How to make your own shugaring at home

Shugaring is one of the most popular methods of epilation, based on the use of paste from natural ingredients to remove unwanted hair. Ingredients for the recipe of this product are present in every kitchen, the method of performing the procedure is simple, and the result satisfies the most demanding expectations.

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    Types of shugaring

    With this type of epilation,syrup of varying degrees of consistency. It can be both professional and prepared at home. Depending on the method of carrying out epilation with this tool, the following types of shugaring are distinguished.

    • Manual( classical) technique - the procedure is carried out exclusively by hand. Suitable for work with pastes of different consistency, on any areas of the body and with hair of different sizes. The composition is distributed by hands in the direction opposite to the growth of the hair, then it is sharply removed by their growth.

    • Manual technique with application of .Used in the case of excessive sweating under the influence of high ambient temperatures. The composition is applied very dense consistency and is applied with the help of applications, which contribute to a more complete opening of the hair follicle and its grasping by paste. Recommended method for use in hard-to-reach places.2 minutes after application, the application is removed in the direction of hair growth.
    • Banding technology .Additional means are used in the process. A spatula is applied to the composition for epilation, on top are superimposed special strips and are removed by jerk in the direction of hair growth. The procedure is reminiscent of working with wax. It is recommended to use a soft paste or medium density. This technique is suitable for removing longer hair, for working on vast areas of the body. Shunting bandage technique at home is preferable to manual, since it requires less skill.
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    Advantages of

    Shugaring is gaining popularity, which is explained by the significant advantages of this method.

    • Natural composition. The absence of synthetic substances, dyes and other harmful chemicals makes it low-allergenic. As a result, there are no manifestations of hypersensitivity reactions on the skin: rash, itching, irritation. This is especially true for homemade pastes, in professional, however, there are small amounts of stabilizers, thickeners, fragrances and so on.
    • No trauma or mild effects. Unlike waxing, the procedure excludes the possibility of skin burns, since room temperature agents are used. When shugaring does not cause injury to the skin, only the dead cells are removed.
    • Cost-effectiveness of the procedure. The ability to cook pasta at home from a set of simple and inexpensive ingredients, without resorting to the help of professionals and special equipment, reduces costs to a minimum. Sugar syrup is suitable for multiple use, one bead is able to process a large area of ​​the body.
    • The peculiarity of the technique makes it possible to avoid ingrown hairs, since their removal is done in the direction of growth, rather than against.

    • Painless procedure, which is also explained by its technique. Since the hair is removed along the growth line, the sprain does not stretch the skin and the pain is much less than with the wax epilation.
    • Paste does not require special removal, does not leave stains, it is water soluble and easily washed off.
    • The effectiveness of the procedure. Successfully removing all the hairs of the treated surface, even very small ones, grown only by 1 millimeter.
    • Complex impact. Pastes when applied to the skin soften it, remove the dead layers together with the hairs. Additional components( herbs, honey, molasses) provide saturation with nutrients.
    • The use of sugar significantly reduces the risk of possible inflammation, as it suppresses the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.
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    pastes All the means for shugaring are based on the main component - sugar. The remaining ingredients are auxiliary, forming the desired consistency of the mixture.

    The density of the paste is:

    • Soft and ultra-soft .Has an elastic structure. Used to get rid of soft, thin hairs on flat surfaces. Usually it is used for bandaging shugaring technique.
    • The average density of .The most common type of remedy. It is possible to apply on any area of ​​the body for various types of hairs with a manual technique. It is preferable for beginners to begin with such a paste.
    • Thick .Also applies to manual technology on any areas of the body, is capable of removing stiff hairs.
    • Ultra-dense .Involved in manual and technique with applications. Quickly removes hairs of varying degrees of hardness, recommended for areas with increased sensitivity, since the procedure will take less time.
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    Professional tools

    On the shelves there is a wide variety of different pasta for shugaring. When choosing a product, you must pay attention to its composition. The main components of the standard paste are water, lemon juice and sugar, which can be represented by glucose or fructose( this is of no fundamental importance).It is better to choose the option, where the composition of the funds is as close as possible to the natural.

    The most preferred and common pastes are:

    • Aravia , domestic production.

