Rose Kanzashi own hands

Kanzashi is a traditional Japanese jewelry for hair, made in the form of hairpins, decorated with original flowers from beautiful fabrics. In this master class, we suggest that you master the basics of this skill and try to make a beautiful rose. A ready-made flower you can use as a hair clip or brooch. Also suitable is such a rose and as an ornament-strip for decor of bags, gloves, scarves and so on.

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Features of the

Technique To develop this rose, you will need a wide ribbon, whether it's made from monophonic material, or with an interesting ornament or pattern. Use satin ribbons or ribbons made of dense fabric. Otherwise, the petals will not keep in shape and fall off.

All the elements of the flower, under which petals are to be understood, are made separately, and then collected in one composition.

It is worth noting that the technique of the composite flower offered in this lesson is one of the easiest in the framework of this work.

Learn how to make flowers from the skin for drawing pictures

One flower needs to make about 10-12 petalsdifferent sizes. For the inner row, the petals should be smaller. For external, on the contrary - more.

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Rose in Kansas style

Cut for each row of workpiece. If you want the flower petal to be three centimeters long, then the blank must be at least six.

To form a rose petal, fold up the length of the ribbon in half so that the underside is on top. Sew or glue the edges of the tape as shown in the photo. This will form the tip of the petal. Outwardly, the petal should resemble the tip of the tie.

Walk a small seam along the entire perimeter of the petal, not sewing it just at the base. After that, cut the unnecessary fabric and turn the petal inside out.

By the same principle all other petals are formed.

Begin to stitch or glue a rose from its core, adding each petal separately.

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