What does the sign mean if the clock is stopped

The clock is surrounded by many signs and superstitions, which usually have a negative value. It is no accident that many people are afraid to give and receive them as gifts, they are careful that they do not break up and do not stop. It is believed that this device is energetically related to the time of human life, and if life is destined to soon break off, then the released energy can affect the clockwork.


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    This watch is not only a stylish accessory that reflects the owner's personality. Putting this mechanism on hand, a person becomes one with it. The dead hands of the clock do not allow the master to move on and can foreshadow troubles to him:

    • the onset of the black band in life;
    • is a serious illness;
    • death.

    Until the cause of the breakdown has been clarified, it is by no means possible to wear a watch showing dead time.

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    Wall or desktop

    Stopping the clock hanging on the wall, like desktop, often shows only that the battery has broken down or the old clockwork has broken down. However, the absence of the cause of breakdown may portend a danger or a sad event, point to a bad atmosphere in the family or that the house is envied or want to do harm. In this case, you should be extremely cautious, observe safety precautions, do not communicate with unpleasant people and do not invite them to visit.

    If a person lives alone, he needs to pay attention to the following areas of life:

    • Personal life. Reflecting the inner world of a person, stopped watches often indicate stagnation in a love relationship. Distract from work, pay more attention to your partner or open up new acquaintances.
    • Career growth. Perhaps you miss your chance to advance in the service. Act more confidently, take the initiative.
    • Do not abandon the intended goal. Go forward and do not stop - the mechanism often freezes when a person drops his hands and stops fighting.
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    Suddenly went

    If the wristwatch stopped, and after a short time continued its course - their master was threatened with a serious danger that could be safely avoided.

    In the event that long-standing, dead hours suddenly come to life and went again - this is a very bad omen, marking the imminent death of the owner or one of the household members. Exception - if the device is manufactured or belongs to the deceased, so the deceased may transmit the news to his relatives.

    Read also about the meaning and reason of the ban giving watches to relatives and close people http://woman-l.ru/pochemu-nelzya-darit-chasy/
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    What to do if

    is stopped Avoid problems if the watch stops walking, the following recommendations will help:

    • If you start the device yourself( replacing the battery or screwing the winding mechanism) does not work, it must be taken to the repair shop - returning the clock to life helps to "fix" the situation and avoid a terrible fate.
    • If the watch can not be restored, you can perform a special ritual - for cleaning, place the stopped device in a container of water( preferably a saint) for a day. Then pour out the water in a deserted place with the words "Where the water is, go there and the trouble", and throw the clock without touching it with your bare hands.
    • It is advisable to visit the church and put a candle for your health - your own and your family members. It is also good to sprinkle the house with holy water.

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    Why the

    is stopped There are several explanations for the fading of the mechanism:

    • As a result of the influence of foreign energy( spoilage), most of which the clock mechanism takes over.
    • Problems with the biofield - a man whose wristwatch constantly stops, there can be serious health problems, depression, a breakdown.
    • The clock stops simultaneously with the death of the host - this is because of the close connection between the person and the device, if they have been inseparable for many years.
    • After the death of the owner or manufacturer - sometimes the clock in the house stops on the fortieth day, when the soul of the deceased finally leaves the earthly world. It also happens that the mechanism begins to go on the anniversary of the deceased's death.
    • While visiting the cemetery - this indicates the strong feelings of the owner of the watch, which can cause diseases.
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    By the time of

    There are signs that you can predict the future, depending on the time of stopping the mechanism:

    • From 12 to 1, the desire with which your thoughts are occupied will necessarily be fulfilled.
    • From 1 to 2 - you should expect misunderstandings, the emergence of coldness in the relationship.
    • From 2 to 3 - boldly make plans and set new goals, everything will turn out well.
    • From 3 to 4 - carefully consider the situation, do not make hasty conclusions.
    • From 4 to 5 - you will get a new productive acquaintance.
    • From 5 to 6 - should be prepared for trouble in personal relationships.
    • From 6 to 7 - good news is approaching.
    • From 7 to 8 - an excellent sign, foreshadows a successful resolution of the problem.
    • From 8 to 9 - in the near future you will be in the spotlight.
    • From 9 to 10 - in the near future do not expect much.
    • From 10 to 11 - there are quarrels and conflicts in the family.
    • From 11 to 12 - concentrate, give the work more attention.
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    Dreams are designed to warn and guide us in the right direction. If it seems that the clock has stopped, this could mean losses and obstacles, among which:

    • Interruption of activities, the end of the project, dismissal.
    • Theft of money, unprofitable investment.
    • Sadness, disappointment.
    • Breaking relations with a person, treason, divorce.
    • Diseases, death.
    • At the same time to put in a dream standing watches or give them to repair - a good sign, foreshadowing changes for the better.

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