English style in clothes

Restrained, sophisticated classical fashion will not suit everyone. It implies a willingness to constantly work on yourself, strive for excellence. The choice of this style is diligence and the share of risk does not cope with its narrow framework. But the choice of wardrobe selection in the English style is worth it. Only he can turn any girl into a real lady.

  • history and evolution of style
  • basic requirements
  • Austerity
  • fabric and colors
  • Styles
  • Directions
  • Village
  • Modern
  • Retro
  • Vanguard
  • Vintage
  • Business
  • Dandy
  • In hunting
  • accessories and parts
  • Shoes
  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Ornaments
  • Umbrellas
  • Gloves
  • Scarves, shawls, scarves
  • Makeup
  • Hairstyle

History and evolution of the style

Conservatism with a touch of aristocracy in fashion is aa tribute to the modern preferences of Albion. You will not make a mistake if you perceive England as a developing organism that is developing at the same time, and which is persistently trailing to traditions. And what was the norm was considered exemplary in 19th century England remained virtually unchanged in the XXI century. This is not surprising, the United Kingdom is a country of strict rules, observance of national traditions and conservatism in everything. Including, in clothes. It was such an unprecedented, unbending, craving for traditions that laid the foundation for the foundation, which resulted in a separate direction of the unique English style - recognizable all over the world.

France had a predominant influence on English fashion for a while, but after the revolution there it lost the authority of the trendsetter and, in the case of England, could not return it. The fashion of the foggy Albion went its own way and achieved its first formation already at the beginning of the XIX century. It was at that time that the main features of the style were removed, which remain unchanged to this day.

You will have to seriously work on yourself in order to properly dress in this style, over your manners and ability to hold on, and, of course, over your wardrobe, bringing it in line with the existing requirements for clothing.

And this, above all: elegance, austerity, simplicity, comfort, practicality, Q-factor, fit to the figure and the place.

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Basic requirements of

The style is harsh and ruthless to those who ignore its requirements. Ignorance here will not be an excuse. To avoid mistakes, you will have to get used to the undeniable nature of the following postulates of this style:

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Strictness of

Without this general characteristic( base) in any chosen image, the style will no longer be truly English. Even treadmills( avant-garde or retro), contrary to the freedom and liberty of the interpretations permissible in them, have no right to refuse rigor.

Example of severity: the elbows of the ladies should be closed. So, if the sleeves of a blouse are less than three-quarters long, a jacket is necessarily required to it, according to style requirements.

Jacket - solely in shape, along the chest or waist. The usual length of a classic English jacket is up to the middle of the thigh, but it can slightly exceed the hip line. Under such a jacket, in addition to the classical blouse, you can wear a blouse in a tone, and a turtleneck.

Traditional details of clothes - collars of a jacket type, pockets with a frame, a leaf or with valves. Finishes of clothes - a minimum, and all it is quite strict. The stitches are allowed only in the color of the fabric, if possible, blind stitches are also used. The same requirements for buttons: the color is strictly in the tone of clothes, the sizes are small and no pretentiousness.

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Fabric and colors

The style under consideration provides special requirements for both the choice of fabrics, clothing styles, and the selection of accessories. The main requirement is the quality of the used tissues. For clothes, only natural materials are suitable: leather, tweed, jersey, wool, suede, cambric, silk and cotton. The use of synthetic impurities, stretch, lycra and lurex is not allowed in any subterfuge.

Restrictions in the palette of colors are reduced to a ban on unnatural shades, diversity, pretentiousness. Preference is given to saturated or calm tones, more often matte: black, mustard, blue, brown, bog, burgundy, terracotta. To this noble color palette can be added a celestial blue and a delicate peach. For clothes of the English style, single-tone fabrics are preferable. Drawing - a traditional cell and a strip.

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As for the styles of clothing offered by style, its main undoubtedly is the classic English costume, from which, in principle, its origin began.

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Directions of

As for the most non-transformative style, the presence of subterfuge in it can already be considered a kind of rebellion. In addition to the mainstream - classical, the English style has opened dozens of vectors for development. Perspective and successful of them can be considered directions:

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Rustic-style in English is a symbiosis of rustic elegance, convenience, simplicity and, of course, beauty. Strictness here may slightly recede into the background. At first come convenience, practicality. It is allowed to use high-quality denim( jeans). to contents ^


Nothing can stand against the pressure of youth, and it pushes any direction to their constant changes. The modern trend in style is no exception. It is constantly looking for itself in new solutions, bold, on the verge of acceptable basic rules of style.

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Even Albion severity could not resist the brightness and uniqueness of retro, but this branch managed to weave elements of this incendiary style so as not to lose the main features - English.

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This is another example of the influence of a crazy, not standing peace place on conservatism. The combination of incongruous, like shouting and silence, is only in vogue.

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Perfect result from crossing the trends of past eras with the English spirit. In this image there is coquetry, mystery, and severity.

Read more about vintage style here: http://woman-l.ru/stil-vintazh-v-odezhde/
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This direction was not far from the classic, but opened more horizons for women, adding to itoriginally male elements: ties, suspenders, etc.

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The Dandy

Further dared to step the direction of the dandy, adopting in the same man's direction absolutely everything that could be borrowed, plus, while retaining the female element - the skirt, dress, etc. The image in this style always looks completed, even over-completed. It is not for nothing that this style of men brought into fashion( the English dandy George Brammel, the King of England George IV, the writer George Gordon Byron) were considered fashionable.

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In hunting

Perhaps only English style can dress a woman so elegantly and beautifully, and this despite the fact that she was going on a hunt. A chiseled silhouette, beautiful headdresses, gloves. Everything is strictly according to the rules.

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Accessories and parts

The addition to the image is as important as the component of the ensemble. Style offers a wide range of unique strict shapes and textures in the design of their accessories, which makes them in English low-key, but feminine, charming.

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Naturally, the clothes of this style are suitable for classic shoes. Best of all - shoes-boats on a stable low heel. No slippers, clogs or open sandals for this style are allowed. When it's hot, you can wear shoes with either an open heel or a small notch in front. Full openness is not allowed. These are strict rules.

As for the cold period, here again elegance and classics of style win. The best option - jockey or "army" boots, as well as ankle boots.

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Special charm is given to the style of various ladies' hats, bowlers. They will perfectly suit the clothes of many directions of this style. The main requirement - they should be discreet and elegant, and the decorations on them - are selected strictly in the tone of the product or slightly shading it.

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Bags better to take a classic shape: oval, round, square or rectangular without excessive pretentiousness.

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Only precious metals, stones and materials are used. Pearls are popular, both in the daytime and in the evening.

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What is England without an umbrella? This attribute must complement the general image. He is selected in the tone of the ensemble. The shape of the umbrella is classical. Color - more often monophonic.

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A lady without gloves is not a lady. Because of the style of the gloves are indispensable at any time of the year, from thin, lacy and finishing with classic leather or suede.

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Scarves, shawls, scarves

Less commonly used to complement the image, but there is no prohibition. These accessories should not over-emphasize themselves, be screaming. Laconism is their main feature, but at the same time the accessory must look expensive and quality.

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Restraint and naturalness are two whales for a similar make-up. Daytime makeup involves the use of only natural shades, less often - red lipstick. Evening allows elements of makeup-vamp.

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Hairstyle of the

For many decades in England there is no hobby for short hairstyles: Bob, under the page, under Twiggy, etc.

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