How to make a beautiful eyebrow shape at home

Eyebrows I do the face! This rule does not belong to make-up artists of either modernity or the past, it belongs to nature itself. The ideal shape of the eyebrows is different for everyone, but when you reach it, you will emphasize the best in your appearance. On how to do the correction of the shape of the eyebrows and not leaving the house, read on.

  • Contents:
    • Eyebrow shape by face type
    • How to shape the shape
    • Classical scheme
    • French scheme
    • Italian scheme

    Eyebrow shape by face type

    Before starting the simulation, you must always take into account the shape of your face, as a disharmonious bend can spoil the created attractive image.

    Round shape .Make-up artists recommend women with a round type of face to choose their broken form, marked by a high lift and a shortened tip. Broken brows will give the eyes expressiveness, as if open eyes, and visually rejuvenate the face. If, however, representatives of the weaker sex with these contours of the face make the eyebrow sharp or strongly rounded, the resulting shape of the eyebrows will further emphasize the round shape of the face.

    For the oval shape of the , the face is the best option for straight and horizontal eyebrows that are smoothly rounded and slightly removed from the bridge of the nose. Straight eyebrows will help visually expand the contour of the face. For this type of makeup artists do not recommend modeling the shape of eyebrows with a very high arc.

    If you have a triangular type face , then for you it is optimal to choose a uniformly curved shape of the eyebrows, which will visually lift the eyelid and emphasize the expressiveness of your eyes. Stylists do not recommend straight eyebrows for this type of face.

    Long and highly raised eyebrows are recognized as the actual shape of the eyebrow for the face of the square type .This form of the eyebrow line "stretches" the face and emphasizes the beauty of the eyes. Very thin eyebrows are contraindicated for the square shape of the face.

    For the diamond-shaped , straight eyebrows are ideal. A slight bend or a slightly arched arc is permissible.

    It is important to pluck out the hairs only on the bottom line of the eyebrows as the hair follicles of the upper line differ in structure and after removal on the surface of the skin there are no aesthetic traces.

    Recipes for the use of castor oil for eyebrow beauty search here
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    How to give the right shape to

    To form the correct shape, you must always take into account the position of the key points: the beginningthe line of the eyebrow, its highest point and the end of the line of the eyebrow. Makeup artists for modeling the shape of eyebrows suggest using three basic schemes: classical, French and Italian.

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    Classical scheme of

    Most often, representatives of the weaker sex perform eyebrows according to the classical scheme. To do this, you need to prepare a simple pencil and eyebrow contour, with which you will notice extra hairs. Then make-up artists advise to perform the following actions:

    Pencil parallel to the nose and mark the point at which he crosses the eyebrow. All hairs that extend beyond this point should be carefully removed using tweezers.

    Rotate the pencil diagonally so that it visually passes through the middle of the pupil. The resulting point is the upper part of the bending of the eyebrow and it is from this point that the eyebrow should begin to thin.

    loading. ..

    Lock the pencil in position so that it connects the base of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. Mark the point where these lines intersect. At the resulting point, the eyebrow line should end.

    All excess hairs should be carefully removed using tweezers.

    The resulting shape of the eyebrows is recognized as universal and suitable for any type of face.

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    French circuit

    To create the ideal shape of the eyebrows according to the French scheme, two points are taken as a basis: the inner corner of the eye and the intersection of the extreme point of the chin and the vertical axis of the face. As a result, the eyebrow, constructed according to this scheme, is distinguished by an elegant bend, the highest point of which is displaced to the central part of the eyebrow. This line of eyebrows is an ideal option for a narrow face.

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    Italian scheme

    The Italian eyebrow shaping scheme is built at the intersection of the line of the top of the face and perpendicular from the wing of the nose. In this case, the highest point of the eyebrow is strongly displaced from the center of the face and creates the effect of natural wide brows.

    Thus, the choice of an ideal shape of the eyebrows will help to transform the appearance and emphasize your best features.


    In addition to modeling eyebrows on the recommendations, you must first start from the shape of your natural eyebrows. First check whether there is by the standards of stylists is the most protruding part, ie.a house, what is the length of the eyebrows and where the beginning should be. And only after that you can start to correct the eyebrow.

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