      It is made in 2 series for use in the salon( Professional) and for home use( Start Epil).The latter option is well suited for beginners. In order not to get your hands dirty, you can perform a shugaring cartridge at home. With its help, a thin strip of the product is applied to the surface of the skin. In addition, useful additives may be present.

    • Gloria , domestic production.
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      Additionally contains menthol, which has a calming and cooling effect. There are 5 types of pastes of this brand of different consistency. A male paste is also made of a thin and very dense structure. On sale you can find whole sets for shugaring at home.

    • Cannaan , manufactured in Israel.

      It is more often used for carrying out of procedure in cosmetic salons. It is able to remove hair in different parts of the body. At home, it is better to use it when you already have some sludge skills.

    • Maris , domestic production.

      No need to heat the product before use due to its elasticity. In the composition there is no citric acid, it can be used for all types of hair.

    • Riviere Sucre , French-made.

      In addition, it enriches the skin with trace elements and vitamins. Easy to use, suitable for beginners, the epilation process is combined with the peeling procedure.

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    Home recipes

    Self-made pasta for shugaring will ensure a guaranteed natural composition and save money.

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    Pasta with citric acid


    • sugar - 6 tablespoons;
    • water - 2 tablespoons;
    • citric acid - just over half a tablespoon.

    Pour the sugar into the dishes, pour warm water and place on the weakest fire. Massa for shugaring should be carefully mixed and track changes in its color. With a light golden color, add citric acid to the solution. All again carefully mix and cook a few minutes before the acquisition of a dark honey hue.

    Next, the resulting mass must be poured into a plate and allowed to cool for a while( to 50-60 degrees).The ideal paste should have an elastic consistency and adhere well to the skin. If this does not happen and the ball does not form from the epilation mixture, it is likely that it was removed early from the fire. In this case, you can cook the paste just a few minutes. It is not worth overbiting on fire, otherwise it will harden.

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    Pasta with honey


    • sugar - 20 tablespoons;
    • lemon juice - 6 tablespoons;
    • water - 8-9 tablespoons;
    • honey - 1 tablespoon.

    A mass of sugar and water is placed on the fire, mixed and heated until the solution is homogeneous. Then, lemon juice and natural honey are added to the dishes. A few minutes the solution is cooked until a deep brown color is obtained, then the fire turns off. Massa for shugaring should be left for 2 hours, after which carefully mix. The paste is ready for the procedure.

    All the pros and cons of the procedure for atraumatic cleansing of facial skin
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    Pasta for several applications of


    • sugar - 20 tablespoons;
    • water - 8 tablespoons;
    • citric acid - 1 teaspoon.

    The components must be connected and put the solution on fire. Thoroughly mixing, you should wait for the liquid to boil. Further, the fire is reduced to a minimum, and the solution is boiled and mixed until a dark honey color is obtained. The consistency should turn out not liquid, but stretching. In this case, you can turn off the fire, and pour the resulting mass into a jar.

    This pasta is enough for several epilations. If the product solidifies upon cooling, it will need to be mashed by hand. The mass is stored for 3 months in a sealed bag at room temperature.

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    Pasta in microwave


    • sugar - 5-7 tablespoons, based on the required density( the more sugar, the thicker the mixture);
    • water - 2 tablespoons;
    • citric acid - ½ teaspoon( or 1 spoonful of lemon juice).

    Components, combine, mix, and put the utensils with the solution into a microwave oven. At medium power, the composition is cooked for about 30 seconds( so that the sugar dissolves).All is mixed, the power is increased, and the preparation is prepared for 1-2 minutes before the appearance of a light yellowness.

    Next, the mixture from the microwave is removed and kneaded. Color will begin to acquire a cognac shade. The paste is ready, you need to wait for it to cool down( to 50-60 degrees) and stretch.

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    Pasta with vinegar


    • sugar - ½ cup;
    • honey - 2 tablespoons;
    • water - 1 tablespoon;
    • apple vinegar - ½ teaspoon.

    In the dishes combine sugar, honey and water, put the solution on minimum fire. Cook until all the ingredients have dissolved, stirring the paste well. Then add the apple cider vinegar, and boil it until the beer color is obtained.

