What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from Cyprus

The choice of souvenirs is an integral part of shopping during a holiday in Cyprus. On the island you can get a lot of memorable gifts filled with Cypriot culture, traditions and bright moments. Lovely gizmos brought from the trip, will be a pleasant sign of attention for friends and loved ones, and will long remind you of a bright holiday on a paradise island.

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bottle of flavored wine - one of the best souvenir from Cyprus. Commandaria is the most famous local wine. This is a thick enough drink with a lusciously sweet taste, which enthralls women. In the bouquet there are distinctly traced fruit notes of raisins, prunes and other dried fruits.

It is also recommended to pay attention to dry wines: white "Aphrodite", red "Othello".

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Grape vodka Zivania

Among the souvenirs the grape vodka "Zivania" is stronger, which tastes very similar to the Georgian chacha. The most qualitative 50-degree Zivaniya is produced at the monastery of Kykkos. Here it insists on honey and local herbs.

It is also recommended to try tincture on cinnamon. Cypriots use the beverage for medical purposes to disinfect wounds, compresses and rinses.

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Fruit vodka Ouzo

It is an analogue of the Italian cambus. It is a sweet tincture with a sharp anise taste, a strength of 45 degrees, a pectusin reminiscent of the drug. Drink it from high thin glasses with ice. In Cyprus, based on the Ouzo make a popular cocktail - Ouzo special.

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Leather products

The processing of leather is thriving on the island of Cyprus. Leather products here are made at a high level and, as a rule, made of quality leather. The most popular among tourists are women's handbags, cosmetic bags, wallets, belts. The prices for products are moderate and affordable for the average tourist.

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You can buy gifts for the closest in jewelry stores in Cyprus. In particular honor, silverware is made in oriental and antique styles. Each of them is unique and has the highest quality of performance.

And in Lefkara and Nicosia you can buy silver jewelry, made in the style of a woven - woven lace. Such products look very refined and airy. You can not bypass the silver candlesticks and trays - an excellent decoration for the house for little money.

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Pictures from cocoons of silkworm

Silkworm breeding and silk industry appeared in Cyprus during the period of Byzantine rule. From good cocoons spinning silk threads and sewing clothes. But more attractive for tourists are paintings with intricate ornaments, for the production of which use the spoiled, pre-flattened cocoons of the silkworm. In most Cypriot houses, the walls are decorated with silk paintings.

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Ceramic craftsmanship developed on the island for several millennia. A real work of art will not be so difficult to find. Among the vast assortment of cups, plates, antique vases and other good, everyone will find a thing for themselves.

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There are on sale interesting figurines of terracotta in the form of antique amphoras.

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Cyprus cosmetics has gained fame all over the world. The basis of most cosmetics is rose water and olive oil. The rest of the components, as a rule, are also natural. As a souvenir you can buy scrubs, lotions, perfume creams, aromatic oils, essential oils and hair care products.

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Special handmade soap on the island is based on olive oil with various smells: cinnamon, honey, orange, vanilla and rose.

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Lefkaria lace

In the small village of Lefkara you can buy a set of tablecloths and napkins handmade. Products are a specific embroidery on lace. Cypriots appreciate such lace with ancient patterns, such patterns even decorate national banknotes.

Locals say that hand-made products are able to give their owner a positive and vital force.

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Meat delicacies

Once in Cyprus, you must definitely try and buy the famous meat delicacies:

  • lunza - smoked pork tenderloin;
  • chiromeri - meat chips from smoked pork ham;
  • lycany - homemade sausages from pork forcemeat, soaked in red wine;
  • tsamarella - dried pork or lamb with spicy herbs.
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It is recommended that lovers of meat products visit the village of Agros, in the center of which is the famous Cypriot delicatessen store.

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Olives and olive oil

Cyprus is one of the main countries for growing olives and making olive oil. Buying oil is better when harvesting on the oil mills in Cypriot villages, where you can taste its various types.

