List of Russian folk tales

The very first works that small readers come across are Russian folk tales. This is the fundamental element of folk art, through which a deep wisdom of life is transmitted from generation to generation. Fairy tales are taught to distinguish between good and evil, point to human vices and virtues, pass on life, family, and everyday values ​​that do not fade away. Read to your children Russian folk tales, a list of which is presented below.

Ryaba Ryoka

The fairy-tale about a good hen Ryaba, who lives in a hut with a woman and grandfather and carried a golden egg that they could not break - this is one of the first fairy tales that parents read to small children. A fairy tale that is easy for children's perception also tells about a mouse that has broken a golden egg with its tail. After that, the grandfather and the woman lamented, and the chicken promised to tear down a new testicle, but not gold, but a simple testicle.

Masha and the Bear

An entertaining tale about the adventures of the little Masha, who lost her way, got into the hut to the Bear. The terrible beast rejoiced and ordered Masha to stay with him in the hut to live, otherwise he would eat it. But the little girl outsmarted the Bear, and without knowing it himself, he took Masha back to her parents.

Vasilisa Lovely

A fairy tale about a kind and beautiful girl, to which a dying mother left a magic doll. The girl was long harassed and outdated by her stepmother and her daughters, but the magic doll always helped her to cope with everything. Once she even wove a canvas of unparalleled beauty that fell into the hands of the king. The ruler liked the fabric so much that he ordered the master to bring him to her, so that she sewed the shirt from this linen. Seeing Vasilisa the Beautiful, the king fell in love with her and on this all the suffering of the girl ended.


The tale of how many different little animals lived in the teremochke, teaches the youngest readers of friendship and hospitality. Mouse-norushka, bunny-pobegaychik, a frog-cuckoo, a top, a gray barrel, a fox-sister, lived together in their little house, until they were asked to live a bear-toed. He was very big and broke up the house. But the good inhabitants of the house did not lose their heads and built a new house, bigger and better than before.

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Winter fairy tale about a girl who lived with her father, stepmother and her daughter. My stepmother did not like her stepdaughter and persuaded the old man to take the girl to the forest for certain death. In the forest, the fierce Morozko froze the girl and asked "Is the girl warm to you?", To which she responded with kind words. And then he took pity on her, warmed him up and presented him with rich gifts. The next morning the girl returned home, my stepmother saw the gifts and decided to send her own daughter for gifts. But the second daughter was rude to Morozko, therefore she froze in the forest.

Cockerel and bean seed

In the work "Cockerel and bean seed" the author on the example of the cockerel, suppressed by the grain, tells the story that in life, in order to get something, you must first give something. Asking the hen to go to the cow for the oil to lubricate the neck and swallow the grain, he activated a whole chain of other errands, which the chicken adequately fulfilled, brought the oil and saved the cockerel.


The fairy tale of the Kolobok belongs to the category of works that are easily remembered for small children, since there are many repetitions of the plot in it. The author tells about how grandmother baked grandfather, and he came to life. Kolobok did not want to be eaten, and ran away from grandmother and grandfather. On the way he met a hare, a wolf and a bear, from which he also rolled away, singing a song. And only a cunning fox could eat a kolobok, so that he did not escape his fate anyway.

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Frog princess

The tale of the Frog Princess tells how Tsarevich had to marry a frog in which an arrow shot by his father's orders hit him. The frog turned out to be enchanted by Vasilisa the Wise, who takes off the frog skin during the execution of the king's tasks. Ivan Tsarevich, having learned that his wife is a beautiful woman and an artisan, burns the skin and thereby condemns Vasilisa the Wise to imprisonment of Koshchei the Immortal. The Tsarevich, realizing his mistake, enters into an unequal battle with the monster and recovers his wife, after which they live happily ever after.

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Geese-swans are an instructive tale about how a little girlShe did not keep track of her brother and was taken away by geese-swans. The girl goes in search of her brother, on the way she met a stove, an apple and a milk river, from which she refused. And for a long time to look for the girl of her brother, if not for the hedgehog, which showed her the right way. She found her brother, but on the way back, if she had not used the help of the above-mentioned characters, she could not have brought him home.

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Three Bears

A tale that teaches young children to order is the "Three Bears".In it, the author tells of a little girl who lost her way and came upon a hut of three bears. There she slightly porojanchichala - has eaten a porridge from each bowl, has sat on each chair, has lain on each bed. The family of bears, who returned home and saw that someone was using their things, was very angry. A small hooligan was saved by the fact that she ran away from the indignant bears.

Porridge from ax

Short tale "Porridge from an ax" about how one soldier went on a leave and decided to spend the night with the old woman who met him on the way. And the old woman was greedy, she deceived, saying that she had nothing to feed her guest. Then the soldier invited her to cook the porridge from the ax. I asked the cauldron, water, then cunningly lured the porridge and butter, ate it myself, fed the old woman and then took the ax with them, so that the old woman could not lie.


