Single, group and pair posing for wedding photography

The wedding celebration, because of its bustle, is poorly preserved in the memory of the newlyweds, but it is capable of capturing a photograph. In order to get a qualitative result of a wedding photo shoot, many nuances need to be taken into account, but the main success lies in choosing the right poses and good scenery.

  • . Portrait
  • . In standing position.
  • . In sitting position.
  • . In motion.
  • . In the street and in nature.
  • ZAGSe and premises
  • Group shooting

Regardless of the choice of positioning, all poses are conditionally divided into several categories: portrait, in standing, lying, sitting, and dynamic, Whether captured in motion. A separate category is group posing. Also the poses may differ depending on the place and genre of the shooting. Consider the most advantageous options.

Portrait of

Portrait can be a group, single or pair. You can remove it from different positions: full face, profile, from the back. It will also matter and at what height is the camera: on top of the face, from below, or straight to the face.

A win-win option is shooting from the semi-profile, as well as from the position when the lens is slightly above the face.

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In standing position

In this case, there are so many variations of poses, it all depends on the location of the lens, the group is the setting or single. The poses for the bride in profile and semi-profile are the winning ones. You can also combine them with your fiancé, and each partner can be different in relation to the lens.

The best poses for the photo session, presented in the form of drawings and diagrams, look here
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In sitting position

In this case the poses can be played,when both newlyweds sit, when one of them sits, when the bride sits on the hands of the groom, and also when the shooting is single and in the frame only either the bride or the groom.

It looks good pose with a half-turn to the camera. With direct posing, it is worthwhile to slightly curl the silhouette in the legs, trunk or shoulders.

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In the prone position

In this case, the poses in which the placement is constructed diagonally, as well as those where the head is directed towards the lens, will be beautiful. Horizontal placement is suitable only for thin girls, as well as perpendicular shooting from the top.

It is absolutely not recommended to remove from the legs, unless it is conditioned by the genre and theme of the photo session.

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In motion

During the pose in motion, it is necessary to remember the facial expressions. It must be built and not changed during the movement. The only exception is the idea, where there is a goal to show a gamut of emotions, and not the best aspects of their appearance. In this case, you are allowed to laugh, shout, have fun while shooting and not be afraid that your appearance can be ridiculous and ridiculous.

Popular pose in the step, when the couple goes to meet the photographer, while it will look harmonious, if their looks are addressed to each other.

Also popular are dynamic photos with jumps and jogging. In this case, it's better to take off jumps a little from below, and run a little from the side.

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On the street and nature

Positioning outdoors and nature can include all of the above poses in any position, only in addition these poses can be complicated taking into account entourage and decorations. So in the conditions of city streets you can use parks and parks with their beautiful corners, wide avenues, backgrounds of architectural creations and much more. And in nature poses are played with the help of beautiful trees, ponds, green spaces and so on.

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In the registry office and the premises of the

Similar possibilities are also in posing in a room and a registry office. Everything depends on the environment and entourage. In the registry office and at the wedding, the posing, as a rule, is more ceremonial and reserved, but in the thematic rooms one can beat all the advantages of the interiors.

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Group shooting

In this case, not only the newlyweds participate, but also the guests. To make the composition of the photo look correct and organic, it is necessary to maintain a certain order in placing people in the frame. It can be a diagonal, a straight line, a half-oval, a chess order.

But also the compositions will look beautiful and expressive without observing the order, this also applies to shooting in motion.

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