List of harmful food products

Proper nutrition is the basis of a healthy lifestyle, however, to ensure a healthy diet is not so simple. In the modern food industry, several thousand synthetic additives and chemicals are used. Most of them do not benefit the human body, and the delayed impact of others is not even fully understood. For this reason, it is important to know exactly the most harmful foods, the list of which must be excluded from their diet or, if possible, to limit their use.

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Harmful additives in

products According to legislation, manufacturers are required to indicate on the package the full compositioningredients used in the preparation of any food product.

In fact, all additives are coded with certain numbers, the value of which is not always known to consumers. The most harmful components in the products are synthetic food additives, as well as toxic substances that are used for external treatment:

  • Dyes give the food an attractive and vivid appearance. This type of additives is marked with the code E-1 **.Natural dyes are considered safe, but their production is expensive, and their color is not so saturated, which explains the widespread spread of synthetic dyes. The most dangerous are E-121, E-122, E-123 and other substances of red and orange color that can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks.
  • Preservatives kill bacteria, thus prolonging shelf life. Basically, they are marked with E-2 ciphers **.The most dangerous are E-220( sulfur dioxide), E-230( diphenyl, which is processed fruit), E-240( formaldehyde).
  • Stabilizers, thickeners, gelling agents are designated by codes E-4 ** and E-5 **.They are used to preserve the consistency and taste of food products produced, most often they can be found in dairy and meat products, confectionery, baked goods, ice cream, various desserts, and instant soups. Most of these additives have a negative effect on the work of the digestive tract, kidney and liver.
  • Flavor enhancers and flavors are used mainly for the preparation of fast foods and other semi-finished products that stimulate the taste sensations in the brain, causing addiction. These additives are labeled with E-6 cipher **, the most harmful is E-621( sodium glutamate), which causes nausea, headache, and in children can lead to brain damage and vision. An additional danger of fragrances is that they can mask the smell of spoiled foods.
  • Sweeteners are also dangerous to health and figure. Natural sweeteners contain many calories, harm the stomach, the urinary system. Synthetic sugar substitutes( aspartame, saccharin, suklamate) under certain conditions become carcinogens.
  • Emulsifiers are used to maintain the desired consistency of the product from components that do not mix in nature, for example, fat and water( sauces, mayonnaise), air and liquids( foam drinks) to increase bread and bake volume. The emulsifiers are coded with E-3 **, E-4 **, E-5 ** codes, the most dangerous are E-338-341, which cause indigestion.
  • Antioxidants are considered the most innocuous additives, ideally designed to fight free radicals, which is beneficial for the body. However, this does not apply to synthetic substances. The antioxidants are designated with E-3 ciphers **.E-300( ascorbic acid or vitamin C), E-306-309( tocopherols or vitamins E) are considered safe;can cause damage synthetic antioxidants E-310-312( cause dermatitis), E-320-321( damage to the kidneys and liver).

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For children

Correct mental and physical development of children is impossible without balanced nutrition. A child's organism is much more vulnerable to harmful additives in food than an adult. Toxic substances can lead to irreversible changes or disturbances in the work of the nervous and cardiovascular system, the brain, visual impairment, allergic reactions.

The biggest danger of harmful products for children is that they cause rapid and strong addiction, and the child is not yet able to understand the necessity of restrictions.

These products contain extra calories, flavor and odor enhancers, dyes, emulsifiers, transgenic fats, spices, carcinogens. For this reason, parents should, if possible, exclude from the child's diet:

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  • Sweet carbonated drinks, pastilles, lozenges, chewing sweets.
  • Chips, crunches, all types of snacks, especially with exotic tastes.
  • Chocolate bars, cheese in chocolate, ice cream and yogurt( especially with unnatural colors and exotic tastes).
  • Sausages, sausages, sausages and other ready-made meat and fish food products, especially with "smoked" flavors, fish and canned meat from the factory.
  • Ready sauces, especially mayonnaise and ketchup, various refills, spreads.
  • Any fast food.
  • Non-seasonal or exotic fruits and vegetables, for the cultivation, storage and transportation of which use a large number of toxic substances. Noodles, soups, instant mashed potatoes.

In addition to chemically hazardous to children, there are relatively safe foods that must be carefully included in the diet:

  • Tea and coffee - contain caffeine, disrupting the work of the kidneys, sleeping and causing a depletion of the nervous system.
  • It is not recommended to include mushrooms in any form in the diet until 6 years, as they are not digested by the children's stomach.
  • From marinades and preserves it is desirable to give only homemade products with a minimum content of vinegar and spices.
  • Seafood, despite their obvious benefits, must be administered very carefully because of the allergens in them.
  • Meat of fatty varieties( goose, duck, lamb, pork) is very hard to digest or not fully absorbed by the body of the child because of the high content of refractory fats.
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For liver

The liver is the main element of the body's cleansing system, which removes all toxins and harmful substances from it.

