How beautiful to dress in the style of a boho

Style boho - bohemian style. The direction takes its origins back in the 18th century. The founders of style are considered to be the bohemian youth of Europe. Later in the XIX century, the boho became a style of gypsies, artists, writers and artists. Modern Boho is the 1970s hippie-style progenitor. Grunge, country, folk, hippies and ethno styles joined in the modern direction.

  • Features
  • Fabrics
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Bottoms
  • Shoes
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Characteristic for the style:

  • mixing colors and patterns on fabrics;
  • many different ornaments from metal, wood, leather, suede, lace, semiprecious stones, beads;
  • simple shoes without heels;

  • big things;
  • predominance of natural fabrics and leatherette;
  • very lush, voluminous and long skirts;
  • various headgear( wide-brimmed hats and headbands, scarves);
  • things and accessories of sheepskin;
  • knitted things;
  • an abundance of embroidery in ethnic style;
  • variety;
  • combination of fabrics of different textures and colors.

Organically, Bohho is suitable for a warm period.

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The clothes of the style use natural fabrics and less often artificial: flax, cotton, flannel, cambric, wool, velvet, denim, velor, chiffon, organza, lace, suede, corduroy, leather, artificial fur. All fabrics can be different in texture in one piece of clothing, and in the whole image.

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Fabric colors used in drawing the image are as natural as possible:

  • red - the color of ripe berries;
  • blue - the color of the sky;
  • blue - the color of the sea;
  • green is the color of the spring grass.

Also popular are warm and pastel beige shades and colors in the style of khaki, embroidery in the style of hand-beads or beads, prints on fabrics: floral and geometric, avant-garde and with ethno-motives.

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Boho style has no borders in the styles of clothes, but it has its own distinctive features. The most recognizable variants of the cut of Boho clothing are considered to be free sundresses with a fluffy bottom to the floor, flowing light skirts to the floor, baggy cardigans and sweaters of large mating, narrowed down jeans and leggings, light linen tunics.

Popular types of outerwear in Boho style are:

  • knitted coats of large mating, with ornaments, stripes of different colors are necessarily free;
  • wide knitted cardigans with large pockets;
  • shawls;
  • poncho;
  • men's jackets and jackets;
  • warm shirts in ethnic style;
  • tunics;
  • long and short vests;
  • clothes made of natural and artificial fur;
  • warm knitted or felted woolen sleeveless;
  • loose knitted warm clothes.
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Bottom clothing in style preserves the main features of the styles: bulk, length and bulkiness.

  • Long lush maxi skirts with ruffles and lace made of linen, chiffon, organza;
  • Skirts of medium-length office style( leather, denim, corduroy);
  • Pants narrow and wide, wiped shorts and jeans, leggings.

Also to the lower clothing can be attributed chiffon flying blouses, baggy checkered shirts, loose monochrome t-shirts, since these things can be worn under outerwear.

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For this style is characteristic of shoes on a flat sole, without a heel, you can on a small wedge or on a steady heel. Uggs, boots, sandals, cowboy boots with or without heels, ankle boots, ballet shoes, boats, sandals, summer fishnet boots, boots. Most of them are decorated with ribbons, belts, beads, stones, fringe.

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The most popular accessories to complement the image in the style of the boho:

  • headbands;
  • knitted and light chiffon scarves, both monochrome and color;
  • rims with flowers;
  • wreath;
  • leather belts;
  • scarfs and bandanas;
  • stoles;
  • bracelets;
  • beads are small and large;
  • necklace;
  • large sunglasses;
  • large earrings;
  • massive pendants;
  • three-dimensional knitted bags with a fringe and a long handle;
  • various handmade ornaments in ethnic style.
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