What you need to take with you on a trip to the sea - a list of necessary things

The holiday is coming, which you have been waiting for. It is necessary to think in advance about what things will be required for a comfortable and carefree pastime. To forget nothing and do without unnecessary waste on the sea, you need to make a list of necessary things that you can definitely need during your vacation.

  • Documents
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Headgear
  • Care products
  • Hardware
  • Medications
  • Other belongings


  1. Passport;
  2. Money, credit cards;
  3. Tickets;
  4. Visa;
  5. Medical insurance;
  6. Vouchers from a travel company;
  7. Driving license if you plan to rent a car;
  8. A birth certificate and permission to leave for children if they travel with you.
It would be nice to make copies of all documents in case of loss. Copies can be stored electronically on personal mail.

All documents are better collected together and put them in a special folder.

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What things to take at sea? Of course, it all depends on where you eat and the period of your stay.

  1. Underwear - 4-5 sets;

  2. Swimsuits - 3-4 pieces. It is better that they are whole and separate;
  3. Pareo suitable for every swimsuit;
  4. Evening and cocktail dresses;
  5. Dress with straps;
  6. Denim mini skirt;
  7. Maxi skirt made of natural material;
  8. Top or T-shirt, suitable for skirts;
  9. Shirt with short sleeves;Shorts denim or linen;
  10. Lightweight linen trousers;
  11. T-shirts of different colors - 2-3 pieces;
  12. Jacket or cardigan;
  13. Jeans;
  14. Light gown;
  15. Pajamas;
  16. Socks.
Optimal female wardrobe for a trip to the sea http://woman-l.ru/zhenskij-garderob-dlya-morya/
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  1. Flip flops;
  2. Sandals without heel;
  3. Sneakers or moccasins;
  4. Light evening shoes with heels.
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  1. Cap;
  2. Hat with wide margins;
  3. Handkerchief.
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Care products

  1. Sunscreen with an SPF factor of at least 20. The higher the SPF, the safer for the skin;
  2. Moisturizing body lotion after sunburn;
  3. Intensive suntan oil;
  4. Moisturizing Night Cream;
  5. Moisturizing day cream with UV filter;
  6. Thermal water;
  7. Decorative cosmetics;
  8. Remover for make-up;Toothpaste and brush;
  9. Shampoo;
  10. Nourishing mask;
  11. Combs;
  12. Hairpins, elastic bands, studs, bezel;
  13. Foam, gel, hairspray;
  14. Shower gel;
  15. Washcloth;
  16. Towel - at least 2 pieces;
  17. Manicure set;
  18. Hygienic pads, tampons.
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  1. Mobile phone and charger to it;
  2. Tablet and charger;
  3. Camera, charger;
  4. E-book;
  5. Hairband for hair;
  6. Hairdryer.
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  1. Means for poisoning and diarrhea( Activated carbon, "Ftalazol");
  2. Antihistamines( Suprastin, Diazolin);
  3. Antipyretics( "Paracetamol", "Aspirin", "Nurofen");
  4. Painkillers( "Pentalgin", "No-shpa");
  5. Means for sunburn( "Panthenol", baby cream);
  6. Means for motion sickness( "Aviamore");
  7. Calming( "Novo-Passit", Valerian);
  8. Necessary medicines if you have a diagnosed disease;
  9. Adhesive plaster, bandage;
  10. Hydrogen Peroxide;
  11. Electronic thermometer.

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Other items

  1. Sunglasses, better than a few pairs;
  2. Costume jewelery;
  3. Beach bag;
  4. Beach mat;
  5. Umbrella;
  6. Swiss knife.

Nafiga at sea 4-5 sets of underwear? ???


Ага!And I'm talking about the same! Minimum. .. My: 1 swimsuit, 1 skirt, jeans, sweatshirt with a sleeve, 2 T-shirts, robe, ballet flats, slates. The rest can be bought there. Medicines: coal, nospa, nurofen, linex. The rest: glasses, phone and camera. About docks, I generally keep quiet:) ))) How can they be forgotten? !All the cream from the sun for and instead of also in place you can buy!

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