What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from India

India is a country of amazing contrasts and beyond spirituality. Literally every meter passed on the territory of this country becomes like a way to self-knowledge and gaining wisdom of a universal scale. However, India is famous not only for this. What is interesting you can bring from India?

  • aromatic oils and sticks
  • Ayurvedic products
  • drum
  • Hammock
  • Jutta
  • Leather
  • products Pashmina
  • Carpet
  • Mandala
  • Masks
  • Clothing
  • National costume
  • outfit for oriental dance
  • Singing Bowls
  • Rum «Old Monk»
  • Sauces
  • Spices
  • Figurines
  • Ganesha
  • Nandi
  • Textiles
  • Henna for mehendi
  • Tea
  • Jewelry and bijouterie
  • In national style
  • Of precious and semi-preciousennyh stones
  • can not remove

Essential Oils and Incense Sticks

perfectly capture the atmosphere of India. It is believed that they charge the body and mind of a person with positive energy and bring warmth, tranquility and coziness to his house. The most popular products are the products of the companies "HEM", "Satya" and "Sarathi".Aromatic sticks and oils are very cheap and have a very wide choice.

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Ayurvedic products

In India, you can purchase items of "alternative" medicine. The most popular product is "chavanprash" - a complex of plant vitamins and food additives. The firm "Dabur" is the most successful manufacturer of chavanprash in India. Consisting of dozens of components, chavanprash promises customers strong health, beauty and longevity.

In addition to it, you should pay attention to preparations from pressure from the plant Ashvagandha, therapeutic tea from "OrganicIndia", toothpastes "HimalayaHerbals" and various oils from "Viswakeerthy".

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The Indian twin drum "tabla" is an invariable element in popular and folkloric Indian music. The instrument consists of two parts: the big drum "bayan" and the small one - "daina".

Membranes are made from solid pieces of leather and covered with paste made of flour, iron filings and a glue that affects the timbre. The pieces of leather are attached to special straps, manipulation of which allows you to change the pitch of the sound. Tabla will be an excellent gift for all fans of rhythmic music.

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Indian markets have a huge number of hammocks made of cotton, linen or coconut fiber, various colors, sizes and models.

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Jutti - casual shoes in India. Flat shoes, made of leather or textiles, are worn by men, women and children. An interesting feature of the jute: there is no difference between the right and left shoes, they are completely identical. Many models of jute are decorated with silk, wool, sequins and embroidery with metal and gold threads. You can buy such exotic shoes in the markets and in the shops of Mumbai and Delhi.

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Leather products

In the markets "Palika Bazar" and "Yashvant" in Delhi, you can purchase a variety of leather products. In addition to jackets, raincoats and gloves, you can find purses and bags, whimsically embroidered with beads, metal threads and semiprecious stones depicting traditional Indian motifs.

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Pashmina products

Stoles and shawls of pashmina - another attraction of the Indian textile industry. Pashmina is 100% cashmere, raw materials for which are mined in the Himalayas. Products from pashmina are characterized by unusually high quality, lightness, softness and heat saving. Stoles with Indian motifs will become a luxurious gift for women.

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Carpets from the Indian states of Rajasthan and Kashmir occupy a special place in the list of desired tourist souvenirs. Silk carpets, woolen kilims, cotton fools with Indian ornaments and patterns of sacred animals will adorn any dwelling and will last for many years.

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Mandala is an object with a complex geometric structure depicting the "model of the universe".The outer circle symbolizes the universe itself, the inner circle represents a string of deities, and the squares in between indicate the sides of the world and add extra depth.

Mandala is widely used by Hindus in ritual practices, and Western ezoteric devotees use this thing for psychotherapy. The sacred power of the mandala helps to cope with life crises, depressions, stresses and direct vital energy in a positive direction. Usually the mandala is embroidered on fabrics, however, there are souvenirs made of wood or metal.

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Indian handmade masks are also the object of the desire of tourists. Disclosing religious, ethnic and ritual themes, masks can depict gods and heroes, demons and ghosts, exorcists and shamans. The most popular are the images of Hindu deities: Shiva, Mahalakshmi, Indra, as well as Mahakala - the protector of Buddha's teachings.

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National costume

Sari is the most common kind of national women's clothing in India. It is a fabric with a length of 5 to 10 meters and a width of about one meter, which is wrapped around the body in a special way, the rest of the fabric is sometimes thrown over the head. Together with the sari they usually wear raviku and pavadai, that is, a blouse and a lower skirt.

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In India, salvar-kamiz - a traditional women's outfit consisting of trousers and tunics, as well as pattu-pavadai - dresses for girls with a skirt to the floor is very popular. The material for making clothes is very diverse: silk, cotton, velvet, satin, chiffon, linen and so on.