Olives in the road should be selected in a vacuum or glass package. Attention worthy of local olives varieties: "Koroneika", "Megaritiki", "Cowboy", "Kalamata", "Conservative".Alternatively, you can buy olive paste from green and dark olives. It is used as a dressing for salads and soups or simply spread on bread.

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In Cyprus it is necessary to try nuts: walnuts, cedar, almonds, hazelnuts. The walnut crop is very rich here. Of them, make kozinaki, add to various confectionery products, as well as sugar and salting.

The pecan nut, which looks like a Greek, but softer in taste, and macadamia with various additives, are very popular. It can have different tastes from cheese to chocolate. Nuts are very rich in vitamins and trace elements, respectively, are a very useful and tasty souvenir.

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Locust products from

From Cyprus you can bring a bottle of carob syrup or carob packing - powder from fruit. Carob is one of the symbols of the island. Syrups and powders from its fruits have medicinal properties. They are actively used in cooking and food industry - in the production of sweets and chocolate. Used for the treatment of colds and the production of cosmetics.

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Religious attributes

Among the souvenirs from Cyprus you can include icons and other items with Christian symbols. The island sells large and small icons made on carved wood and trimmed in metal with patterns, wooden and hematite bracelets with saints' faces, candlesticks in church style and Christian key rings.

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A popular souvenir is the brooches - rosary of colored thread, which are woven in a special way and have 33 knots in accordance with the age of Christ, and in the center there is a metal cross.

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Perhaps the most popular delicacy is rahat-lukum. On the island, it is presented in a diverse palette of taste: mint, lemon, strawberry, pink. The most delicious lakum is made in the village of Geroskip near Pafos. And it is more profitable to buy it by weight in the markets, there you can always try it.

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Traditional jam in Cyprus are berries, nuts, fruits and vegetables, cooked in sugar syrup. And the most delicious jam here is prepared from a peel of citrus, carrots, bergamot, eggplant, watermelon seed, green walnuts and flower petals.

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Sujuko or churchchel is a sweet sausage made of grape syrup with almonds or walnuts. Currently, on sale you can find sudzhuko from carob syrup.

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An excellent gift from Cyprus will be spices. They can be bought for weight and in packages. The best option will be a set of 10-12 aromatic spices, in the form of a polyethylene tape folded in an accordion. Weighs such a set a little and is convenient for transportation.

Most often, when cooking local dishes, Cypriots use mint, cardamom, tarragon, garlic, parsley, rukola, curry and ginger.

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Among the local cheeses, the island's guests prefer Halloumi. Make it from sheep or goat's milk. Cypriots prepare it on the grill, fry, serve in grated form and wholly, with the addition of mint and in the composition of various dishes.

For transport, it is best to choose halloumi in vacuum packaging. In Cyprus, produce other types of cheese: Anari, reminiscent of Italian Ricotto, Feta and many kinds of hard cheeses, which in quality are not inferior to continental.

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In all souvenir shops of the island you can find a lot of metal, ceramic, wooden and glass figurines depicting the revered animal of Cyprus - a donkey. For a long time these animals were the main vehicle for travel and transportation of the crop, and fed small children with donkey milk. The figure of a donkey is a cute souvenir from Cyprus.

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Greek gods

Little copies of the statues of the Greek gods, especially Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, are no less popular among tourists.

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Pythagoras Bowl

The Pythagoras bowl will become an original and unusual souvenir. This cunning invention of mankind can be seen only in Cyprus. It looks like an ordinary ceramic kremanka on a low leg that goes inside the bowl. The drink is in the space between the walls of the vessel and the column.

If the liquid poured into the bowl exceeds the norm, then all the excess will be spilled onto the table through the hole in the column. For tourists, the admissible level is marked by a thin golden strip, and the dishes themselves are decorated with a portrait of Pythagoras or a painting typical of the island.

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