Signs to attract happiness

There are people's signs, with which you can draw happiness, luck, love, prosperity, and also protect yourself from bad influence. It is only necessary to correctly perform certain actions and pay attention to the signs that occur on your path.

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    To attract happiness to your home, you can take advantage of such rituals:

    • To settle in a newhome and find happiness, you need more often to stick around the corner of the kitchen table.
    • Before entering new housing, you need to make bread, salt and an icon( or just bread and water) and go around with them all the rooms - so the house will live happiness.
    • A branch of St. John's wort hanging above the door at the entrance to the dwelling, protects people with impure thoughts. Ability to drive away energy vampires are also berries of the viburnum or mountain ash, they can be kept at home or carried with them in a bag.
    • Suddenly see the light in the windows of your house - to a happy meeting.
    • If pursued by a string of minor troubles - this is a harbinger of the imminent meeting with great love.
    • To receive as a gift a silver thing - to luck.
    • To break dishes is a lucky omen. It is especially good when the dishes are beating on Saturday, this means the profit or arrival of the guests.
    • During the service a bird flew into the church - to the happy life of all present.

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    At the table

    At the dining table, remember the following rituals:

    • To attract luck and prosperity to the house, you need to pour drinks into beautiful expensive glasses or wine glasses without using plastic utensils.
    • Accidentally pour tea - soon the receipt of money is expected.
    • Detect in the glass with a drink an insect - to unexpected luck or profit.
    • The one who last drinks on New Year's Eve, is waiting for the greatest success in the year.
    • Sneezing at the table before eating - a pleasant event will soon take place.
    • Do not take the last piece of food from the plate. However, if you were offered it - it is necessary to take it, it brings profit or good luck in the heart.
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    On the road

    Going on the road or already on the road, listen to the following tips:

    When going on an important date, you can pour some salt into the left pocket( trousers, coats or other clothes) - this will help to protect yourself from deception and unforeseen situations, the meeting will be easy and will have a good result.
  • Before a long journey, burn old shoes - this will bring happiness.
  • The trip will be extremely successful, if you should properly clean the house before leaving, you should wash the stairs with special care.
  • Before leaving the house you need to sit down on the path, then the journey will be successful. In addition, this action helps to fence off the bustle and think about whether there is anything important at home.
  • To meet on the road a man or woman with a full bucket or canon - you will have success or money profit.
  • When leaving the house first to see the baby - a walk will be successful.
  • To meet a humpbacked man on the way - a good sign, to touch his hump - happiness will be with you all your life.
  • To see 3 nuns at the same time - to a pleasant event in the near future.
  • When you see a janitor or chimney sweep in the street, bow to him three times or greet him - so you can get luck.
  • Meet a cross-eyed man - fortunately.
  • An excellent omen is the encounter with a pregnant woman.
  • Seeing the funeral procession along the way is a good sign.
  • If on the dirty road the right leg is bogged down earlier than the left one - you will have luck or profit.
  • If the right leg is cold at first, the day will be crowned with success.
  • Get in the rain - fortunately.
  • When buying a ticket in transport, you need to sum the numbers in the first half of the number and in the second. If the sums are the same - the ticket is happy, you can make a wish, and it will surely come true.
  • Find the horseshoe - fortunately. To fulfill the desire to spit on her, make a wish and throw through the left shoulder. Hanging a horseshoe above the front door, you can attract good luck to your house.
  • When you see a rusty nail or keys on the road, you should pick them up and bring them home - so you will keep happiness.
  • Find a stone with a hole in the middle( it is called a chicken god) - fortunately. It must be hung on a string and worn around the neck for a day.
  • Find on the road a coin lying with the coat of arms up( eagle, not tails) - an omen of luck.
  • To step into manure or someone's excrement - to a substantial profit.
  • The bird's litter has got on clothes or the car - soon conclude the successful transaction.
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In the sky

Happiness can portend and heavenly bodies:

  • Seeing the shooting star, you need to quickly make a wish - if you have time before it disappears from sight, the desire will come true.
  • During the new moon, observe the location of the moon: above the right shoulder - fortunately, right on the course - luck will be with you until the next new moon. If you bow to the new moon and pound your money in your wallet or pocket, you can get luck.
  • To kiss a chosen one on the night of a full moon means to marry him soon.
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About animals, birds, insects

