How to make a gift composition from sweets

Sweet gifts are doubly pleasant, it is both a surprise and an occasion to raise the level of endorphins in the blood. So give such presents as often as possible, even without any reason. But just sweets in our time are already commonplace. But an interesting composition of them - just what you need for an impression.

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  • Secrets of a sweet gift

What you can do from candies

You can make a lot of original crafts of different nature from candies: wood, bouquets, compositions and so on. The subject matter also varies. For example, for a child, such an article is more suitable in a fairy-tale, children's genre, using sweets in bright packages and corresponding additional decor. If the gift is designed for an average age, then the composition should already differ in style and good taste. It is appropriate to add fresh flowers, ribbons and so on.

A separate theme is a gift for the second half. In this case, such a sweet present should also be romantic, reflecting your tender feelings towards your chosen / chosen one. In this master class you will be able to make just such a composition of sweets, which is most appropriate to present on Valentine's Day or on a memorable date.

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Secrets of the sweet gift

For work you will need a separate decorative material. To him, you can add and the gift itself, for example, a soft toy. So you can draw absolutely any present, just a toy is more universal and can not help but like it. In this case, the toy is attached to a chic and voluminous bouquet of sweets.

You will also need good chocolate sweets, preferably in a round shape and in a package with a large tail, so that it's convenient to work with them, about 15-20 chocolates. Candy can be unpacked and moved to another package. In this version it is a gilded foil.

Next, a medium-thick golden thread, tape tape or a simple ribbon for winding any bright shade that fits into the overall palette, corrugated paper of the required palette to create realistic colors.

The flowers from chiffon, silk and other fine fabrics will also look nice. Suitable ribbons for decoration and glue of strong fixation.

In addition to the above materials, you can decorate the gift and with the help of another decorative material: beads, glitters, sputtering, sparkles, balloons, streamers and the like.

To begin with, pack all the candies in a golden wrapper and tie them with a golden thread, forming a tail from the remains of the foil.

After that, form realistic petals from corrugated paper.

After this, start forming the flower, adding the petals around the billet from the candy.

The more petals you make, the larger the total will be. In addition, you can change the type of flower, for example, several petals are suitable for petunia, a little more for a rose, and quite a lot for a peony.

Now you need to add the leaves at the bottom of the bud, making them from green corrugated paper. The same paper will go to the winding of the wire of the stem.

loading. ..

It only remains to collect all the elements together.

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The more you make the flowers, the more magnificent the bouquet will turn out. To the bottom of the bouquet, you can tie a small soft gift, for example, a soft bear.

At will, you can add to this hand-craft a small balloon, a postcard, a bow from a wide ribbon, but without it it already looks quite harmonious.

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