Making beads yourself

Every woman always wants to be special. In this endeavor, she spares no effort or money, trying to follow a changeable fashion, to always look stylish. But this is not necessary, because to give the zest to your style is enough to use the right accessories. To emphasize femininity will help ornaments made by own hands, after all they possess a special charm, since they are executed in a single copy just for you.

  • Beads from pearls
  • Beads from pearls
  • Beads from beads

Beads from pearls

For one product of this kind you need about 50-60 beads made for pearls, medium size, silk threads, a thin needle, a carabiner with a clasp and two ring-clamshells forconnection of the carabiner fastener with threads.

To make our beads, we will be using a special knitting technique, which is used by many jewelry houses. Naturally, you can just string beads without such frills and stage-by-stage tying, but there are two reasons for choosing a complex option for stringing beads. The surface of beads, as a rule, is covered with glossy or matte spraying, and the nodules between them keep them from rubbing against each other, the absence of which would inevitably dull the shine.

The second reason is reliability. Beads can break and in this case all beads peas fall down. But, with the use of a nodule, only one / two beads will fall, no more. The rest of the pearls will remain.

To refill the clamshell, pass the needle in the middle of the device and make a knot to tie the ends to the ends, then make another knot on top of it, close the device and start punching the pearls.

This last node is important, do not forget about it, otherwise the extreme pearl will always rub against the metal buckle and, most likely, peel off.

To ensure that the knots stay in place after each pearl, you can use a large needle, punch or awl to pull the knot to the place where it should be and tie it up. That's why silk threads are needed. With the usual to do this will be very problematic, they will not slip, and in strength are inferior at times.

After all the pearls are strung, it remains only to put on the second cot for the carbine.

To do this, pass the needle through the back of the device and tie a double knot. To attach a carbine, you need pliers for handmade with rounded cutters.

They remain perfectly smooth and beautiful clamp, which can not be said for ordinary pliers.

To our product, at your discretion, you can add a pendant, earrings, made in accordance with the same technique. With a special chic look at the earrings for one / two, a maximum of three beads. Pearl beads do not tolerate nalapistosti. Products of this kind should be laconic and differ in their simplicity, which is the ultimate manifestation of good taste.

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Beads from beads

To create air beads from beads you need to stock up with several different types of beads and beads, fishing line reel, crochet hook, 40 sewing pins, 2 spiral fins and a lock for decorations.

The more types of beads and beads of different sizes will be part of the beads, the more interesting they will look as a result. In our master class we used a set of five kinds of beads of light colors.

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Find out how to make earrings in the technique of a wheelchair

Start typing on a fishing line beads. This should be done absolutely randomly. We advise you not to cut the line from the spool. You need to fill with beads about five meters of fishing line, so this process can take a long time.

When you have mastered this and the whole line is full, step back from its beginning of 15 cm, take the crochet hook and start tying the chain with air loops, while making sure that one bead is placed in each loop, as shown in the photo.

At this stage, the work should be faster than the previous one.

If you managed to tie all the beads, then after the last loop you can tie the knot, retreat after it 15 cm, leaving a peculiar "tail" and cut the line.

Now begins the most interesting - the formation of a multi-level decoration. Take a large sheet of cardboard, and stick two sewing pins into it. The distance between the pins should be the same as the desired length of your beads. All the following pins are stuck in pairs under the first, all the time, increasing the distance between them, as shown in the photo.

As a result, you should get 16-20 rows in the form of a wedge or a trapezoid.

Take your chain of beads and evenly distribute it along the rows, putting the air loops on the pins at the intersection. Do not tighten the line very much. Now take the hook and collect all the air loops from the pins on it, first on one side of the trapezoid. Pass through these loops, one of the 15 cm "tails" left on the edge of the line. Put on it the end piece and the corresponding part of the lock, then tie the knot and flush it with a lighter so that it does not untie it. Do the same with the second half of the air loops.
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That's it, you can try on charming magic beads made by yourself. Such decorations will always be in the trend.

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