the second option because of its versatility, as well as more effective impact on the teeth. In some cases( when performing special functions) the rectangular shape is conditioned by necessity, and the round-shaped head with the assigned tasks can not cope. Brushes from medium and high price category have a few baits in the kit, so in the process of their operation you can apply both round and rectangular heads.

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What should be the weight of the electric brush?

If the electric brush is too heavy, it will be difficult to operate. The optimal weight of an electric toothbrush is about 200 grams.

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Character of the movement of the brush head: 1D, 2D, 3D

When choosing it is important to pay attention not only to the shape of the head and bristles located on it, but also to the nature of movements of the working nozzle. In modern brushes can be used:

  • 1D-technology. Applicable in low-cost models, the nozzle moves in only one direction, making movements in a circle;
  • 2D technology. It is used in models of the middle price category, the nozzle performs reciprocating movements, providing more effective cleaning of teeth;
  • 3D-technology. Used in models of medium and high price categories, it is considered the best option. The nozzle does not only reciprocate, but also pulsating. This makes it possible to remove plaque with maximum efficiency.

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Which attachments should be included?

If you are choosing a budget option for an electric brush, do not chase the number of baits. Let it be one, designed for standard daily cleaning, but of good quality. In time, additional attachments can be purchased additionally.

We decided to stop the choice on a more expensive model of the brush - then for effective tooth cleaning and oral care you will need the following nozzles:

  • whitening;
  • polishing;
  • for sensitive teeth;
  • with dental floss function;
  • with double or triple cleaning function.

The more baits you use, the more effective the cleaning and preventive measures will be.

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How many cleansing modes are sufficient?

Manufacturers can offer as many modes as they like, but each customer should remember that for teeth care other than the standard, only three modes are enough:

  • gentle;
  • polishing;
  • massage.
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Brush charging time and battery life

These criteria should be considered only when selecting a battery brush. Full charge of the battery is achieved when charging from the network for up to twenty-four hours. If the battery is exhausted, and you need to use a brush, just put it on the charge for half an hour, perform hygienic procedures, and again put the charge to the full recharge for the required time.

Autonomous operation of modern brushes is from twenty minutes to three hundred, that is, one full recharging will suffice for at least a week of daily brush use. If you often do not have a rechargeable brush, choose brushes with the maximum battery life.

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Useful functions of electric toothbrushes

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Push sensor

Allows to control the force applied during brushing. If, due to too high pressure, there is a risk of damage to the enamel, the appliance will report this with a special sound signal or by switching off the ripple.

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Addictive function

This function is rather a mode of using the brush in the first time after its purchase. Some users find it difficult to immediately switch from using a conventional brush to using electric, so manufacturers in the brush model add a gentle and gentle cleaning function that can be achieved by, for example, reduced bristle movement.

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Bristle wear indicator

Bristles on some models of nozzles are painted with special dyes, the color of which gradually dims when the brush is used. If the bristles are discolored at the top, then the nozzle should be changed.

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Timer helps to spend on the procedure exactly as long as it is supposed to( one to two minutes, depending on the type of brush used).Some brushes are equipped with a timer that measures the time required for cleaning each dental department. Upon its expiration, the device emits a sound, which indicates the need to move the brush to another section.

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Charging indicator

If you travel frequently and forget to bring brushing with you, the charge indicator will come in very handy. Using it, you will always be informed about the level of charge, and also be able to charge the brush in time if necessary.

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Display of information on the digital display

Characteristic for brushes of high price category. The digital display shows information about the selected cleaning mode, cleaning time, the need to replace the nozzle and other information that may be useful to the user.

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Marker notes

If in your family electric brush fans are all members, but you do not have enough money to purchase a quality device, manufacturers offer you a very simple way out - one brush and different attachments( for each person).Special markers in the form of multi-colored rings will help you to distinguish your nozzle.

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Optional accessories

Included accessories will help you to ease the operation of the brush and make its storage and transportation more convenient. Among the accessories:

  • stand;
  • stand with storage space for additional attachments;
  • travel case.
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Manufacturers of electric toothbrushes

When choosing a toothbrush, of course, give preference to manufacturers who specialize in the production of goods and appliances for the care of teeth and mouth. Among them:

  • Braun together with Oral-B;
  • OMRON.

The electric brushes from

  • Philips have also proved themselves in the modern market;
  • Panasonic.

Picking an electric brush for yourself or any of your family members, pay attention to the models of the average price category. They are sufficiently reliable and functional to effectively cope with all the tasks assigned to them, and also quite inexpensive, which will help you save your family budget.

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