Tips for professionals, how easy it is to choose a fashionable haircut

The desire to be beautiful, stylish and unique is present in the soul of every woman. Therefore, many are constantly striving for changes in appearance. And that, no matter how a new haircut can more dramatically change the appearance of a woman? The question remains: how to choose it correctly. Let us consider this further.

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  • The shape of the face
  • Oval
  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • Square
  • Heart
  • According
  • hair type Thick
  • fine and rare
  • Curly
  • Program on the selection of hairstyles

Help stylist

The easiest way to choose a haircut - itto enlist the help of a professional hairdresser. An experienced specialist in the salon will advise not only a suitable haircut, but also the hair color, and after the session will make a professional styling and give advice on care.

This method is absolutely safe, because hairdressers have not only experience, but also special education. A good master will always be able to advise several possible options for haircuts and change your image, considering all your wishes.

Having addressed to the qualified stylist, you by all means will remain are happy with an end result. However, it should be understood that the services of a good stylist are of high cost.

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On the face form

The classic option is to choose a haircut, guided by the shape of the face.

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Oval face type owners are lucky - they will come up with a huge number of haircuts, from the longest to the shortest. In this case, success will accompany them regardless of whether their hair is straight or curly. They will look great if you make layers at the level of the cheekbones, chin and lips. It does not matter what length the hair will be. The only prohibition is to fill the hair behind the ears.

Suitable options:

  • straight and slanting bangs;
  • long careless waves;
  • bean with smooth transitions;
  • square;
  • pixi.

Owners of wavy or very thick hair should abandon smooth geometric haircuts.

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The choice of haircuts for elongated or elongated shape of the face is due to the addition of face width.

Perfectly suitable:

  • bangs flat or oblique;
  • rounded bean to the chin line;
  • wavy and curly hair;
  • layered haircuts on long hair;
  • haircut in V shape.

It's better to avoid:

  • too short haircuts;
  • long straight hair;
  • of the central part;
  • of strict oblong lines in hairstyles.
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The owner of a round face shape is better to choose hairstyles that create a minimal volume around the face and visually narrow andpull it vertically.

A good option would be:

  • multi-layered haircuts with light angular tips below the chin;
  • long straight hair;
  • short haircuts with volume on the crown;
  • short straight or slanting bangs;
  • effect of wet hair and styling by waves.


  • rounded haircuts longer than the chin line;
  • intensive calibration;
  • small curls.
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This type is distinguished by the presence of a broad forehead in combination with a relatively narrow chin. When choosing the right hairstyle, you need to balance both areas of the face.

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The holders of the triangular face are suitable:

  • cascading haircuts, in which the graduation starts from the chin line or just below;
  • medium-sized square with milled tips;
  • short and asymmetrical haircuts;
  • wave stacking;
  • oblique prods;
  • smooth bangs to the eyebrow line.

Strict geometric haircut to the shoulders is not recommended.

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This shape is characterized by approximately the same ratio of length and width, and the angular shape. Therefore, the main purpose of choosing a hair style is to soften the corners and visual draw the face vertically.

The faces of the square shape are suitable:

  • air cascading and elongated haircuts;
  • hairstyles with curls, curls or with changeable ends;
  • smooth rounded bangs, without clear and sharp borders, preferably covering the eyebrows.

Desirable to avoid:

  • long smooth hairstyles;
  • short haircuts with torn ends;
  • square to the chin on straight hair.
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For the face in the form of heart, haircuts just below the chin length will do. A long bangs smooth to the line of eyebrows or on the side will attract attention to the eyes and cheekbones. A great option will be a ladder along the entire length of the hair or styling with waves.

It is necessary to avoid:

  • short and torn asymmetrical haircuts;
  • very short bangs.
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By the type of hair

The structure of the hair has no less influence on the choice of hairstyle than the shape of the face.

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The owner of such hair is lucky - almost every haircut will look good, while the length of the hair can be absolutely any.

You can try the ultra-short, but very stylish pixie haircut, classic hat, square, bean. If there is a desire to reduce the density of hair, then in this issue will help cascade or lacerated asymmetry.

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Thin and sparse

For this type, it's better to stop short and medium length, since too long hair will completely deprive the hair of the required volume. Ideally, thin hair will look like cutoffs with an even cut and any graded multilayered options, for example, square, bean, ladder, cascade.

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Curly hair is better to perform graded haircuts or options with milled strands, this will help make the hair more compliant. In this case, the length of the hair can be any.

But torn haircuts are not recommended, because they are unlikely to have the proper form.

In addition to the above, when selecting haircuts, it is very important to take into account the age of its owner, the proportions of the body, its style and occupation. Only a comprehensive assessment of the issue of choosing a new haircut is able to give a decent result.
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Programs for selecting haircuts

The easiest and fun way to choose a haircut is to use special programs and applications on the Internet. They are quite easy to find and use online from your computer or smartphone. Appendices for the change of appearance, created for Android and iOS are most interesting and functional.

In order to use them, it is enough to have a photo in the electronic version. It is desirable that her hair was removed back, and the face was as open as possible. Having uploaded your photo in the chosen program, you can experiment with any haircuts, trying on the options from ultrashort and daring to very long and classic.

However, the program does not end there. In addition, you can change the color of hair and eyes, try on various variations of bangs and parting, pick up accessories. In general, you can change your appearance as you like, without being afraid of the consequences.

The only drawback of this selection of haircuts is that it does not take into account the thickness and thickness of hair, and in fact haircuts on different types of hair look different.

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