All about embroidery stitch for beginners

Embroidery smooth is one of the types of arts and crafts. By embroidering with a smooth surface, it is possible to create fabric, smooth or three-dimensional patterns, by applying or joining simple and complex stitches in one drawing. In order to learn how to embroider smoothly, you need to have a minimal set of materials, desire and perseverance. And also it is worth to get acquainted with the most simple stitches and types of smoothness.

  • Required Materials
  • Preparatory stages
  • Types of stitches
  • Types of smoothing

Required materials

Standard set of materials required for embroidery:

  • set of needles for embroidery( the needle should be with a large eyelet and fit the density of the fabric, so you should purchase a set immediately);
  • embroidery frame or frames for embroidery( an object for stretching the fabric in the process of work);
  • stationery scissors;
  • small floral or manicure scissors;

  • thimble;
  • copy or tissue paper;
  • simple graphite pencil;
  • textile pins;
  • fishing line or thin wire;
  • threads of a mulina( silk or woolen);
  • cloth.
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Preparatory stages

Before embroidering, it is worth carefully preparing for the process:

  • cut out the necessary piece of cloth, observing the direction of the fibers;
  • so that the fabric does not pour around the edges, you can immediately cut it or cut it, you can still make a dense pick-up on a thin line;
  • on the fabric you need to apply the desired pattern, for this you can use a copy or tissue paper or your own artistic abilities. If you use a carbon paper, you should first put a copy paper on the fabric with a shiny side down, then put a picture on top of the contour, cut the pins together so that nothing moves and draw a pencil drawing;
  • for the convenience of the embroiderer himself and for the final aesthetics of the painting( so that they do not stretch towards the fabric fiber), you need to fasten the fabric with a pattern in the embroidery frame or in the frame for embroidery. In the process of stretching the fabric it is also necessary to take into account that fibers can be impregnated;
  • pull the thread of a desired diameter into a needle thread and fasten it with a small knot;
  • learn the basics of the types of stitches smooth and you can start the embroidery process.
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Types of stitches

The basic and most simple types of stitches for embroidery with smooth.

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Kinds of smoothness

Kinds of smoothness consist and various difficult stitches. To perform complex stitches, you first need to master their simple types.

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