What is the hair mating, what is it for and what is the right way to do it?

Thinning hair by cutting or shaving individual strands at different heights is usually called pinning. Apply this technique can both to reduce the density of hair, and to give the volume of thin and rare curls. There are so many special tools and techniques to perform.

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To whom is suitable

Many believe that the filament causes significant damage to the hair. However, this is not the case, provided it is performed by a qualified master.

In order to understand what hair is suitable for thinning, you need to evaluate their thickness and compliance. As a rule, hair can be:

  • thick and thick, having a healthy and well-groomed appearance;
  • thin, but healthy and shiny;
  • thin and sparse, not glossy, most often clarified;
  • weakened and thinned after staining or perm.

It is possible to prick the hair of the first and second groups, while the hard and thick hair is susceptible to thinning with both scissors and a razor, and those belonging to the second group are exclusively thinning scissors. The hair of the third and fourth group of milling is not recommended, otherwise they will become even rarer.

Also it is not recommended to perform the milling of curly and wavy ringlets, because it is difficult to predict the effect to which it will lead. Sometimes, because of this, the head of hear begins to crumble even more.

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Types of filing

There are several types of thinning, which are used by modern masters.

  1. Thinning of the ends of hair .It is designed to make hair cuts light and create smooth transitions. It is also used for bending the bangs. It is usually carried out by the method of pointtkat, pointing, plucking and picketing.
  2. Radical milling .It is designed to add extra volume due to the formation of short supporting strands. If it is not performed correctly, the effect of the procedure may be the opposite.
  3. Thickness over the entire length of the hair .It is designed to thin and lighten very thick hair and create torn haircuts. It is usually performed in the techniques of slipping and mush.
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For filing, the following are usually used:

  • single and double sided thinning shears with special blades with jagged edges;
  • shears simple and sharpened with a sliding cut;Razors are simple and thinning;
  • clippers with special nozzles.
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There are several techniques of hair filing that provide good texturing.

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First, the master places the thinning shears closer to the end of the selected strand and makes a cut. After that, the scissors move along the strand approximately 2 centimeters down. The blades are closed and part of the strand is cut off. Thanks to this, the tips of the hair are much easier.

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Haircut is performed with sharp tips of simple scissors, which are set at an angle of 90 degrees to the selected strand and make successive cuts in the form of fringe.

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Using scissors with conventional blades, you need to pull the strand at right angles to the surface of the head. The blades of the open scissors are brought to the middle of the strand, and not closing, with a quick movement to direct them to the tips of the hair.

The complexity of using this method is that during the procedure, it is possible to cut the entire strand. That is why it must be performed only by an experienced master.

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This technique is usually performed on short hair with a comb and ordinary scissors. Shevelur is combed against its growth and all the protruding strands miter the tips of the scissors at an angle of 45 degrees, forming a kind of denticles.

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This original technique will easily add a hairstyle volume. It is so simple that it can easily be performed at home on its own.

To begin with, select a small strand and twist it with a rope. With the help of conventional scissors or a machine with a special nozzle, you must carefully make short cuts along the entire length of the bundle.

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Using shaver

Using a special razor for filing, it is brought to the hair closely, in parallel. The strand at the same time is raised perpendicular to the head, and the razor is pulled from the roots or from the middle of the hair to the tips. To achieve the desired effect, the procedure with one strand is performed several times.

As a rule, the milling is carried out on wet hair with strong tension of the strands to avoid their accidental full cutting. The point is directed to the tips of the hair. At the moment when the blade reaches the planned cut line, the angle of inclination increases.

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