Excessive exercise stress worsens the functioning of the liver until serious diseases occur.

The most harmful products, especially with existing liver diseases, are:

  • Alcoholic and carbonated drinks.
  • Sweets, fresh bread, buns.
  • Black tea and coffee of strong concentration, cocoa, chocolate
  • Vegetables( radish and radish, garlic), greens( sorrel, spinach, garlic, cilantro), fruit( kiwi) and berries with sour taste( cranberry).
  • Mushrooms.
  • Pulses.
  • Fatty grades of meat, poultry and fish, bacon. Spicy spices and condiments.
  • Smoked and salted meat.
  • Fast food.
  • Excessive consumption of eggs.
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With diabetes

In addition to foods that are generally dangerous to the body, patients with diabetes have andtheir limitations. These are products containing a significant amount of carbohydrates:

  • Chocolate and confectionery.
  • Honey
  • Grapes, bananas, melons, watermelons.
  • Raisins, figs and other very sweet dried fruits.
  • Purified white rice.
  • White bread, pasta and other products and dishes made from refined flour.
  • French fries, chips and other snacks, sweet flakes.
  • Canned fruits in sweet syrup. Sweet sodas and packaged juices.
  • High fructose foods.
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For the shape of

To the set of extra kilograms in the first place always leads to improper nutrition.

Typical foods can contain not only excess calories, but also substances that are harmful to metabolism, disrupt the work of the digestive tract, delay the withdrawal of fluid from the body, etc.

To keep your figure and weight control you need to exclude from the diet the following products:

  • All sweets and flour.
  • Fried and smoked food, especially fatty meat and poultry.
  • Alcohol, especially with gassing.
  • Carbonated drinks, packaged juices.
  • Fast food, snacks, salted nuts, fast food, semi-finished products.
  • Instant coffee.
  • Ready-made sauces.
  • Canned food and marinades.
  • Margarine.
  • Factory yogurts, curds, curd pastes.
  • Fish and meat canned food, salted fish and ready-made seafood.
  • White peeled rice, including sushi.
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For the pancreas

The pancreas is considered the most important organ of the digestive system, on which the correct functioning of the digestive tract directly depends.

Therefore, to maintain its health, and even more so with inflammatory diseases of the pancreas( pancreatitis), you need to be very careful about your diet. This means excluding from it foods high in sugar, salt, spices, fats, refined flour and processed white rice, harmful additives, smoked foods, deep-fried dishes, any fast food, soda( including kvass), alcohol.

From everyday foodstuffs with pancreatitis are prohibited:

  • Filled broth.
  • Fresh bread and pastries.
  • Dishes containing vinegar.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Fatty types of fish and meat.
  • Sour cream.
  • Strong black tea and coffee.
  • Beans.
  • Eggs.
  • Vegetables and spices: radish, radish, tomatoes, spinach, sorrel, onion, horseradish, garlic.
  • Fruits: bananas, grapes, dates, melons, watermelons.
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For the heart

Malnutrition is the main cause of heart failure and various problems with blood vessels. First of all, we are talking about products containing transgenic fats and "empty" processed carbohydrates( chips, margarine, fast food, sausages, smoked products, sweets, chocolate, etc.).In addition, it is necessary to limit the consumption of the following products:

  • Fatty varieties of fish and meat, by-products.
  • Fatty dairy products.
  • Beans.
  • Onion, garlic, spinach, radish, radish, horseradish.
  • Excessive amount of salt and sugar.
  • Strong black tea, coffee, cocoa.
  • Mushrooms.
  • All meals and products containing vinegar.
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For the thyroid gland

The thyroid gland produces the hormones necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Improper nutrition can lead to both an overabundance, and a lack of their production, which is equally bad for the body.

The most harmful for the functioning of thyroid products are:

  • Coffee.
  • Alcohol.
  • Excessive salt.
  • Any products with a high content of preservatives and dyes.
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For kidneys

Kidneys remove all harmful substances from the body, they purify the blood, upset toxins in the renal tubules, and then remove them through the bladder.

Therefore, all products that cause water retention in the body, spasms and destruction of the renal tubules, the formation of kidney stones are harmful to the functioning of the kidneys.

These include:

  • Excessive amount of salt( it is important to limit, but do not exclude it).
  • Fatty meat and fish, offal.
  • Smoked meat, marinades, pickles.
  • Alcohol.
  • Filled broths, spicy soups.
  • Spices and spicy spices, vinegar. Spinach and sorrel.
  • Coffee and sweet soda.
  • Non-seasonal greenhouse vegetables and fruits.
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