Simple recipes for soft plasticine for children's creativity

In children's creativity must be present molding, because this direction best develops the motorics of handles and fingers, aligns the psyche. Well, for young masters, plasticine is ideal, which can be done at home using various recipes.

  • Smart
  • Ball
  • Magnetic


The second name for this plasticine polymer is Hendgum or chewing gum for hands. The main property of plasticine is that it retains solid properties and at the same time can be liquid. So, if you make a figure out of this clay and leave it, then in a few minutes the figure will spread, becoming a single puddle. But, if you throw a figure on a hard surface, it will not spread, but will vibrate, behaving like a ball. In addition to these properties, hendgam has many other features: it is pleasant to the hands, reminds of chewing gum, but does not stick to the skin, furniture and things, does not leave stains, marks, is harmless and pliable during molding.

To create it you need:

  • glue PVA - 100 grams,
  • half a bottle of sodium tetraborate in glycerin( sold at the pharmacy),
  • food color of any color - up to 7 drops,
  • convenient mixing container,
  • package,
  • wooden stick for mixing,
  • glasses for eye protection.

In the selected container, place all the adhesive and remove it with the dye until smooth, using a stick. After add tetraborate and continue stirring continuously until the substance begins to thicken and harden. Then mix the mixture in a bag and hands through cellophane for about five minutes remember the substance. After that, you can already use clay.

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A beautiful and unusual looking plasticine is made of the following

  • sodium tetraborate( drill) - a few drops,
  • glue PVA - 100-150 grams,
  • food coloring - up to 10 drops or powder at the tip of the knife,
  • polystyrene pellets, which can be replaced by almost any loose ingredients: peas,millet and so on.

You can mix the ingredients in a dense cellophane bag. All the ingredients, not counting the borax, are placed in a bag and everything is mixed qualitatively, and then a drill is added by drop. The denser and harder you want to get the substance, the more you can add borax, but not more than 5-6 drops.

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This clay is created on the basis of smart. To create a magnetic plasticine it is necessary: ​​

  • ready smart plasticine,
  • developer( for laser printers).

The ingredients are mixed. Ready plasticine behaves the same as smart, but it also reacts to magnets. So, if you put plasticine next to the magnet, it slowly begins to envelop it.

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