Tips on how to make a home mirror manicure gel varnish

Unusual mirror manicure gives hands a refined and festive look. It is especially good for special occasions or romantic dates. Despite the apparent complexity, you can make such a manicure at home. It is best to use gel-lacquer, but an interesting effect can be achieved with conventional glossy enamels.

Features and properties
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Features and properties

The feature of the manicure is the combination of a glossy color coating and metallized sequins giving a surface effect of a mirror or a coating of metal foil. On sale there were ready-made mirror gel-varnishes - presented in a wide color palette, they provide the nails the effect of a smooth reflective surface. However, many nail-masters are preparing such coatings on their own.

Two techniques of manicure are popular. According to the first technique, the fine glitter is rubbed into the lacquer after spraying. Another method involves mixing the transparent coating with sequins and then applying to the plate.

A metallized powder of different shades and textures is on sale. Most often there are golden and silver variations, but you can find also colored metallic, as well as powder with an iridescent effect. Chromic powders are sold in jars with tightly screwed lids, in shops are presented and the whole promo-sets with shellac, suitable for professional use.

Among the advantages of mirror manicure:

  • unusual appearance;
  • longevity;
  • glitter masks minor irregularities on the plates.

The bright glossy glance visually extends the fingernails and toes, the brushes look more elegant. Mirror manicure can be performed in any color, but it looks particularly noble with light pastel or mysterious dark varnishes.

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What you need

To create a mirror manicure you will need:

  • gel-lacquer of the desired color;
  • primer;
  • top cover;
  • metallized sequins in the form of powder;
  • fan-shaped brush made of synthetic fibers;
  • latex sponge or flat applicator for shadows;
  • a set of chopsticks from an orange tree;
  • ultraviolet lamp for drying;
  • manicure set.
To make a manicure beautiful and persistent, it is better to purchase a color gel, primer and top of one brand. This ensures the durability of the coating, the nails are smooth and smooth.

To understand what kind of rubbing is better for manicure with a mirror shine, it's very simple. You need to choose the finest shreds, they will provide a smooth and even coating with beautiful overflows. If you can not find such glitter, glitter can be crushed by yourself, turning it into a sparkling powder.

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How to make

A manicure with a mirror powder is done after careful alignment and decoration of the nails. They are given the right length, the cuticle is removed using a gel with acids and chopsticks from an orange tree. If you want, you can trim the excess skin with a sharp cutter. The further actions are carried out strictly according to the scheme, it is important not to hurry and work very carefully.

  1. The surface of the nail is ground with a special saw or buff. This is especially important in the presence of nails. Plates should be perfectly smooth, without any thickness, chips or cracks.
  2. The nails are wiped with a degreaser, a thin layer of an acid-free primer is applied over the top.
  3. The next layer is the base coat. It must be carefully dried under a lamp.
  4. Overcoated color gel-varnish is applied. Brush should be held at the ends of the nails, as if sealing them. To cover was even, it is more correct to apply the varnish in two layers, drying each under the lamp.
  5. A mirror powder is sprayed over the sticky layer with a fan-shaped brush. You need to do this carefully, gradually adding small portions of sparkles. They must completely cover the nail.
  6. Glitter is rubbed with a thin latex sponge or applicator. Shine should form a uniform smooth surface. You can not press hard, otherwise the manicure will turn out to be sloppy.
  7. With a sharp end of a stick from an orange tree the particles which have got on platens and kutikulu are cleaned.
  8. The nails are topcoated and dried under a lamp.
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If there is no special UV lamp, you can make a spectacular mirror manicure with a regular varnish. For a more even application, the powdered glitter is mixed with a colorless topcoat. A portion can be prepared in advance by pouring the powder into the vial. Before applying it, mix thoroughly.

Mirror manicure at home - step by step instruction:

  1. Nails are given the right length and shape.
  2. Surface is carefully sanded.
  3. The plates are covered with a layer of protective base. The type is selected depending on the condition of the nails. For example, for brittle and brittle the base with vitamins and calcium is suitable.
  4. Two thin layers of a colored varnish are put on plates, each is carefully dried.
  5. Each nail is covered with a pre-prepared blend of sparkles and clear varnish. Sequins of nails do not cause sequins.
  6. The manicure is covered with a thick layer of top with a drying effect. It quickly fixes all layers, gives nails a lasting shine, protects the plates from scuffs and chips.
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Masters of nail design clarify that when using a conventional varnish, it is not always possible to create an effect of a perfectly smooth mirror coating. Most often, a lighter deposition is obtained, the layer of the base lacquer shines through. Much depends on the quality of the enamel. The result with gel-varnish is more predictable.

