Seeing off for the army: signs, traditions, gifts

Seeing off in the army - an exciting event for the youngest guy, and for his parents, girls, relatives and friends. Since ancient times, the people had a tradition of escorting a young man to the army. And this is no accident, since the service has always been a difficult test. Since then, the people have appeared various signs and conspiracies, which were supposed to save the soldier from misfortunes and save his life.

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            For the first time, seeing off for service( in recruits) arose after the introduction of Peter I recruitment into the army. Then few of the soldiers returned home: for 20 years of service, many died from diseases and epidemics, violent executions, died on the battlefields. Therefore, recruitment in ancient times was perceived by people like death - as a departure to another world, and the seeing-off was always accompanied by lamentations and tears.

            With the passage of time, everything has changed, the years of service have significantly decreased, but many folk traditions people continue to observe, believing that they will secure their men and conscripts will return to their own home alive and healthy. In addition, cheerful seeing-off in the army in the circle of relatives and friends will help the young men to tune in to the right way.


            In order not to upset the young person with various trifles, it is necessary to make the seeing-off to the army joyful and cheerful. At this event you can invite close friends, good acquaintances, classmates and relatives.

            Mother, beloved girl and girlfriends need to restrain themselves, not showing their tears and sadness, because at this moment the draftee is much more difficult. He will have to leave his home for a long time and get into a new unfamiliar atmosphere. The unknown future disturbs the fighter and keeps him in suspense. Therefore, it is important to create an environment for him, through which he could relax and calm down. Besides, to cry and be sad this day is a bad sign, negative energy can penetrate into future events and harm the guy.

            By tradition, seeing-off is organized on its territory, that is, in the country, in the village, at home. Well, when the preparation of the event involves a man who has served in the army.

            Dishes for seeing off can be different, but preference should be given to those who like the draftee. They also prepare a bowler hat with pearl barley and give each guest a taste of army porridge.

            The conscript is put in the main place so that he can see all the guests well, and the parents and closest friends are placed next. The oldest man should say the first speech, directing the future soldier on a long journey. Very well, if he himself had previously served or fought. After that, the rest of the guests can give their parting words. When a mother speaks of a recruit, she needs to cross her son 3 times behind him, wishing health and happiness.

            During the wires on the wall in the house of the young man it is necessary to hang a ribbon, which will be a symbol of the fact that a small particle of the future soldier will remain here. You can not touch a ribbon, only he can remove it on arrival home.

            On holiday, a young man is given a bite to eat a piece of a loaf, and the remainder is wrapped and hidden until he returns. The guy then gets it and finishes it.

            On the eve of sending the draftee to the service his family visits a local church, a temple. Blessing his son on the road, everyone goes to the recruiting station. It is desirable that the inductee confess and take communion before departure.

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            • A good sign when on the day of the wires the father sprinkles the son with Sretenskaya water, taken in the temple on the Candlemas, and pronounces the words: "The Lord keep you".After such a ritual, it is considered that all difficulties will bypass the son side.
            • The nude cross on the body of the draftee will facilitate the service in the army and will save you from misfortune and trouble. On the reverse side of the cross should be written Psalm 90 "Alive in pomoshchah."
            • In ancient times, from the head of a young man cut a little hair with a cross and put it as an amulet for the icon.
            • When the bus leaves the military registration and enlistment office, parents throw coins and the one that hit vehicles, pick them up and store them as a talisman.
            • To return home healthy and unharmed, the future soldier must leave the doors with his back, that is, heels forward.
            • The mother's protective words, spoken after the departing son, will save him from adversity and trouble.
            • To the guy returned unscathed and on time, you need to come to the doorstep to look after the departing son after him.
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            What not to do

            • To try on a military uniform before retiring to the army is a bad omen, which can lead to very unpleasant consequences during the passage of military service.
            • Conscript to borrow money and swear with someone on the eve and during the wires.
            • Parents sweep the floor and clean up in the apartment on the day of the departure of the son - then, the way to him to wash and he can not return home.
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            To send to the army you need to come with gifts, but it is important to take into account that you can take all the things you would like to give to a guy. In addition, there is a danger that the "old people" can take away good things from the recruit.

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            Gifts for the beloved

            To the guy always remembered that his lover is waiting for him, you can buy a calendar for him with his or her general photo. The original calendar will be for the entire period of service.

            In addition, in the service of the young man useful notebook or notebook. They can be presented with a pen and packing envelopes for letters. To a young man was where to paste photos with army friends, you can buy him a special album, and in order to avoid theft - sign it with your own hand.

            Pleasant, warm memories of the beloved will cause a man's strict handkerchief with a small heart embroidered in the corner with her hands. In addition, the guy can give a book of his favorite genre.

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            Hygiene products will definitely be needed for the future soldier both on the road and in the service. A friend is recommended to present a kit, which includes a machine, shaving gel and lotion for soothing the skin.

            Smoking cigarette smoker for the memory of friends can give a cigarette case and lighter. Expensive items should not be bought, it is better to choose something stylish and original. That senior colleagues do not have a desire to take this thing, on the case it is necessary to scratch memorable words and names of friends.

            Male manicure set, most likely, will cause a friend in the service of a certain reaction, so it is better to give only good nippers for cutting nails. Also, in memory of friends, a friend can give a symbolic table spoon.

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            Gifts from friends and friends of parents

            Often parents call their farewell friends and acquaintances. In this case it is recommended to give the future soldier money. Perhaps, he decides to give them to their parents in order to pay the costs of the event or take them with them for different needs.

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