Comparison of the best diapers for newborns

Since the diapers appeared on the market, the life of moms has been greatly facilitated. Pampers - a pledge of a good sleep of a baby and his parents, saving time and energy. At the same time, low-quality diapers can cause diaper rash, irritation and other problems with the delicate skin of the baby. How to choose the best offers among the existing proposals? To facilitate your choice, we give you a comparison of the best diapers for newborns.

  • Features modern diapers
  • How to choose and wear
  • How often to change
  • When you can not use
  • Rating diapers
  • Fixies New Life
  • Merries
  • Huggies Newborn
  • Goo. N
  • Libero Baby Soft
  • Pampers New Baby Dry Mini
  • Honey Kid Comfort
  • Sealer
  • Luxus Moomin
  • Sun Herbal
  • Nanny's
  • Reviews

Features of modern diapers

Today, the manufacturers of this product tend to make it as comfortable as possible for babies. Consider the features of modern diapers:

  • improved ventilation;
  • increased moisture absorption capacity;
  • delicate inner layer;
  • content of gelling materials;
  • impregnation of the inner layer with a nutritious cream;
  • the presence of an elastic band for mobile children;
  • presence of a rubber band on the legs to protect against leaks;

  • availability of a special opening for the navel of the newborn;
  • improved quality of Velcro.
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How to choose and dress

To make the baby comfortable in the diaper, you need to choose and wear the diaper correctly. When choosing a diaper, you should take into account such parameters as:

  • appearance;
  • size;
  • ventilation;
  • moisture absorption rate;
  • ability to retain moisture;
  • safety for baby skin;
  • easy to put on;
  • strength of fasteners or fasteners;
  • comfort for the child;
  • value for money.

When choosing a diaper, it is necessary to consider:

  • the weight of the baby;
  • age;
  • child's mobility;
  • food and drinking regimen;
  • features the constitution of the child.

The sequence of dressing the diaper is as follows:

  1. Unfold the diaper and gently straighten it with gum and velcro.
  2. Place the baby on a changing table or other level surface with the tummy up.
  3. Make sure that the baby's boot is dry and clean.
  4. Gently picking up the baby with one hand for both feet, raise the legs together with the butt.
  5. With the other hand, gently place the pre-prepared diaper under the baby's buttocks.
  6. The upper part of the diaper needs to be carefully spread on the baby's tummy.
  7. If the umbilical wound does not heal and the diaper does not have a special recess beneath it - the edges of the diaper need to be bent so that it does not injure the wound.
  8. Secure the upper part of the diaper with Velcro fasteners or fasteners.
  9. Check the tightness of the diaper against the baby's body, make sure that it does not loose or crush.
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How often to change

An important factor of effectiveand the comfortable use of disposable diapers is their timely replacement. As practice shows, it is necessary to do this:

  1. Immediately after awakening.
  2. Immediately before bedtime.
  3. Before a long walk.
  4. Before and after feeding.
  5. After defecation.

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When you can not use

Dr. Komarovsky says that you can not use diapers:

  • when the child is sick and the baby has fever( temperature above +38 ° C);
  • when in the room where the baby is, high temperature( above +24 ° C).

It is not recommended to use diapers:

  • for premature infants until 1 month;
  • to babies suffering from diarrhea;
  • for children with dermatitis and eczema.
But the information about the dangers of pampers for boys with the latest studies is not confirmed.
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Rating of diapers

We present you the rating of diapers from the world's major manufacturers, as well as the features of their products.

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Fixies New Life

Diapers from Germany Fixies New Life premium class are considered the most delicate of disposable diapers. Their advantages:

  • anatomical shape;
  • use of natural high-quality materials;
  • presence of a recess for the navel;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • replacing the elastic band with elastic band at the waist.
  • loading. ..


  • high price.
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Japanese diapers Merries by many mothers are perceived as a standard of quality diapers. To their main advantages they include:

  • an acceptable price;
  • instant absorption of moisture;
  • excellent ventilation;
  • honeycomb inner surface;
  • reusable fasteners with rounded corners;
  • content of hamamelis extract, which prevents inflammation and irritation;
  • a good fit of the tummy and legs, which allows the baby to move freely;
  • presence of a fill indicator;
  • availability of elastic gum.


