Bavarian Crochet Technology

Things that are connected with their own hands, are now especially valuable and popular. Sweaters, scarves, plaids and a variety of knitted accessories give a special charm, coziness and bring bright colors to our life. Today we will hold a master class on creating a beautiful "waffle" texture of the canvas. Such a crocheting is called a Bavarian knitting technique.

To create a pattern, as in the diagram above, we will need:

  • multi-colored soft yarn of the same thickness;
  • crochet hook of suitable size;
  • scissors.

We start knitting with a chain of six air loops. After that, we connect the loops in a ring and we sew four lifting air loops. Then from these loops we untype four double columns, not tying them to the end.

Now we need to connect all the columns in one loop, so that in the end we get such a neat little petal.

To the base of the "petal" we tie a chain of six air loops. We re-assemble the loops in a ring and put four loops, from which we untype four double pillars, and in the end we get another petal. So do two more times, and you should get this little flower.

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Now we need to tie each petal of a flower with twelve columns with crochet thatin the lower group, we untype it in the connecting loop. The group between the petals is completed by a half-column.

Next we need to take a yarn of a different color and bind the thread to the top of the top four, as shown in the picture. After that, we repeat the scheme, as in the very beginning - we throw four air loops and tie four double bars, then tighten one eyelet.

Between the tops of our flower you need to tie in a pattern - four air loops and nine double bars with a crochet, which are also connected by a loop. Already at this stage we see that the canvas has acquired three-dimensional textured edges, which will create a "waffle" effect.

At this stage we sew the tops of the canvas exactly as in the beginning - in the central lower loop of twelve columns. On each side, we cut eight columns in the central loop.

With this kind of technique we continue to knit the canvas to the right size.

The thing looks beautiful and original, if you change the color of yarn on each new circle. Then at the exit you will get a very bright and invoice accessory, but it will be a blanket, scarf or other thing, it's up to you and your imagination to decide.

  • Jun 04, 2018
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