Types and types of sports complexes for children in the apartment

Sports complexes in the apartment allow from an early age to instill a child's love of sports, take care of his physical health and the proper development of the musculature of the baby. But, often, in apartments there is very little space to accommodate a sports installation. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the types and types of the most convenient and compact sports complexes for children, which will help to save valuable living space and become a favorite place for pastime, both for children and adults.

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complexes Types

Style sports installations are divided into severalcategories:

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This type of sports complexes includes all kinds of children's stairs, pyramids, drainage devices. This type of installation is suitable for those who have a lot of free space in the apartment. Stand-alone installations are very convenient because the design is mobile and demountable. Such complexes are suitable for children of primary school age and toddlers.

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This variation of sports complexes in an apartment is the most compact. Turnstiles, Swedish walls, rings, rope steps, swings - all these are attachments. Such a group or a separate type of installation is suitable for school-age children.

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Wall mounted

Sports installations of this type are not bulky and occupy a minimum of space, as they are placed near the wall. There are two types of wall complexes: T-shaped and L-shaped. This type of installation is suitable for sports by the whole family, if the fastenings to the wall will be reliable.

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This variant of sports rigs is designed for fixing between the ceiling and the floor. So you can build in the apartment all the same horizontal bars, stairs, Swedish walls. Everyone will be able to work on the complex, without exception, if the fasteners are allowed. It should be borne in mind that spacer types of complexes can not be installed in rooms with suspended ceilings or ceilings made of brittle materials.

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Wall-spacers This kind of sports systems can serve as the most reliable and durable of all. Mounting is made from the ceiling to the floor and simultaneously to the wall. Pristenno-rasporyarnye sports complexes allow you to combine the horizontal bars, stairs, slides, Swedish walls, rope installations and rings at the same time.

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This type of sports installations for the apartment means underneath home mats, sports games, small trampolines for jumping( only for children), inflatable trampolines.

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Types of complexes

Each kind of sports complexes will help the training of the children's vestibular apparatus, and helps to strengthen the muscles from an early age.

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In home sports installations, mats play an important role in safety. Such a thing will help to protect the child from injuries and bruises, as children can not be saved from falling children. To save home space, you can give preference to soft folding mats that can be folded or twisted.

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Swedish walls

This type of sports equipment plays a crucial role in the development and health of the child. Correction of posture and training of the vestibular apparatus should become an integral part of training. When choosing a Swedish wall, you need to pay attention to the step steps, the distance between the bars should not be more than 20 centimeters. It is worth giving preference to complexes with the ability to adjust the distance between the bars.

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Rings and ropes

Rope installations suitable for apartments with high ceilings. Before you buy such an installation, you need to compare the dimensions of the complex with the height of the ceilings. Rings in the apartment for children should be selected according to the thickness of their section, the diameter for the arm circumference should not exceed 2-3 centimeters. The material of the rings and all fasteners must be of high quality and not have plastic and brittle details.

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The tourniquet, like the Swedish wall, wins out a considerablerole in the development of the muscles of the hands and back. Tournaments can be installed as stand-alone sports complexes, mounted in a doorway or attached to the ceiling. It is necessary to take into account the child's ability to clasp the base of the horizontal bar, its diameter should not cause inconvenience during classes.

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Variants of installation of swings in the apartment can be very diverse. The first swings in the life of the child appear at the age of 1-3 years and play an important role in the development of the vestibular apparatus. Such plastic mobile swings are most often attached in a doorway or on a hook to the ceiling. For older children it is worthwhile to consider the range of swings or strong stand-alone ones.

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Rope ladders

Rope ladders, like rings and Swedish walls, promote the training of the muscles of the hands, feet and back. These types of sports equipment are very popular and suitable for training at any age.

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