    This recipe is perfect for those who have hypersensitivity to citric acid.

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    Preparing for the

    procedure The process of shugaring requires qualitative preparation.

      For hair removal efficiency, their length should be 3-5 millimeters, but not more than 8 millimeters.
    • If shugaring is carried out regularly, the roots become thinner, and the hairs can be removed even very short, with a size of about 3 mm. Long it is possible to prune.
    • You do not need to do depilation between the procedures of shugaring, it will return the roots of hair to their previous thickness.
    • It is advisable to do the peeling of the necessary areas.
    • Carrying out of hygienic procedures before shugaring( taking a shower, bath).
    • It is recommended to degrease the skin using talc, baby powder.
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    Rules for the procedure

    After preparation, you can go directly to the procedure itself. On the Internet resources are a variety of videos and photos with detailed instructions on how to apply shugaring at home.

    General rules of procedure for all sites are applicable.

    • The paste is actively kneaded prior to the acquisition of pearlescent color and formed in the form of a ball.
    • It sticks to the selected area and rolls along the line against hair growth.
    • If a bandage technique is used, a special strip must be placed on top of the mass. Paper, fabric, polymer types are on sale. Strips for shugaring at home can be done independently, for example, cut out of office paper.
    • The skin is slightly stretched before removing the product. The weight for shugaring is removed by a sharp jerk along the hair growth line, in this case they will not break off, and the bulb will also be removed.
    • The remnants of the product are washed off with water.
    • Correctly start the procedure with more sensitive areas.
    • To prevent the paste from frosting, you can periodically warm it up in a water bath.
    • Hands during work can be treated with talc to remove moisture.
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    For the feet and hands of

    The hair of these areas is usually thin, it is desirable to remove them using a soft paste( like liquid honey).It is preferable to choose the bandaging shugaring technique. A paste of temperature of about 60 degrees is applied against the hair growth vector, the strip is pressed on top, then it is removed by a jerk on the growth of the hair. Shugaring of the back, shoulder and neck is similar.

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    For the bikini zone

    The hair in this area is thicker, and the zone is more sensitive than the surface of the legs and hands. Here it is preferable to use the manual technique of shugaring, the paste is dense, the recommended temperature is 40-45 degrees.

    The composition is distributed manually, without the use of strips, and breaks, according to the standard method for hair growth. With this, the skin is better to pull, this will reduce pain. The remaining hairs can be removed using tweezers, since repeated application and removal of the paste can cause irritation. Repeated procedure can be performed no earlier than 7-10 days.

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    For axillary cavities of

    This zone is highly sensitive due to thin skin. It is better to use a bandage technique with paste of soft consistency. It is desirable to remove the strip with the mass for shugaring as sharply as possible. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.

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    For this area, paste of different consistency can be used. Usually, preference is given to dense masses for shugaring. The technology used is manual. It is important that the zone on which the shugaring is conducted is dry, otherwise moisture and sweat particles will not allow the mass to grab the hairs. If after treatment a few hairs remain, they can be plucked.

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    Skin care after

    After the procedure, it is desirable to treat the area of ​​exposure with antiseptics( Miramistin, Chlorhexidine, alcohol lotions).Special care for the skin after shugaring is not required. It is advisable to refrain from visiting the solarium, sauna, sauna, swimming pool, sports for 12 hours.

    It is not recommended for the skin to apply funds that can close pores: talc, dust, deodorants. In case of irritation or peeling, you can use soothing( Rescuer, Solcoseryl) and moisturizing( milk cream) remedies. You can buy special professional skin care products after slipping.

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    Shugaring is a common procedure in cosmetology salons, which is tolerated quite well. However, there are a number of contraindications to its conduct:

    • diabetes mellitus - it is necessary to consult a doctor about possible risks;
    • skin diseases( neurodermatitis, psoriasis, dermatitis and so on);
    • epilepsy - due to the risk of an attack due to pain reactions;
    • neoplasm( benign and malignant);
    • pregnancy;
    • varicose veins;
    • poor blood clotting;
    • skin damage( scratches, cuts, abrasions);
    • is allergic to sugar or other components of the paste;
    • thrombophlebitis - to conduct a procedure in this state is strictly prohibited.
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