Fairy tale "Turnip" - this is one of the most famous Russian folk tales, focused on kids. At the heart of her story is a large number of repetitions of the characters. Grandfather, who asked grandmother to help him pull out the turnip, and she in turn called her granddaughter, granddaughter - a bug, a bug - a cat, a cat - a mouse, teach us that it's easier to cope with something together than separately.

The Snow Maiden

The Snow Maiden is a fairy tale, according to the plot of which the grandfather and the woman, who did not have children, decide to blind the Snow Maiden in winter. And so she got them right, that they began to call her daughter, and the Snow Maiden came to life. But then the spring came and the Snow Maiden began to feel sad, hiding from the sun. But, what can be, that can not be avoided - the girlfriends called the Snow Maiden to the party and she went through the fire and jumped and melted, swooping upwards with a cloud of white steam.

The wintering of the animals

In the fairy tale "The Winterlife of Beasts" it is told how a bull, a pig, a sheep, a cock and a goose fled from an old man with an old woman to avoid their lamentable fate. Winter was approaching, and it was necessary to build a winter residence, but all refused to help the bull. And then the bull built himself a winter hut, and when the fierce winter came, the animals began to ask him to winter. The ox was kind and therefore let them go. And the animals in turn repaid the bull for kindness, driving away the fox, the wolf and the bear, who wanted to eat them.

Fox-sister and wolf

The tale of the fox-sister and wolf is one of the most famous folk tales for children, it is read in kindergartens and schools. And on the basis of an interesting story about how a cunning little fox deceived the wolf of the tail, and also drove home from the top on the beaten wolf, pronouncing "the beaten unbitten lucky", put on plays and organize readings by roles.

According to the witch's request

The tale "By the Pike's Command" about how the unlucky and lazy Emelya the fool caught a magic pike that fulfilled all his desires, he only had to say the coveted words "by a pike command, according to my wish."Then his carefree life began-buckets carried water themselves, chopped wood, sleigh ridden without horses. Thanks to the magic pike, Emelya turned from a fool into an enviable and successful fiancé, whom Marya Tsarevna herself fell in love with.

Elena the Wise

To read the Russian folk tale "Elena Predmudraya" is a pleasure - here you and the devil, and the girls who turn doves, and the beautiful wise queen, and the all-seeing magic book of knowledge. The amazing story of how a simple soldier fell in love with Elena the Wise and cunningly married her, likes children of any age.

Magic ring

In the instructive tale "The Magic Ring" the author told the story of the good boy Martynke, who was able to achieve a lot thanks to his kindness. Instead of buying bread, he saves the dog and cat, then rescues from a disaster a beautiful princess, for which the king receives a magic ring. With his help, Martynka builds wonderful palaces and breaks beautiful gardens, but one day it is overtaken by misfortune. And then Martynke came to the aid of everyone he did not leave behind in trouble.

Zayushkina hut

The fairy tale "Zayushkina izbashka" is a story about how a cunning little fox settled in a hut of a small zayushki. Neither the bear nor the wolf could drive the rabbits out of the house, uninvited by the guest, and only a brave cockerel could cope with a cunning fox who did not have to take on someone else's hut.

Princess Nesmeyana

Everything you could wish for was in the care of Princess Nesmeyana, but she was still sad. The Tsar-father as soon as he tried, but could not cheer his only daughter. Then he decided - who will laugh the princess, he will marry her. In the tale "The Princess of Nesmeyan" tells the story of how a simple worker, without knowing it himself, made the most sad girl of the kingdom laugh and became her husband.

Sister Alenushka and brother Ivanushka

Ivanushka did not listen to his sister Alyonushka, drank the water from the hoof and turned into a kid. A story full of adventures, where the wicked witch drowned Alyonushka, and a little kid saved her and, three times over his head, again became a brother Ivanushka, told in the tale "Sister Alenushka and Brother Ivanushka."

Flying ship

In the Russian folk tale "Flying ship" young readers will learn about how the king decided to give his daughter for someone who builds a flying ship. And in one village there lived three brothers, the youngest of them was considered a fool. So the older and middle brothers decided to start building the ship, but they did not get anything, because they did not listen to the advice of the old man who met them. And the younger one listened, and his grandfather helped him build a real flying ship. That's how the little brother of the fool turned into the husband of a beautiful princess.

Boar - resin barrel

Smasteril grandfather for his granddaughter Tanyushi steers from straw, and he took it and came to life. Yes, it was not just a bull-calf, he had a resin barrel. Cunning made the bear, the wolf and the hare adhering to his barrel, bring the grandfather gifts. The wolf brought a bag of nuts, a bear - a beehive of honey, a rabbit's head for cabbage and a ribbon for Tanyusha. Although not willingly carried gifts, but no one cheated, because they promised everything, and promises should be restrained.


When my children were small, they were also very fond of Russian folk tales. They wanted to listen to them all the time, and since I did not always have the opportunity to read, I included a collection of fairy tales on the cassette. Then there were such carriers, now it is convenient to include the favorite fairy tales on the computer. A child can listen and at the same time draw, sculpt, or engage in something else developing.

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