How to make a birch from a bead the hands

Beading of many trees is similar to each other. The basis is almost always the same technique - a composite. If you already had to work with beads in this technique, then the creation of a classic birch should not become difficult for you. A finished piece of art will perfectly decorate the desk or become a good gift.

  • Nuances and materials
  • Beadwork of birch

Nuances and materials

Initially, determine what will be attached to the birch. There are several options. The first option is to make a wire frame that will form the tree itself, all twigs, the trunk.

The second option is to put the tree in a small pot, sprinkling its "roots" with stones to fix it, and hide it all under artificial moss, sand or other beautiful material.

The third option - to make a small panel of gypsum or polymer clay, also from these materials can form the basis of the trunk. After forming the panel, it can be covered with moss, paste small and large pebbles on it, paint with acrylic paints. It is the third option that makes it possible to achieve the greatest realism, but it is also the most laborious.

For the birch you need a translucent shiny beads, it is desirable that the beads were of different sizes and differed in color. Then you get the effect of different foliage.

Take a few colors: green, bright green and a little greenish-yellow.

Depending on which color you choose, you will get a different result. With the use of white beads, you can make a winter birch, if you focus on yellow beads, you will get an autumn birch.

You will also need a thin wire, plaster to cover the trunk and branches, so you can then paint them, or, in extreme cases, cotton paper tape in white so that you can wrap them.

This need disappears if you initially stock up with a white wire. But, the black bands characteristic of the birches on the trunk will have to be drawn by hand, so you will also need acrylic paint and brushes.

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Beadwork of birch birch

The composition is a composite, in which the lion's share of elements are created separately, and then they are linked together. To make a crown, at first 4-12 branches are worked through, and they are connected to each other in bundles, the same bundles are then connected to one of the branches of the crown.

Birch is an "air tree", it is not worth overloading it with a lot of branches.

Distribute the colors of the beads at your discretion.

After the formation of the bead crown, all the ends of the wire from each branch of the crown are twisted in one direction. But such a trunk is typical for oak, elm, but not birch. So, it will have to be wrapped around the wire in a ring-like fashion, either covered with gypsum, or wrapped in paper and after that, further work out black strips.

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