List of effective soothing pills

The life of a modern person is not always accompanied by only pleasant events. People are constantly exposed to various stresses. Anxiety and fear are accompanied by nervous tics, arrhythmia, irritability and other unpleasant symptoms. Without aids, it is difficult to eliminate this condition. How to choose soothing pills that can quickly eliminate the symptoms and do not harm the body?

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By prescription

The category of prescription drugs include strong sedatives for the following adultsgroups:

  • Anxiolytics( tranquilizers) are very strong sedatives, which have sedative, anxiolytic( relieve the feeling of fear), hypnotic( worsen attention and reduce ckgrowth of thought), anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant( affect muscle tone) properties. To tranquilizers are: Diazepam, Gidazepam, Atarax, Buspiron Sandoz, Afobazol, Adaptol.

  • Neuroleptics( antipsychotic drugs) are prescribed for the treatment of paranoid-hallucinatory syndromes( schizophrenia, delirium), psychomotor agitation, deep neurotic conditions, sleep disorders, oligophrenia, epilepsy, depression. These include: Aminazine, Tizercin, Triftazin, Sonapaks, Vertinex, Haloperidol, Sulpirid, etc.
  • Antidepressants( psychoanaleptics) are psychotropic substances shown to normalize the mental and emotional state in patients with deep depression in organic diseases of the central nervous system, schizophrenia, chronic alcoholismetc. The best antidepressants for the prescription: Melipramine, Clofranil, Doxepin, Myrtel, Fluoxetine, Rexetin, Paroxin, etc.

All of the above listed items refer to the soothing quick and strongof action, but at the slightest overdose has a toxic effect. In addition, many of them with prolonged admission cause addiction, drug dependence, which is narcotic.

During treatment, strong soothing, as a rule, there is a decrease in mindfulness, drowsiness, inhibition, muscle weakness. Therefore, take such funds should be only on the advice of a doctor.
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Without prescription

  • Tenoten is a nootropic agent with anxiolytic activity. The drug has an anti-anxiety, soothing and antidepressant effect. It improves the tolerance of psychoemotional loads and eliminates the depressed state.
  • Glycine - a metabolic agent stabilizes the processes of inhibition of the central nervous system, increases mental performance, reduces psychoemotional stress, improves mood and normalizes sleep. Glycine is approved for use in children.
  • Phenibut is a nootropic drug that reduces the manifestations of asthenia and vasovegetative symptoms( irritability, headache, emotional excitability, etc.).In addition, the drug increases mental and physical performance, improves memory, normalizes sleep and increases interest in life.
  • Tranquilar is an anxiolytic agent prescribed for neuroses and neurosis-like conditions, which is accompanied by emotional instability, fear, anxiety, irritation.
  • Melaxen - sedative tablets that are used to treat sleep disorders, insomnia, the negative consequences of stressful situations, winter depression.

OTC drugs, unlike prescription drugs, are easier to carry and have fewer side effects. However, in any case, when choosing a sedative pills, it is better to consult a doctor.

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On herbs

With a mild depressive and anxious condition, arising from the experience and stresses, harmless sedatives on herbs in tablets will help to cope:

  • Persen - has both sedative and spasmolytic effects. It struggles with the symptoms of VSD, a sense of anxiety and fatigue, nervous excitability, insomnia and signs of irritability. The drug is available in capsules and tablets, is contraindicated for children under 3 years of age, is prescribed to pregnant women and nursing strictly according to the doctor's instructions.
  • Novo-Passit is a combined remedy with a sedative effect, a feeling of anxiety and restlessness. It is indicated for the treatment of psychoemotional overstrain, insomnia, neurotic disorder, migraine and symptoms of VSD.Do not take with myasthenia and children under 12 years. Use gently during pregnancy and lactation, with epilepsy, brain trauma, and liver abnormalities.
  • Valerian is a well-known herbal sedative with a moderately expressed sedative effect. Tablets are prescribed for sleep disorders, hyperexcitability, panic attacks, a sense of anxiety.
  • Corvaltab - helps reduce the excitability of the central nervous system, has an antispasmodic and sedative effect, normalizes sleep. The drug is indicated for increased excitability, neuroses with irritability, neurocirculatory dystonia, insomnia, tachycardia.
  • Gelarium - homeopathic preparation on herbs that has antidepressant and anxiolytic effect( raises mood, relieves anxiety, etc.).A similar action is possessed by such means as Deprim, Hypericum, Life 600 and others.
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In addition to the listed drugs, such vegetative remedies as Dormiplant, Menovalen, Sedavit, Alora, Sedariston, Perselac, Sedafiton and many others will also help cope with irritability, aggression, sleep disorders, depressive states.

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For children and teenagers

Modern living conditions, early infatuation of children with cartoons and computer games, a large flow of information have a negative impact on the emotional state of the child and the fragile nervous system. Therefore, for some children, the appointment of sedatives is a necessity.

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One of the most commonly used sedatives in childhood is Glycine. It is an amino acid that helps reduce emotional stress, improve brain function and normalize sleep. To this end, Tenoten children, Magne B6, Pantogam, Citral are also appointed.

In case of excessive excitation of the child, the neurologist may appoint Sibazon, Phenazepam, Phenibut, Tazepam, Elenium. These drugs are tranquilizers, they effectively eliminate nervous overexcitation, a sense of fear and anxiety. However, these sedative pills are addictive, so they are used in exceptional cases, for a short time and under the supervision of the treating doctor.

For the treatment of adolescents hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder, drugs such as Strattera-Atomoxetine, Grandaxin, Calmaneurin and others are recommended. They do not refer to psychostimulants and are not addictive.

Also in pediatrics often as sedatives are used homeopathic remedies:

  • Nervohel.
  • Nott.
  • Baby-Sed.
  • Leovit.
  • Dormikind.
  • Edas et al.
Note also the methods and means of strengthening your nervous system without using medications
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For pregnant and lactating mothers

Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy cause irritability, nervousness, mood swings, increased excitability. In such a situation, sedatives will help, but not all of them can be taken by pregnant women.

It should be noted that in the first trimester the use of any medications is highly undesirable. During this period, the organs and systems of the future child are laid, so it is important not to harm it. If the alarm has become permanent, sedative agents of plant origin - valerian, motherwort, Persen, Novo-Passit are allowed. An excellent natural remedy - herbal teas from mint, balm, hawthorn. They will relieve stress, mood swings, improve sleep.

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For the elderly

At this age, due to a number of concomitant diseases, taking sedatives without consulting a doctor is strictly prohibited. Even harmless sleeping pills, used uncontrollably, can negatively affect the health of an elderly person, especially in diabetics. Therefore, if there is an urgent need for taking sedative pills, then first of all you need to consult a doctor for advice.


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I already have something to drink, one solid stress all around.

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