Why take the feather of a bird at home or on the road

There are many signs and superstitions associated with bird feathers. They are widely used for the manufacture of magical attributes, amulets from the evil eye and amulets to attract good luck. Find them is considered a good sign, foreshadowing success in business and good news. However, in the interpretation of the signs, much depends on the type of bird and the color of the feather.

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On the street

Everyone has ever found a feather of a bird lying on the ground. Such a promise promises a happy event in the near future. Especially lucky for those who see how the bird drops feathers.

Significance of a sign largely depends on how recently people's thoughts are occupied, and can mean:

  • Good luck in business, successful business development, making profit or paying bonuses.
  • Receiving news from close people, meeting with an old friend.
  • Young girls can count on a token of attention from a fan.
  • A feather found by a child often symbolizes the arrival of expensive guests or the purchase of furniture.

If you do not get the pen with you, you need to say the following words: "The bird is a feather, I( name) - good luck in business. So be it! ", And on the same day, feed any birds with bread crumbs. In this way, you thank the higher forces for a good sign, and show that you accept it.

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Sometimes it happens to find a feather of a bird in your house - on a balcony or a window sill, and even see how it flew through a window or an open door. Such feathers are considered news from deceased relatives or guardian angels who want to communicate something important. The pen is sent as an amulet and a sign of support in difficult times for the person and symbolizes the speedy resolution of problems in a favorable way.

After receiving a feather, one should listen to intuition, it will tell the best solution. You also need to be careful - the pen can be a warning that someone is trying to influence you, including using black magic.

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Grab a flyingthrough the air a pen means to catch luck by the tail, and heralds success in business. If a feather falls on a person from above, he should be ready for pleasant news or happy events that literally fall on his head.

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A small feather or fluff of a bird symbolizes a small incident or news, for example, a phone call or a letter. A large feather means more important events in life - successful contracting, easy and quick promotion of repair work, an early wedding, a large purchase.

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Finding the pen, look at its coloring:

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Light feathers are symbols of happiness and good luck. From the found pen you can make a charm - weave from leaves, grasses and branches a wreath symbolizing the nest, and put a pen in its center. Keep the amulet you need at home - it will become the keeper of coziness, strengthen family relations, protect against negative influence and help in any endeavors. Even sorcerers use white feathers exclusively for light affairs.

If you sew such feathers on clothes or insert them into earrings, you can protect yourself from the evil eye - due to their color they are able to dissipate bad energy. Also with their help you can place quarrels and misunderstandings between spouses.

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The color of the night is usually a crow - a symbol of wisdom, courage and longevity. It is very useful to keep it in the workplace, among business papers, where it will contribute to making the right decisions and success in business. Also, through black feathers, you can ask for help from the dark forces, but it will be difficult to cope with them with an ordinary person. Dark-colored feathers are most often used in black magic for spoiling.

