How to choose an electronic cradle-cradle for newborns

Calm and full sleep is especially important in the first months of a baby's life. It has a direct effect on the formation of the child's psychological and physical state. The abundance of all kinds of devices for children's recreation makes it possible for parents to choose the optimal model for them. One of the most popular options for today is a rocking chair-cradle. It greatly simplifies the care of the newborn and allows mother to enjoy the joy of motherhood.

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  • Summer Infant Bentwood
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Electronic rocking-cradle are rocked system, whose cradle is mounted on a special fixed stand. The principle of their action is the copying of movements when the child is rocking on his hands. The work of these miracle devices can be carried out with the help of batteries and from the network.

Since the cradle is intended for infants, it is produced only from high-quality natural materials. The stands are mainly made of aluminum, and the chair is made of plastic.

Technical characteristics of electronic rocking-cradles:

  • the presence of sensitive systems that react to children's crying and automatically start the vibration mode, which allows you to calm and cradle the baby;
  • include a lullaby melody, and in some models the permissibility of recording the parent voice;
  • to prevent the child's fear of darkness there is a night light function;
  • ability to change the inclination of the backrest of the rocking chair;
  • the ability to change the speed of movements;
  • the presence of a remote control panel, which makes it possible to control the cradle-cradle at a distance.

Choosing the appropriate option, it is worth giving preference to models on batteries or battery, the most safe for the child.

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Recommended models

In general, all models are equipped with the same set of functions, differences only in the form of melodies, lighting and the number of modes of operation. When choosing a cradle-cradle, it is important to be guided not only by price policy, but also take into account the age and weight of the child. Since the cradle will be used more often, the mother needs to choose light and compact models.

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The electronic cradle of the Italian brand "BamBola" has a delicate coloring and many convenient functions. Equipped with 5 speeds swing, 12 lullabies, backlight, five-point seat belt. It operates from the network, but it is also possible to work from batteries. The set includes a removable cover made of quality fabric and a soft pillow. Ideal for children from 0-9 months. Weight - 4,7 kg.

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4moms BounceRoo

The uniqueness of the model consists of three modes of vibration: heartbeat, bee and wave. To calm the baby three speed-based motion sickness modes have been developed. Suitable for children, whose weight does not exceed 12 kg. During the movement of the child, the chaise longue begins to sway slowly. The convenience of this cradle is enclosed in its light weight( less than 3 kg), the presence of a removable cover and easy movement around the house. The model has three-point seat belts and runs on batteries.

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Tiny Love cradle 3 in 1

Model from the series "Sea", is equipped with an unusual mode of vibration and has a removable light and music device. The cradle is equipped with a recumbent and sessile position, operates from batteries. Supports of the model can be adjusted in height, which allows you to secure the cradle in the desired position. There are seat belts, a non-slip leg support and removable covers. The design of the model can withstand up to 18 kg.

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The peculiarity of this option is the presence of anti-slip pads on the legs. The cradle has:

  • a spacious hard bottom, trimmed with a soft cloth;
  • additional seat cover;
  • removable double headrest;
  • pendant toys.

The model is equipped with five high-speed modes and a timer for 8, 15 and 30 minutes. To soothe the baby there are 12 different melodies. The cradle is designed for children under 12 kg and weighs no more than 9 kg. Operates on batteries. Includes a mosquito net.

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The model is equipped with an electronic motion sickness system, hanging toys and pleasant melodies. It is practical and can easily turn into a bedside cradle, and also transform into a changing table. At the bottom there are boxes that allow you to store all the necessary things nearby. The cradle has five levels of height, an electronic device with a vibration system, a backlight, a control panel. Easily removable wheels turn the cradle into a rocking chair. Weight of the model is 8 kg.

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BeeAngel 4 in 1

The uniqueness of the model lies in the ability to transform into a rocker, cradle, walker and jumper for a couple of minutes. There is a large hood to protect the baby's eyes from penetrating light rays. The cradle is equipped with four positions for sleeping, different vibrating modes, lighting, melodies and toys and runs on batteries. Upholstery cradle is easily removed. With the help of retractable wheels you can move the cradle around the house. Recommended for babies from 0 to 9 months.

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Summer Infant Bentwood

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The model of the American brand Summer Infant is equipped with a multi-speed silent ringing system. Made of high quality and safe materials. An electronic device with a vibration system and melodies functions from the batteries. Comes with a mattress, sheets and a huge basket for things or toys. Cradle is recommended for children up to one year.

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Pituso Vitoria

The model has a built-in timer, a music unit with 12 lullabies, mosquito net. If the timer is not set, the electronic cradle works continuously. The speed of motion sickness, melody and loudness are regulated at the will of the parents. The electronic unit consists of 3 time modes and 5 speeds of motion sickness. Very compact model, easy to fold and move. Perfectly suitable for children up to a year.

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