Crafts from sweets by own hands

One kind of candy already increases the level of the hormone of happiness in the blood, and the anticipation from the sweet meal only increases. But to increase the already high level of endorphins can be done with the help of original compositions of sweets. Such crafts made of chocolates can become a real decoration of a festive table or a perfect present for any occasion and without it. And the main thing is that for the creation of such crafts you will not need special skills, only mountains of sweets and some decorative material.

  • Pineapple from candies
  • Christmas tree from candies
  • Gift from sweets for men

Pineapple from candies

To create pineapple from sweets it is necessary to take:

  • candies "Golden Lily"( they perfectly copy the texture of live pineapple) about 70 pieces,
  • champagne bottle for pineapple base,
  • organza fabric,
  • glue gun,
  • double-sided adhesive tape,
  • sisal fiber,
  • aspiditra tape,
  • neck decoration material( ribbon, bow).

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The first thing to do is use a double-sided adhesive tape to glue the whole bottle with an organza to make candywell kept on the bottle.

The tails of each candy should be wrapped and sealed, so that the candies were circles.

Using a glue gun and hot glue, glue the whole bottle in a circle with sweets without leaving gaps.

Insert the evenly sisal fiber between the sweets all over the bottle with the help of hot glue, which will give our pineapple a natural "hairiness".

Using aspidit we make the leaves of pineapple. Their number and length choose yourself. We glue the leaves to our pineapple and overlap them like a natural pineapple.

You can decorate a ready-made pineapple based on your own preferences.

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New Year tree from sweets

Our trees from sweets are more suitable for children's morning performances and holidays. Such here they have a thematic and festive and colorful, which the children love. By the way, you can also draw them to create this delicious masterpiece.

For this you will need candy, preferably caramel, cones made of expanded polystyrene, if you can not buy blanks, you can find this material at home. Surely you keep the boxes from under the equipment. Well, they contain large structures, for safe transportation, which fixed the goods. So they consist of the same styrofoam. You can form the necessary piece for them. You will also need food glue, preferably already with a dispenser, for gluing on sweets.

If you do not find one, you'll have to use melted honey. Only in this case, take relatively light candy, for example, jelly or soufflé.Heavy caramels will not hold.

After this, start decorating the blanks with sweets. It does not matter where you start, from above or from below. Just follow the chosen pattern. But, heavy candy is better to start gluing from below, so they will hold each other, and the structure does not crumble until completely dry.

Using food glue or honey, apply them only for one row, and immediately glue the candy. After the sweet tree completely dries, you can decorate it. To do this, like other sweets and sweets, and all kinds of ribbons, bows, flowers and so on. By the way, you can decorate this beauty with mastic or sweet lace. Both the first and second will fit in the original theme of the composition, as well as their tandem.

Cooking mastic is not so difficult. You will need a marshmallow-paste, another name is marshmallow. It must be melt on low heat with butter. When all melt, add the powdered sugar and mix well. If you need a mastic of different colors, distribute it in containers and add food colorings, mix everything well, with hands, until the mastic is similar in viscosity to clay or clay. Finished mastic should stand in the refrigerator before use for at least half an hour, then it is better to work with it.

loading. ..

Recipe mastic: 100g marshmellow, 10 grams of butter, 400 g of powdered sugar.

And finally, it is impossible to store such a tree for a long time, especially if food glue was used. A maximum of two days. But it's better to immediately serve on the table.

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A gift from sweets for a man

The weight of a candy will undoubtedly be a great gift for a man of any age and for any reason. Such a creative approach to creating a gift will cause delight and will be judged on merit.

To create weights you will need:

  • candy( about a kilogram),
  • polystyrene for forming the weights base,
  • corrugated paper for the color of sweets, to hide the gaps between candies,
  • stationery sharp knife,
  • scissors,
  • cardboard,
  • toothpicks,
  • double-sided adhesive tape,
  • adhesive,
  • transparent adhesive tape,
  • cardboard.

The first thing to do is prepare the workpiece that will serve as the basis for our weight. It is necessary to take a thick foam and cut out of it three identical circles. Finished circles join together with toothpicks and with the help of a clerical knife give this structure a shape of a ball.

The ready blank must be very tightly wrapped with transparent tape for reliability. Glue the finished ball with corrugated paper for the color of the candies used.

loading. ..

Next, the tails of the candy should be bent and sealed. To each prepared candy you need to glue a square of double-sided scotch for their further attachment to the weight.

We fasten the candies to the previously prepared ball, densely laying them out and leaving no significant gaps, so as not to spoil the aesthetic appearance of the product.

From the cardboard, you need to cut out the workpiece for the weight knob and also glue it with corrugated paper.

With the help of glue and toothpicks we connect the handle with our candy ball.

We glue the whole handle of the kettlebell with sweets, and we enjoy a ready-made work of art in the technology of suite design.

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