The reason why a wife can not cut her husband

For a long time people have been persuaded that a wife should not cut her husband, as this leads to various health problems and disorders in the family, can lead to treason or separation from her husband. The first display of this belief can be found in the Old Testament parable of the strongman Samson and his wife Dalilah, who cut her husband's hair in a dream and thereby deprived him of his mighty strength.

Signs of

It is believed that the human hair stores the bioenergetic imprint of his life experience, and therefore so much will accept and superstitions are associated with the process of cutting: cutting hair leads to the loss of this information and vitality, reduced health and life span. And since the spouses are tuned to the same energy wave, then the wife can inflict much more damage than the ordinary hairdresser. In the old days for the cutting of married men even there were special specialists who performed this service with observance of all the prescribed rites and traditions.

Another sign assures the following: to cut her husband, then push him to change. This is most likely due to the fact that a trim and well-groomed man becomes more attractive to the opposite sex. Although, of course, there is no direct connection between her husband's haircut and his betrayal.

Another statement, why it is impossible to cut a husband, says that it is for an early separation. If you look at the statistics, this situation is more likely. However, this is just a coincidence.

The most likely reason why a wife should not cut her husband is a subsequent quarrel or tension in the family. If a man does not always decide to show his discontent in a hairdresser's shop, then after a home unsuccessful haircut, he clearly expresses his opinion about this, provoking a quarrel or resentment. And since the hair grows more than one day, the spoiled mood in the family is provided for a long time.

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You can cut off your husband not only in reality, but also in a dream. This process also has a few vague interpretations:

  • Bodes great changes( both bad and good).
  • A sign of his ambulance or betrayal on his part.
  • Perhaps he will soon need the help of his wife.

If the wife still believes that she can cut her husband herself, she should also get acquainted with other signs how to cut her hair: only on a growing moon or full moon.


Absolutely disagree about the bad omen, and did not know about it before. Together for more than six years, and all this time she cuts her husband, and never because of the haircut did not quarrel, rather, on the contrary, it became a very intimate process and part of the prelude. .. We believe in the signs - everyone decides for himself, we made upfor themselves a list of positive signs: "Black cat - to money, broken dishes - to the gift", etc.

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