13 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

Thirteen years of a joint life have flown by as one moment, because there was always a loving and reliable partner nearby. During this time, there were no secrets and secrets between the spouses. Strong relationships built on love and trust, have stood the test of time. Prepare for the 13th anniversary of the wedding is necessary in advance, and what is better to give and what congratulations to pick, will help information about what kind of wedding.

  • How is the wedding
  • How to celebrate
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What is the wedding called

People say thirteen years of marriage as Lacy or Landyshev wedding.

Lily of the valley symbolize the sincere love of the couple, and lace - the strength of the interwoven fate of two hearts.

These names underscore the fact that the family needs to be valued and protected with every passing year.

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How to tag

There are several basic traditions of celebrating the Lacy wedding. You can borrow a few ancient rites among them for your holiday:

  1. On the day of the celebration, the hostess always decorated the festive table with the best lace tablecloth.

  2. In some nations on the 13th anniversary of the wedding as a gift for her husband, it is customary to give a lace butterfly, which not only held the man in the house, but also reliably protected the family from all misfortunes.
  3. In Russia, the spouse presented her husband with a lace swan, as a symbol of eternal love and devotion.
  4. For the time of the wedding, his wife was tied a lace shawl, and her husband - a lace collar.
The thirteenth anniversary of the wedding is one of the most cozy and tender holidays.

For a perfect celebration, there are several recommendations:

  1. The bride's attire must include lace elements.
  2. The suit of the groom must be executed in beige or gray color.
  3. In addition to lace, the hall should be decorated with lily of the valley bouquets.
  4. You can make special lace invitations, they are sure to surprise and please the guests.
  5. The wedding cake is best made to order, it should be multi-tiered and decorated with sweet lace.

On this day it is not necessary to order a loud feast, you can spend it only together. The most important thing is that this day will remain in your hearts for a long time.

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Gift for wife

When choosing a gift for a wife for 13 years of wedding, pay attention to:

  • a set of underwear or negligee, it can be presented in the evening, necessarily arranging a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom;
  • precious "lace" decoration, for example, "lacy" medallion, and inside you can put your photo together;
  • cosmetics;
  • white dress with lace, which the spouse can wear on the celebration.

The gift can be supplemented with a handmade greeting card and a bouquet of lilies of the valley.

The invited guests can present a lace wedding as a present:

  • lace napkin;
  • a crystal statuette in the form of a lily of the valley;
  • tablecloth;
  • lace bedding;
  • bedspread;
  • picture with a picture of a lily of the valley;
  • curtains with lace trim;
  • casket;
  • gloves;
  • dishes, decorated with a "lacy" border;
  • lace scarves;
  • hair accessories;
  • vase;
  • any other delicate products.
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What to give to her husband

To pick a gift for her husband on the thirteenth anniversary of the wedding is quite difficult, because few men will appreciate lace and lilies of the valley.

So when choosing a present for a husband for 13 years of marriage, it is worthwhile to show all your imagination, for example:

  1. Click on number 13 and make a gift to your wife a collage of thirteen of your joint photos.
  2. If you have a creative husband, give him a certificate for two for a drawing lesson. There, perhaps, you will jointly draw beautiful lilies of the valley.
  3. Incarnate the dream of her husband. For example, if a spouse has long dreamed of jumping with a parachute or riding a quad bike - give him this opportunity.
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It is very important when choosing a gift to listen to the wishes of her husband.

The gift does not have to directly depend on the traditions of the anniversary, because any gift can be supplemented with a lace wrap or a lily of the valley lily.

It is very important on this day to show how well you know your soul mate.

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Beautiful verses with the anniversary of the wedding will perfectly complement any congratulation. We offer examples of congratulations for 13 years of the wedding:

And only thirteen years have passed,
When the wife in a tender dress,
In the veil of a wonderful lace
Floating swan at the wedding.
And the clean-shaven spouse
Has managed to memorize every sigh,
At the beginning of the marriage,
And also all the solemnity of the wedding.
Many years passed together,
And the wedding again flew into your house,
Now your wedding is already your lace.
We congratulate you with thirteen years.
And you are such good fellows.
And you are still inseparable.
We wish from the bottom of our heart
In the family of your prosperity.
Thirteen is a non-dangerous symbol,
After all, there is no reason for fear,
And your wedding is so beautiful,
Let it be and it's already thirteen anniversaries.
As a lace, your two lives are intertwined,
Reliable, your union is marital.
And let your whole life be beautiful,
And your family's eyes glow with emotions.
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