Why not give a watch as a gift to family and friends

In our world, wristwatches are not only an indispensable attribute of a business person, modern models are equipped with timing functions of different belts, date, air temperature, built-in compass, GPS-navigator and many more tools. Not surprisingly, many people want to know why it is impossible to give a much needed thing and what can result in ignoring this prohibition.

  • The sign
  • The symbol
  • Symbolizes the imminent death
  • Leads to separation
  • How to give
  • Dream reference

The sign

There are several meanings of this superstition:

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Symbolizes the imminent death of

Some people consider the watch presented as a gift as a kind of invitation to their ownthe funeral. This sign came from China and is based only on the fact that the Chinese characters for "hours" and "funerals" are similar in spelling. However, this applies only to wall or desktop models.

It is also believed that the running arrows symbolize the transience of life and bring it to an end. In this case, it would be timely to extend the ban on donating any things equipped with a timer - phones, computers, microwave ovens.

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It leads to separation

The bad sign is explained quite simply - if the clock gives the boss to the subordinate, this can mean a hint of the employee being late for work or failure to complete tasks on time. Such an employee should review his schedule, otherwise there really is a chance of being out of work.

In the case of a man and a woman, the watch was once a farewell gift to a loved one before parting, and was often decorated with a personal engraving on a long memory.

Some people see in the hands of the clock sharp objects that are presented as a gift, also symbolize unhappiness. In fact, under the "sharp" founders of this sign( the Chinese) meant cutting objects of everyday life( knives, scissors), capable of "happiness cut", that is, to harm when used improperly. At the same time, weapons( for example, sword) were considered symbols of power and power, and were a welcome and valuable gift.
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How to give

There are certain actions that will save you from negative consequences:

  • You can know in advance the opinion given about superstitions - this will help to avoid an embarrassing situation if a hypochondriac girl or boyfriend will accept such a gift as an attempt to break off relations. For older people this subject may be a reminder of age.
  • Take for the clock a symbolic fee( a coin or a small monetary bill), that is, they will not be presented, but as if bought by the originator of the celebrations themselves, which neutralizes the negative effect of the omens.
  • The watches, like decorations, are a rather personal gift, it is best to present them to close people - husband or wife, friends. If they are intended for the employee or a superior, it is not superfluous to clarify his preferences in this regard.
  • It is desirable to give the watch for a favorable occasion - for a birthday, anniversary of the wedding, as a reward for good work, sports achievements. Such a gift will cause only positive emotions and will please a person for a long time.

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Dreaming watches may have a different interpretation:

  • Losing, dropping, giving a watch in a dream - means a missed chance, lost time. Such a person can miss something meaningful in their life or waste their efforts.
  • Find or accept as a gift - to find something new( friend, loved one, work).
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