  • Stork .The feathers of this bird bring happiness and well-being to family life. If an unmarried girl found 2 stork feathers - during the year she will have a wedding. Retaining them, it is possible to strengthen marital relations and avoid problems with conceiving and bearing a child.
  • Raven .These birds are often satellites sorcerers and symbolize the dark forces. Therefore, crow's feathers are widely used to send curses. They are also used in the magic of predictions, where they compete successfully with Tarot cards. When making a dream catcher( a talisman protecting a sleeping person from evil spirits) with the raven's feathers, one can get rid of unwanted dreams and the coming of dream-prophecies.
  • Pigeon .It is believed that evil spirits can not take the form of pigeons - this bird is associated with the Holy Spirit. Therefore, to find a pigeon feather is a good sign, foreshadowing peace and harmony, resolving disputes, fulfilling one's plans. You can raise it without fear and use it to protect yourself from any manifestation of evil.
  • Woodpecker .The feather of this bird brings happiness in all endeavors, especially in matters related to the career.
  • Griffin .The amulet, made from feathers of the neck, improves susceptibility to energy and is able to give its owner the ability to anticipate the potential danger. Hanging a feather in the house at the front door, you can protect your home from penetration of evil people and negative energy.
  • Goose .Mascots from goose feathers sharpen intuition, protect you from deception, help in time to recognize enemies and their intrigues.
  • Kite. Found a feather of a kite can protect a person from theft and extortion, save money deposits, save unnecessary financial costs. Chicken and cock .The feathers of chicken are used as a talisman against the evil eye. The feathers left after cockfighting are often used to direct spoilage.
  • Swan .One or more feathers are a wonderful love talisman, symbolizing swan fidelity. Such feathers must necessarily be lost by a living bird, and not taken from a dead swan. Also with the help of this material, the premises are cleaned of negative energy.
  • Eagle .The feathers of this bird of prey are sacred and contain a huge supply of energy. Personalize calmness and strength, confidence and stability, serve as an excellent tool for protection.
  • Peacock .The specific color of the peacock feathers resembles the eye and is often identified with the devil's eye. Therefore, in many cultures it is not recommended to keep it in the house - it is considered a bad sign, bringing misfortunes and misfortunes. However, finding such a feather on the street is a good sign, foreshadowing wealth and prosperity. In witchcraft rites, peacock feathers are used in love and sexual spheres, for privorotov, and also as symbols of deception.
  • Owl .This bird is considered a symbol of knowledge, the embodiment of the spirit of the ancestors and the herald of the gods. Owl feathers are used to decorate ritual apparels - they stimulate intuition, strengthen the ability to clairvoyance, and also are a powerful protective talisman.
  • Magpie .Feathers of the tail feather protect the house from thieves. To do this, it is necessary to symbolically swap their dwelling with them. Also bring good luck in business.
  • Ostrich .Long since ostrich feathers it has been customary to decorate garments and high ladies' hairstyles. The ostrich feather attracts prosperity and is a symbol of wealth and success.
  • Duck .It is believed that the feather of this bird is able to protect against colds. To do this, it must be inserted into the window frame, then the disease does not penetrate into the house. Also brings prosperity to the house, prevents the onset of poverty.
  • Pheasant .The image of the pheasant was transformed into a mythical bird Phoenix, capable of reborn from the flames. The charm of pheasant feathers gives inexhaustible vitality, promotes assertiveness in business, brings good luck and prosperity.
  • Seagull .The amulet, made from the gull feather, will become an indispensable helper for travelers and people whose activities are connected with constant traveling. He will warn trouble on the road, make the journey successful and comfortable.
  • Hawk .The feathers of this bird symbolize skill and luck in hunting - not only in the literal sense of the word, but also in work, study, and love relationships. Another value of such a finding is the upcoming victory in various disputes, the suppression of competitors. In bad hands, this material can be used to send sickness and trouble to an unwanted person.
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To pick up, and even more so, to bring into the house a black pen found near the cemetery, at the gate or on the doorstep of the house, it is impossible. After such a find it is necessary to perform the ritual of purification - wrap the pen in a scarf, tie it with a red thread, bring it out into the street and say: "An angry man hid his offense, I decided to kill him, I do not want anyone's evil, I clean myself from the blackness. As it came to me, so passed by! ".Then the parcel should be burned, and the ashes scattered in the wind. Returning home, you need to wash your hands under running water, and drop them off the threshold - to fix the cleansing effect.

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Feather mixed color or spotted is considered neutral, it can carry both positive and negative message. Used in magic for different purposes - both for good and evil. If you paint such a pen in gold, it will be set up to attract wealth to the house.

Also, out of the pock-marked feathers of wild birds living in the wild, amulets are helping to find a way in life and bring dreams closer to life. For this in the evening after sunset, you need to empty the kitchen table, including the tablecloth, put on it an open new handkerchief, on top - a feather, and on the sides put two burning wax candles. Then put the third candle to each of the burning, thus receiving a double fire.

Take the pen in your left hand, and in the right hand - a candle with a double fire, go around the kitchen clockwise, then walk to the front door to the apartment and go back. Put the pen in the handkerchief and tie the opposite ends, getting a nodule amulet. It must be carried in a pocket or stored at home.

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Depending on which bird the feather belongs to, it is possible to understand what sphere of life it symbolizes and what help it can provide:

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To find the feather of a bird in a dream portends the detection of a loss or achievementcherished goal.

The color of the dream pen is also important:

  • White - symbolizes good thoughts, receiving pleasant news, meeting with good people.
  • Black - you should expect sad news, partings, financial losses.
  • Red - means changes in your personal life, love adventures.
  • Multicolored feather - promises bright and rich events, a time filled with happiness and positive emotions.
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