There are many signs about animals that bring happiness:

  • A stork has built a nest on the roof of the house - luck will come to the tenants. To see a flying stork means family happiness or success in finding a second half.
  • Near the window or on the tree near the house sits forty - to the profits or the arrival of guests.
  • To hear the cuckoo's cuckoo from the left side - wait for luck or money reward, on the right - make a wish.
  • Swallow is nesting under the roof - family life will be okay.
  • See the soaring eagle - good luck on your side.
  • Ants are in the house - a profit is expected.
  • The appearance of a white spider in the house, especially if it hits the cobweb above the bed - an excellent sign, symbolizes family happiness. Find a spider on clothes - to a quick profit or a new thing.
  • To hear the neighing of a horse - to good news.
  • A motley cat( with tricolor wool) ran to the happy event.
  • To see a flying beetle - to luck.
  • To attract happiness to a new home, on the first day you need to let in a black hen and rooster, the next - a black cat and a cat.
  • Wake up from singing birds outside the window - the day will be successful.
  • A pigeon flew into the room of an unmarried girl - it will soon find its betrothed.
  • Seeing a lot of butterflies, try to count them. An odd number is an excellent sign.
  • On the arm of the village ladybird - count to 22. If it does not fly away, you will find happiness in love.
  • Find yourself a shaggy caterpillar - you will have a pleasant news.
  • The cat sneezed next to the bride - the marriage will be happy.
  • Behind you ran a strange or stray dog ​​- to profit.
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About plants

You can draw happiness with plants:

  • Having found a four-leaf clover or lilac flower with 5 petals, you need to make a wish and eat them, then the desire will necessarily come true. If the plants are dried and worn with you, luck will accompany you.
  • Find a pea pod with 9 peas - to fulfill the desire. You should throw the pod through your left shoulder.
  • If you cut a rod from a tree on January 1 and carry it in your pocket, you will be lucky all year. However, it is impossible to drop the rod to the ground - the spell will dissipate.
  • See the ash sheet with an even number of veins - fortunately.
  • Double carrots, potatoes, plums or cherries are caught - a pleasant event awaits you soon.
  • To attract good luck plant the necessary plants in the house: hibiscus - the symbol of the family hearth, spathiphyllum - brings the woman's happiness.
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Good luck can bring even the appearance of a person:

  • If the sonlooks like a mother, and a daughter is a copy of her father, then a happy life awaits children.
  • Have intergrown eyebrows - to be successful in all matters.
  • If you have a birthmark on your body that you can not see on your own, you will be happy in life.
  • A child born with long hair will become rich and happy.
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Days of the week

What and in which days of the week you need to do in order to attract happiness and luck, the following signs will prompt:

  • Monday. It is possible to borrow - all week in the house there will be a profit. The torn tooth will not give complications. Sneeze without cause on this day - to the gift.
  • Tuesday. It is an auspicious time for any undertaking, both business and family. The journey started on this day will pass easily and pleasantly.
  • Wednesday. In order not to frighten off your luck, it is better to move the beginning of projects to another time.
  • Thursday. A good day for beginnings. If you wash before sunrise from silver dishes or eggshells - you will be healthy.
  • Friday. Those who want to be happy should not start anything new on this day. If an unmarried girl dreams of getting married, she needs to fast on Fridays. Also, the evening of this day is ideal for offering hands and hearts.
  • Saturday. A good day for moving or traveling.
  • Sunday. A good sign for this day is a late breakfast.
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Some dreams can also symbolize the approach of pleasant events:

  • Rainbow - means happiness, fulfillment of desires.
  • Pregnant woman - symbolizes profit.
  • Children - to a joyful event. There is an egg - there are positive changes in life.
  • Dirty in the mud, feces - to receive unexpected profits.
  • Swim in clean water is a symbol of success and happiness.
  • Celestial bodies( sun, moon, stars) - mean good luck at work, promotion on the career ladder.
  • Objects, plants and animals of white color, including snow - predict happiness and well-being, good mood. White flowers are given - for a speedy wedding.
  • Red roses - portend passion and sensual relationship.
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