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Attire for Oriental dances

For dances, women often use lehenga-choli, consisting of a long skirt, a short tight blouse and a cape for the head and shoulders. Simple lehenga-choli made of cotton and embroider on them various ornaments, in addition decorating the outfit with sequins, beads or rhinestones. In the manufacture of more expensive specimens, heavy silk or brocade, precious stones and gilded threads are used.

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Singing bowls

An original musical instrument in the best traditions of Tantric Buddhism. Singing bowls from Tibet are a mini-bell, used during relaxation, meditation and yoga. The sound from the singing bowls is extracted with the help of a wooden pest that is driven around the edges of the bowl.

Another way - a neat tapping with a pestle wrapped in suede. The variety of tonalities and overtones depends on the force of pressing the edges of the bowl and the weight of the pistil. Singing bowls in souvenir shops are almost always decorated with various Buddhist symbols.

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Rum "Old Monk"

Dark rum "Old Monk" is a visiting card of India. This is exactly what you should bring from Goa. His fortress is 43 degrees, and the aging period varies from 7 to 12 years. In stores, it can be purchased in several versions: from a souvenir bottle in 90 ml to a full liter bottle. Indians say that this rum can be used to treat flu and colds.

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Almost any food in India is generously served not only with all kinds of spices, but also with sauces. The most popular of these is a curry sauce, created on the basis of the eponymous seasoning and served to dishes of meat and rice. Also popular is ghee oil - melted purified oil, which is an Ayurvedic product and gives energy. Another example is Chani's hot sauce. It is made from vegetables or fruits, which are cooked to the state of gruel and mixed into a homogeneous mass.

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Indian cuisine is the absolute champion in the volume of various seasonings in their dishes. The most famous of them are turmeric, ginger root powder, zira, curry, coriander, coriander. The ground cardamom grains and dried stigmas of saffron flowers are one of the most expensive spices in the world. Also actively used asafoetid - the lacteal juice of the roots of the ferula.

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One of the most famous Indian talismans is Ganesha, a symbol of well-being and wisdom. He is a multi-armed man with an elephant head sitting on a pedestal, a lotus or a rat - it all depends on the specific case. In his hands, he often holds a dish with sweets, as well as an ax and a lotus flower. Ganesha has huge ears to hear all the requests, and a big belly that needs to be stroked to activate the magical powers of the talisman.

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Another remarkable item sold in souvenir shops in India is a statuette of the buffalo of Nandi, a friend and servant of Shiva. He represents the maximum power and masculinity, as well as self-denial and sacrifice.

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Colorful Indian textiles made from cotton, jute and wool are in constant demand among tourists. Plaids, bedspreads, pillowcases, pillows, tablecloths and other items by hand decorate with images of elephants, cows and other animals, as well as ornamental embroidery, national motifs and religious images.

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Henna for mehendi

Creation of temporary bio-tattoos on the body with the help of henna - a traditional wedding ceremony in India. It is believed that the more saturated and durable the picture becomes, the longer and longer the love will remain in the marriage. Knowing this, the firm "Golecha" produces high-quality, stable and colorful henna for mehendi.

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In India, only black tea is produced. The most elite and expensive tea is "Darjeeling Tea", which has fruity notes and a delicate aroma. Terrible "Assam Tea" is a classic example of this drink. The sharp, rich and fragrant "Nilgiri Tea" is often used for alcoholic cocktails, and "Sikkim Tea" is a newcomer to the tea market and resembles both the "Darjeeling" and "Assam" brands.

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Jewelry and bijouterie

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In the national style of

The attitude of Hindus to appearance and various decorations is a separate topic. For example, to seduce Indian women wear "Nath" - a kind of earring for the nose. To attract love and good luck, wear "Haaru", that is necklaces, beads and necklaces. Expressing tenderness, spirituality and youth called "Karna Phul" - Earring for the ears.

The obligatory attribute of a married woman in India is a bracelet called kungana and churi. Still there are leg bracelets, known as "soldered".Thin and light, thick and heavy, these bracelets are often decorated with bells and arches of chains. Mostly they are worn by dancers, in order to beat the rhythm and accompany themselves. All these products can be made from any suitable material: gold, silver, bronze, terracotta and so on.

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Of precious and semi-precious stones

In India you can buy cheap semi-precious stones: topaz, pomegranate, malachite, jasper, tiger's eye. Precious stones: diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby, aquamarine, opal, tourmaline are more expensive, but it is still much cheaper than outside India.

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You can not export

  • to the national currency;
  • plants, animal skins, feathers of birds;
  • jewelry worth more than 2,000 rupees;
  • gold and silver bullion;
  • antiques.
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