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Ideas and design of

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Design and photos of mirror manicure can be found in specialized magazines and in own blogs of masters. Trends change with fashion. Today the nails of the classic oval or amygdaloid shape, of medium length, are especially relevant.

Classics is a dark manicure. The coating is a dense black glossy varnish. On its background, gold, silver, bronze, mother of pearl, color metallized powder looks spectacular. The denser the layer of powder, the more vivid the coating becomes. If you apply the glitter more thin layer, from under them the base will shine through. This technique is especially effective when using silver, gold or pearlescent powders.

Very delicate looks pink mirror manicure. On sale you can find powders of delicate pastel or bright vinyl tones. They can be combined in one design or used separately. Pink varnishes are well combined with golden, silvery, white metallized powders. You can try the original technique by changing the density of the application. At the base of the nail is applied a lot of powder, closer to the tips of its amount decreases. This design is especially well looked on on long pointed plates.

In the fashion different shades of blue and red. The tone is chosen according to the color of the skin. With tanned hands, the warm scarlet, brick-red, soft greenish-blue harmonizes. Pale fingers are especially beautiful claret, classic red, sea blue or blue-violet.

The most effective nails are created with the help of chrome powder with chameleon effect. It shimmers in different tones, from pink to green, blue or brown. The coating changes color depending on the movements of the hands or lighting. Sequins-chameleons are applied in the same way as other metallized powders. The denser the glitter layer, the more pronounced the overflow effect.

Masters who mastered the subtleties of rubbing sequins can try the original color transitions. They are especially beautiful on long nails. A strip of black or dark blue glitter is applied to the sticky layer, and silvery sequins are sprayed nearby. The application boundary is slightly blurred. On one plate, you can combine three or even four shades of sequins. It is important that they are combined in color and consistent with the general idea of ​​manicure.

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Having mastered the basic techniques, you can think over interesting ideas for manicure with a mirror inlay. It is not necessary to cover all nail plates with one color. Much more impressive looks a combination of textures and shades.

Mirror coating diversifies the classic French manicure. It can be made with both gel-varnish and conventional enamel. First, the plates are covered with top and background coating, then carefully dried. The middle part of the nail is covered with paper stencils so that the tips remain free. A layer of the base is applied on them, and metallized glitter is plunged over the surface. The final step is to remove the stencils and cover the nails with the final top. As a result, colored nails with brilliant mirror tips are obtained.

Very beautiful look one or two nails, decorated with a metallized powder. The rest of the fingers are covered with matte lacquer of the same shade. Effectively combination in gold or silver. Usually, the plates are allocated on middle or ring fingers.

Using paper stencils on the nails, you can create spectacular patterns: stripes, rhombuses, cages and even hieroglyphics. The desired shape is cut from the paper tape and glued to the plate. After applying a shiny powder, the stencil is peeled off, a clear pattern remains on the sparkling surface.

Original reception - combined manicure, combining several techniques. Such fancy options are very popular with Japanese masters of nail design. It is important to sustain the design in a unified style, with each nail looking a little different. One can be covered with a shiny, monophonic lacquer, highlighting the area around the cuticle with a rhinestones. The other is completely mirror, the third is decorated with a shiny powder half, the border with the glossy varnish is also highlighted with rhinestones. With a shiny coating, sparkling white or colored crystals, transparent silicone beads, imitating drops of water, artificial pearls and metal balls from the set for caviar manicure harmonize.

An unusual manicure is obtained when using chrome powders of various grinding. The smallest will create the effect of an even mirror, the larger ones will provide an original, slightly rough pattern resembling a patina. You can make the layer very dense, but no less interesting is a thin coating through which the color of the lacquer is shining. This design is especially beautiful on short nails.

Combining shades, textures and manicure techniques, you can achieve a very interesting effect. Mirror coating is durable, beautiful. Even with the usual varnish it lasts from 5 to 7 days and does not require correction. The only difficulty is the removal of metallic powder. The process will require more time and an increased portion of the solvent.

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