Stylish women's haircut «Italian» for short, medium and long hair

Popular in the 80 years of the twentieth century haircut "Italian" or "Aurora", is considered universal, because it is equally good at short, medium and long hair. It is a ladder of shortened strands on the crown and elongated in front. A haircut made in such a technique, receives an additional controlled volume.

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Technique for performing

Externally, the "Italian" looks very much like a cascade, but unlike it, it is equally well produced both on flat and wavy hair, becausesheared not on straight lines, but according to the scheme of gradual lengthening of strands.

Pretty winning this haircut looks on wavy hair. Well profiled curls are less confused, each strand twists beautifully and lays down separately, giving the hair style elegance.

Best "Italian" is suitable for girls with a narrow and elongated or oval face. Dying strands allow you to hide a massive chin and sharply outlined cheekbones, and the tips, twisted inside, visually increase the face. Haircut can have variations with bangs and without.

By the way, bangs fit it any, especially well look fillet, oblique and ripped.

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For short

Quite stylishly looks the volume of "Italian" on the hair up to the chin. Frequent steps in this haircut help to give thin hair a quality volume, and the tip tip will help to suppress unruly curls.

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For medium

The "Italian" looks best on locks of this length. On the contour of the head, the silhouette of the haircut creates a neat hat, and the tips fall off strands on the shoulders.

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For long

, the Italian on long curls allows you to perfectly adjust the volume. Thanks to this, you can create an elegant image for those who prefer to wear loose hair.

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Laying options

There are several options for laying the haircut "Italian":

  • Classical. It is carried out by drying hair with a round comb and a hair dryer. It is necessary to lift the locks on the crown and comb the bangs, if there is one. Must be a unique volume.
  • Retro. It is necessary to comb the hair at the roots, fix the resulting volume with varnish, and then decorate the hair with a vintage accessory - a rim or bandages. The rest of the hair should be straightened by ironing and turning the tips inside. Strip the comb and lay it on one side.
  • Waves. It is necessary to wind hair with curlers or curlers, and then fix it with lacquer. Get a romantic hairstyle.
  • Smooth laying. Divide the hair into several large strands, each of which is straightened with an iron. This styling is suitable for an official event. Adding it with accessories, it will become an evening.
  • Natural. It is enough to dry your hair with a hair dryer, tilting your head down.

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