  • absorbing moisture from the air, which makes them to touch the damp outside;
  • availability of exceptionally large packages.
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Huggies Newborn

Huggies Newborn diapers for newborns produced in the USA are a worthy alternative to Japanese such diapers. Their main advantages:

  • use of specially developed for the newborn tender material Soft Touch;
  • embossed inner surface;
  • the presence of a pocket for liquid stool;
  • convenient Velcro;
  • presence of the fullness indicator;
  • complete absence of leaks.


  • no indentation for the navel.
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Goo. N

Japanese nappies of premium class Goo. N - the best diapers for premature babies. Their advantages include:

  • small size;
  • excellent absorbency;
  • environmental friendliness and naturalness of materials;
  • soft porous invoice of the inner layer, minimizing contact with the skin of the newborn;
  • high air permeability;
  • is a very soft elastic band;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • reliable fasteners;
  • odor neutralization function.
  • loading. ..


  • high price;
  • insufficiently informative moisture indicator.
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Libero Baby Soft

Libero Baby Soft - Swedish hypoallergenic diapers. Moms all over the world appreciated them:

  • affordable price;
  • excellent quality;
  • anatomical shape;
  • absence of unpleasant odor;
  • presence of moisture indicator;
  • presence of a recess under the navel;
  • convenient marking for easy fastening.


  • solidifies the filler when wet.
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Pampers New Baby Dry Mini

Pampers New Baby Dry Mini diapers that contain a protective layer of moisturizing lotionthe delicate skin of the baby is one of the latest developments of the American company Procter Gamble, employee of which owns the invention of a disposable diaper. Advantages of this series:

  • price;
  • soft inner surface;
  • elastic side cuffs;
  • assortment of packages.


  • no rubber bands on the back;
  • uncomfortable Velcro;
  • lack of a net to absorb liquid stool;
  • odor impregnation.
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Honey Kid Comfort

Diapers Honey Kid Comfort produced in the Czech Republic - a budget option for kids. The merits of these diapers include:

  • price;
  • good absorbency;
  • design with funny pictures;
  • good air permeability;
  • comfortable wide rubber band;
  • is soft to the touch;
  • good quality Velcro;
  • hypoallergenicity.


  • internal surface moisture after soaking;
  • large thickness;
  • rough clasp;
  • is not a natural material composition.
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The soft Korean Sealer nappies combine many advantages:

  • their cotton cover feels like fabric;
  • they do not rub the baby's legs;
  • quickly absorbs moisture;
  • they have excellent air circulation;
  • is a moisture indicator;
  • wide and soft belt;
  • no chemical odor;
  • pleasant price.


  • deficit in free sale;
  • implementation of exceptionally large packs.
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Luxus Moomin

Disposable diapers Luxus Moomin manufactured in Finland have a number of advantages:

  • double protective barriers against leaks;
  • instant absorption of moisture;
  • excellent air permeability;
  • is very soft, similar to a soft cloth, surface;
  • original hook-and-loop fasteners;
  • pleasant smell;
  • convenience in daily use.


  • absorbing moisture not only inside, but also from the air.
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Sun Herbal

South Korean pampers Sun Herbal are unique phyto diapers in their own way. In the inner layer, together with a moisture-absorbing filler, they contain a curative phyto-insert. This avoids irritation on the baby's skin and eliminates the need for special creams.


  • high price;
  • lack of fullness indicator.
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The soft breathable Nannys diapers made in Greece are characterized by their high quality. The merits of these diapers include:

  • rapid absorption of moisture;
  • soft outer and inner layer;
  • elastic waistband;
  • lightweight and reliable reusable fasteners;
  • wide side cuffs;
  • air supply to the skin;
  • thickness;
  • no smell.


  • deficit in free sale.
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Марина, 33 years, Krasnoyarsk:

"I can not even imagine what I would do without disposable diapers. And how did our moms live without them? It's so convenient! And the child is comfortable, and my mother is calm. "

Svetlana, 25, Moscow:

"My girl is very allergenic, so the choice of disposable diapers is a very difficult question for me. We were approached only one - diapers Sun Herbal, with their pleasantly smelling phyto-inset. If only the price did not bite! ".


I chose the Libero panties. I select a child under the weight category, sit down well, fit the hips of the child. They never pressed, they did not observe allergies and diaper rash. I am satisfied with the quality of panties.


And they are not rigid? I once took the Libero, but the diapers, then they seemed to me harsh. With his son problems with diapers were not at all, it did not pour, we used Pampers. But with her daughter a whole problemma in the choice of diapers, they pour on everything because of flavored layers. Here in the article I liked the description of Merries diapers, who used it?

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