Amazonite stone and its properties

Amazonite is the stone of fearless warriors and good-natured housewives. Due to its unique properties, the stone Amazonite enjoyed popularity in ancient Egypt and continues to be at the peak of popularity in the modern world.

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History of the stone

The history of the Amazonite originates in the Ancient EgPte. His skillful masters used a beautiful stone for making various ornaments and amulets. For example, during the excavation in Egypt in the tomb of Tutankhamen, many Amazonite items were found, set in silver.

A little later the Amazonite used Scythian tribes. The stone was not ignored in the Middle East. For example, in Mongolia gem served as a mascot of the family.

At the beginning of the XVIII century, deposits of amazonite were discovered in the Urals, after which Russian masters began to actively use it in ornamental art. Mass production of amazonite floor lamps, countertops, candlesticks and vases began. Today many products of the XVIII-XIX centuries are on display at the Hermitage.

In 1937, in the technique of the Florentine mosaic, a map of the USSR was made, in the manufacture of which, apart from other minerals, a unique amazonite was used.

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Description of mineral

Amazonite refers to the green-blue variety of feldspar. This unique mineral has a delicate color range that ranges from pale green to greyish-yellow hues with characteristic green inclusions.

The cost of a stone depends on the color saturation. Most of all, the Amazonites are appreciated with a uniform coloration of a rich blue color. The natural stone has albite inclusions, which give the mineral a unique mesh pattern.

Often, amazonite is called an "Amazonian stone", but where the name of the stone came from, it can not be reliably said.

There are two hypotheses:

  1. According to one version, the stone was given its name in honor of the Amazon River, where for the first time a stone deposit was discovered.
  2. The second says that the name is directly related to female warriors of the Amazons. It was their mineral that was considered the sacred stone of the leaders.
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Amazonite varieties

Amazonites are divided into groups according to their color and texture. Its most famous varieties are:

  1. Turquoise amazonite is an amazonite with a characteristic thin-wavy pattern of pyrite saturated with a greenish-blue color.
  2. Breast-shaped amazonite - amazonite with characteristic inclusions of quartz-albite materials.
  3. Fine amazonite - amazonite with an indistinctly expressed pattern of albit pyrites of a bluish-green hue.
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Chemical composition and physical properties of the stone

In its type, amazonite is a type of feldspar. In nature, the mineral is found in granitic pegmatites, where it forms irregularly shaped single-crystal inclusions and coarse-grained veins and accumulations.

In its chemical composition, amazonite is potassium aluminosilicate with various impurities, such as lead( Pb), cesium( Cs), rubidium( Rb), manganese( Mn).Each of these chemical elements affects the color gamut of the Amazonites.

So, for example, a green tint gives the stone impurities of lead, and the admixtures of iron color the mineral in a soft blue color.

Its chemical formula: K [AlSi3O8]

Natural mineral is opaque and has a shell fracture. Also for amazonite glass shine and triclinic syngony are characteristic( the structure of the crystal, in which the primitive cell is the most unsymmetrical).

The hardness of the stone is 6-6.5 units on the Mohs scale, and the density is 2.55-2.6 g / cm3.

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Amazonite deposits

Today, amazonite is mined practically on the whole globe.

The most famous stone deposits are in such countries as: Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Finland, Norway.

In addition, the stone is actively mined in Italy, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, India, Myanmar, China, USA, Brazil and Russia.

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The healing properties of the mineral

Since ancient times, amazonite is famous for its medicinal properties.

This stone is used in the treatment of:

  • disorders of the nervous system;
  • of throat diseases;
  • of Thyroid Disease;
  • of joint disease;
  • various sexual disorders.
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Lithotherapists claim that the stone contributes:

  • to the correct assimilation of calcium;
  • healing of skin ulcers;
  • slowing the appearance of wrinkles;
  • strengthening of hair and nails.

Jewelery with amazonite helps with psychological and psychiatric diseases, during stress and insomnia, effectively eliminates the headache.

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Magic properties of amazonite

In addition to its special physical and therapeutic properties, the popularity of amazonite is also due to its magical properties.

  • It is believed that the stone gives its owner a clear mind and gives it peace of mind and self-confidence.
  • Amazonite protects from reckless actions and rash decisions, deprives of excessive pride and self-confidence.
  • Amazonite is able to dissipate negative energy and provides reliable protection from ill-wishers.
  • He has the power to show his best side to man.
  • Occasionally, amazonite is called a "surprise stone", as this mineral helps to realize the most secret desires.
  • Mineral allows older people to return to their spiritual youthfulness and vitality.
  • Often a stone is used in meditations, it gives truth and promotes peace of mind.
  • Amazonite helps its owner to establish the necessary contacts, endows him with charm and eloquence.
  • The stone allows to resolve internal contradictions and conflicts.
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Amazonite and zodiac signs

The most effective effect of amazonite is on Aries and Lions. These zodiac signs have a natural relationship to the Amazonite, and the stone will help them to strengthen their intuition and reveal their creative potential. Scorpio amazonite helps to get rid of prolonged depression, however, it is often not recommended to wear a stone.

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On Cancer the mineral acts extremely negatively, it develops laziness and multiplies all fears.

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Application of gem

Often, amazonite is used as an inexpensive ornamental and jewelry material.

For the manufacture of jewelry amazonite is cut by cabochon. It is made of various beads, earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings.

In addition to this, the stone is used for making decorative articles: candlesticks, caskets, figurines, mosaic patterns and ashtrays.

Sometimes a stone serves as a source of cesium and rubidium.

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Interesting facts about the stone

  • One of the most famous amazonite products is the unique belt of Hippolytus, which was one of the most famous leaders of the Amazons. But, unfortunately, until today, the belt has not survived.
  • Amazonite has unique physical properties. When heated to 500 ° C, its natural color disappears and is restored only by X-ray irradiation. However, when glowing to 600 ° C, the gem loses its color irreversibly.
  • If you rotate a round polished stone, you can observe an amazing phenomenon - iridescent glow( iris).True, such a phenomenon is present only on the ground skole.
  • From time immemorial, amazonite was a talisman of a strong family. To achieve maximum effect, the mineral was laid in the foundation of the house.
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How to distinguish natural amazonite from forgery

Amazonite is forged very rarely, since it has an affordable price. But if you are still trying to deceive, exposing the deception is easy enough:

  1. Look through the stone to the sunlight. Unlike glass, natural stone is opaque.
  2. You can clamp a stone in your hand if the mineral gets too hot - it's a fake.
  3. A natural stone can not be pure color, usually natural amazonite has inclusions that give it a unique mesh pattern.
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Stone care

Amazonite is a fairly loose stone, but when storing it, do not forget that:

  1. Like any jewelery stone, Amazonite does not like direct sunlight and temperature drops.
  2. Amazonite is a soft enough mineral, so it should be stored wrapped in a soft cloth separately from the jewelry.
  3. The stone is sensitive to strong shocks, scratches and excessive pressure.
  4. Amazonite loses its natural coloration due to high temperature.

When cleaning the stone, use a mild soap solution and warm water. After such a cleansing procedure, do not forget to wipe the mineral dry with a soft cloth.

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Photos of the stone of amazonite and its products

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