2 options for making cornflower carnations

With every passing day, things made with their own hands become more popular, and they can be used not only for decorating an apartment, but also become a wonderful gift. Original and unusual look of paper flowers. There are 2 options how to make a carnation from corrugated paper, which are simple in execution.

  • Option No. 1
  • Option No. 2

Option No. 1

First you need to prepare all the necessary materials:

  • several sheets of colored paper( yellow and pink, but you can take other shades);
  • scissors;
  • glue PVA;
  • wire.

The process of making cloves and corrugated paper is done according to the following instructions:

All sheets of paper are taken and neatly aligned so that there are no creases.

Then the paper is folded in accordion - the width of each side is about 2 cm.

As soon as the accordion is ready, you need to smooth it out with your hands so that all the folds are as clear as possible.

Now the wire is taken, the accordion bends in the middle and is fixed. You can use not only a thin wire, but a spiral.

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The sides of the accordion are folded together and cut off with scissors - a sharp corner should be obtained.

Next, carefully spreads the paper and forms clove leaves.

In this scheme, you can make a whole bouquet of carnations and put in a vase, because these bright flowers do not fade and will long decorate the interior.

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Variant 2

For work the following materials will be needed:

  • paper of green and yellow color;
  • clip;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • needle;
  • small diameter dish;
  • wire.

It is necessary to follow this instruction step by step:

It is necessary to take several sheets of green and yellow paper and fold them with a neat little stack.

A plate is applied to the paper and a pencil is drawn around the contour, after which the circle is neatly cut out.

So that the leaves do not fall apart and stay together, you need to fix them with a paper clip. Two small holes are made in the center of the needle.

A wire is inserted into the received holes and is carefully fixed from the back side.

Carefully spreads the paper and forms the colored petals of the carnation.

In this scheme, you can make colored carnations, which will be a wonderful decoration for a holiday card or a boring office interior.

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