With what you can combine shoes of red color

To have red shoes in your wardrobe is always the right decision for any woman and girl. But, in order to make the image winning, to shoes of this color, it does not matter whether it's boats, a model without a heel, on a wedge or a thin hairpin, it is necessary to select a competently composed ensemble.

There are a lot of shades of red. For blondes and light-blond girls, it is preferable to choose carrot-red and tender-crimson shades, and for red-faced young ladies, pink-red and terracotta-red. As for the dark tones of hair, then for their owners there are no boundaries in the choice of red.

The choice of colors for the red shoes can be done in several ways:

  • Monochrome method, when the ensemble is represented within a single palette, but it can be transitions from the most saturated to the selected color, to the most faded, for example, saturated red-wine colored shoes,they are in a tone or tone darker than a handbag, plus glasses in the same dark frame, plus a trouser suit of pastel, powder color( muffled-red).

  • Combination with white, gray or black. In this case, the ensemble has only two colors: white, gray or black, as a base, and red as an accent.
  • Gradient method. In this case, the clothes should be the transition of color from dark to light, for example, the top of the blouse is white, but to the bottom it becomes more and more saturated red.
  • Contrast. There are several bright contrast colors in the ensemble. So with red, blue, emerald, green, yellow, orange blends well.

It is also necessary to consider the style in which the shoes are made.

Massive shoes suitable for youth outfit and grunge style.

They can be combined with dark blue, black, gray jeans or trousers of a suitable cut, with a denim sarafan, shorts, skirts and other things made of denim or other dense fabrics.

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For business style, choose closed shoes with a middle course or without a heel. Such shoes will dilute the casual business suit, but this combination will be appropriate only if the suit is plain, sewn from a respectable costume fabric. Only in this case, shoes of red color will not look vulgar.

You can supplement shoes with accessories in the same or a monochrome palette. Also with red, white and black accessories are well combined.

White, coffee-milk, powder shades of peach and pink, beige in general are ideal for creating a romantic style. This can be a chiffon suit, a light dress suitable for you length, a blouse and denim shorts or a skirt. The fabric can be monophonic or contain a discreet drawing or decor.

And for the evening red is perfectly combined with blue, red and black.

So dress-case, dress with sun skirt, trapeze or flare, elegant dress or dress in the floor of blue, red or black color can be supplemented with light shoes with a stud and a restrained clutch of small size in the tone of shoes or on a darker dress tone. Good for the evening and varnished models of different shoes.

For a party and creating a disco-style or rock style, you can use massive high-heel shoes( thick heels or a platform).They blend well with the skin, black clothes, trimmed with rhinestones, chains, pawns, and also with bright clothes.

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Try not to combine the red shoes with clothing with an animalistic print. This applies to prints "zebra", "leopard", "tiger" and so on. This combination is complete bad taste.

When choosing pantyhose for shoes, pay attention to black tones, especially dense black shades.

Bodily matte shades, coffee color, coffee with milk, sometimes, depending on the case and other elements of the ensemble, blue or yellow pantyhose are suitable.

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