What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from the Crimea

Crimea is an amazing land that will forever remain in the heart of anyone who has seen its marvelous beauties. Clean air, mesmerizing landscapes, the greatness of the mountains and endless sea spaces. .. I would like to take with me at least a small piece of this magnificence! Bright photos and original souvenirs will help to share impressions from rest with close people.


This kind of presentation will be a great occasion to get together and share warm memories of the trip.

Wines "Inkerman" and "Massandra"

Since ancient times, Crimea was famous for its wines, which have an incredibly delicate aroma and unique taste tones. The most qualitative are the drinks made at the Inkerman and Massandra plants. In order to feel all the splendor and variety of flavors, there are excursions to the factories, during which you can visit the tasting room and buy your favorite drinks.

Bakhchsarai herbal balms

Balm infused on dozens of medicinal herbs is a real "Crimean" souvenir. Thanks to the unique production technology, such a balm has a lot of useful properties: it tones up the body, helps fight weakness and overwork, increases appetite, helps prevent colds. Balm is usually taken for 1-3 tablespoons, adding to tea or coffee.

Cognac "Koktebel"

Cognac "Koktebel" is made of the highest quality spirits and passes the necessary aging in oak barrels. Its harmonious taste, delicate aroma, filled with notes of vanilla, and golden-amber shade combine in itself all the charm of the nature of this sunny edge.


You can find them on the beaches or buy in shops, where their choice is huge: from small shells to large corals, sea stars and various products from them.

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Wood products

Wooden souvenirs are one of the most natural and practical. Moreover, juniper products are also useful, they give you the opportunity to take with you the magic scent of the Crimean juniper grove. The choice of products is great: decorations, combs, figurines, models of ships, kitchen utensils, for the production of which, in addition to juniper, pine and cypress are used.

Onyx products

Onyx is a semi-precious stone. An interesting color, or rather, a layering of several shades, made the products from onyx the most popular souvenir. The assortment will satisfy any requests: exclusive decorations, figurines, chess, watches, glasses, decanters, lamps and much more.

Therapeutic mud

Mud springs located on the western coast of the Crimea are widely known for their healing properties. Near the settlements of Saki and Storm, there are fossils of blue and gray mud. It is used for the treatment and prevention of joint diseases, urological, gynecological and skin diseases. However, it is important to take into account that such a "souvenir" can only benefit with proper application, so it will not be superfluous to consult a specialist.

Sea salt

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A bag of sea salt is a useful gift for any woman. Pure sea salt and mixtures with aromatic additives of rose, thyme, sage or lavender will be an excellent addition to a relaxing and soothing bath. In addition, based on sea salt, you can prepare peelings and scrubs.

Handmade soap

Based on exclusively natural ingredients, many different types of handmade soaps are produced. On the shelves of shops you can find both individual multi-colored fragrant bars of Crimean soap, and whole gift sets in beautiful packages.

Pillows with herbs

Aromatic pillows are quite a useful presentation. Thanks to their filling, exuding a gentle and light aroma, you can relax and calm the nervous system. In addition, the placement of such a pillow at the head of the bed contributes to a full and healthy sleep.

You can buy a ready-made pillow, or you can make it yourself. Lemongrass, lavender, rosemary are herbs, which are often filled with pillows. Sometimes they also add juniper. Herbs can be collected and dried individually, and can be bought, paying attention to their appearance and aroma: they should not be too broken and should have a pleasant aroma.

Saki mineral water

This water not only quenches thirst well, but also helps to treat various diseases of the stomach, intestines, kidneys, metabolic disorders. Saki mineral water is bottled in various bottles.

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Seeds and seedlings from the Nikitsky Botanical Garden

Such unusual souvenirs can become a real "holiday" for gardeners and lovers of indoor plants. On the territory of the botanical garden, you can buy a variety of quality specimens from the simplest to exotic plants and get a free consultation to care for them. An important point is to ensure a comfortable transportation of plants, which should be taken care of in advance.


Nougat, Crimean honey, churchkhela, rahat-lukum, baklava - all this can be bought as a piece or by weight, and in original gift packages with panoramas of the Crimea.


Famous fragrant Crimean spices: basil, cardamom, turmeric, marjoram, thyme, ginger, curry, nutmeg, etc., will become a wonderful present. They are sold separately or as mixtures for various dishes( plov, soup-harcho, meat, fish).


Crimean tea is a unique drink of its kind, which contains no flavoring or coloring agents. Its incredible taste and aroma is achieved by combining various herbs and berries, gathering in ecologically clean places of the peninsula. The choice is incredibly great: herbal preparations can be chosen for every taste. Regular use of this tea will be an excellent prevention of seasonal colds.

Essential oils

Aromatic oils are not only a pleasant but also a useful souvenir. However, do not forget that the purchase of oils for medicinal purposes requires prior consultation with a doctor. Buying essential oil, beware of fakes. Do not take the goods in the markets - it is better to give preference to pharmacies or specialized stores.

Yalta onion

Juicy, sweet, fragrant - Yalta onion will be an excellent addition to any salad! Its distinctive feature is a purple hue, a flattened shape and no hint of bitterness.

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