Weaving of flowering cactus from beads

Various techniques can be implemented to create original cactus from beads. In this master class one of the simplest techniques is presented, even those who have never been engaged in beadworking before could cope with the creation of this product. The craftwork will be compound.

  • Materials
  • Creating a cactus


For work you will need:

  • medium sized beads of green color( you can make the cactus single-color, and you can use several shades of green to create it);
  • beads for creating flowers;
  • wire for beadwork;
  • pliers;
  • a ball of foam plastic;
  • adhesive;
  • flower pot.
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Creating a cactus

Type a large amount of beads on the wire. Separate the five beads, wrap the wire and pull it into the next five beads. Well tighten so that you get a tight loop.

On the underside, approximately three cm of wire should be left, and no more than a centimeter on top. Cut out the excess.

Create three such "spikes", as shown in the photo.

These thorns must be twisted into one large, connecting them for long ends. You can easily do this with your hands, because the wire used is thin and flexible enough.

The actions described above are the main thing that you will need to do to create a cactus. Continue in the same way to get a large number of connected "needles".Such beams for a similar cactus should be prepared for about a hundred.

When your bundles are "spines" are ready, you can proceed to the design of the composition. First you need to take a pot and securely fix in it a ball of foam. You can take a pot of any color, but to create the most realistic composition it is better to take a pot of brown or terracotta color.

To firmly and firmly fix the ball of foam, use glue. Apply it abundantly not only to the foam itself, but also to the stalks of the flower pots. It is important that the ball is as close to the diameter as possible under the pot - the ball should not rise too high above the pot, but at the same time it should not fall into it.

When the glue comes to grips, begin to insert the harvested beams into the ball. Start doing this from the middle of the ball, making a wide central band and gradually distributing the beams around the ball. Gaps and gaps between the beams should not be.

After completing this, inspect the cactus from all sides. It may be necessary to have several additional bundles, which need to be inserted into the foam ball, where the gaps are visible.

If you want to further decorate the composition, you can make flowers from beads, which then need to be attached to the top of the plant.

For a flowering cactus, one or two six-petalled flowers are enough.

To create a flower, type 14 beads of the main color, stretch the end of the wire through the first bead, roll into a loop, without cutting off the wire, dial another 14-15 beads to the formed loop - this will be the second petal.

Also fold it into a loop. Continue typing and folding until you have six petals. Next, type five beads of a large white or yellow bead and put them in the heart of a strapped flower, lead the wire down through the beads of the core, leave about 3 cm and cut.

Put the finished flower in a styrofoam.

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