6 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

6 years of living together is a long time. During this period, the couple has passed the test for strength and, despite all the difficulties and troubles, the couple remained true to their feelings. It is worthwhile thoroughly preparing for the celebration of such a small but important family date. Think carefully about everything, especially gifts and congratulations. And what to give you decide, after learning what kind of wedding.

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    ? In different countries this anniversary is called differently, for example, in Latvia - Rowan wedding, in America - Candy, in Germany- Sugar wedding.

    In Russia, the sixth anniversary of the wedding is usually called Cast-iron.

    It is known that cast iron is the first of metals in family relationships. He perfectly conveys the whole character of the relationship. Cast iron easily acquires any shape, so it is very important to lay the right foundation out of love, friendship and mutual understanding, and then the family will stand even in the most difficult times.

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    How to celebrate

    There are many scenarios for celebrating the anniversary of the wedding, but every year more and more supporters of the traditional option.

    Several features of the celebration:

    1. On the eve of the celebration, it is necessary to conduct a spring cleaning, during which all the unnecessary things are thrown out of the house together with the insults.

    2. On the holiday invite exclusively close guests.
    3. The anniversary celebration is organized in the form of a tea party.
    4. The obligatory decoration of the table is a "pig-iron" - a meat pie.
    5. At the table, a kind of verbal relay race is organized, during which each of those present gives their advice to the spouses to save the marriage.
    6. In the end follows the traditional dance of "newlyweds".
    If children have grown up, it is possible to note the Cast-iron wedding in a narrow family circle.

    To do this:

    1. Arrange a holiday on a home scale.
    2. Draw the greeting cards with the children.
    3. Prepare small funny numbers and arrange a mini-presentation.
    4. Serve the stuffed pancakes baked on a cast-iron frying pan.
    5. Diversify the holiday with various family competitions and competitions.

    You can celebrate the anniversary and only two together, taking, for example, a romantic bath by candlelight.

    The main thing is to remember that family traditions only strengthen marriage.

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    Gift for the wife

    It's quite difficult to please a favorite with a traditional gift on a cast-iron wedding. Few women will rejoice, for example, a cast-iron frying pan. The way out is:

    1. Order a cast-iron candlestick in the form of a female and male figure, and at the same time add that it's you and She.
    2. Even if the gift turned out to be from the area of ​​cast-iron utensils, attach to it an invitation to a restaurant.
    3. Perhaps you will find a beautiful forged casket, or a unique vase, which will need to be complemented with a bouquet.
    4. Write and play a song or a verse.
    5. Write a romantic letter, in which describe all the advantages of your marriage.

    In order to choose a gift for 6 years of the wedding is not limited to the circle of household items, you can refer to the traditions of other countries.

    It can be:

    • vase;
    • decorative pot;
    • brazier;
    • grill;
    • of the Kazanok;
    • тятatyanka;
    • panel;
    • a set of exotic sweets.
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    What to give to my husband

    Pay attention to the celebration of 7 years of living together http://woman-l.ru/7-let-sovmestnoj-zhizni-kakaya-eto-svadba-pozdravleniya-i-chto-podarit/ whatthis is a wedding, congratulations and what to give

    . Do not be intimidated by the question of what to give to your spouse for a holiday. A good gift is:

    • ashtray;
    • lighter;
    • figurine on the desktop;
    • hunting knife;
    • brazier;
    • is an exclusive gift, purchased in a decorative molding shop.
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    The beautiful verses will serve as an irreplaceable addition to any congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding:

    Cast iron indestructible marriage.
    The quarrel with you - not part.
    Every year you are more beautiful,
    And it's more comfortable to be.
    Every year it's warmer
    Spouse's relationship,
    You become smarter,
    And more desirable to each other.
    Also continue on,
    you our friendly greetings!
    Love your multiply,
    And for many years live without troubles!
    Together you are already quite a few!
    6 years passed and winters rained,
    As your wedding took a walk!
    They already ate a pood of salt together!
    But do not you all these family snowstorms!
    With a cast-iron wedding we congratulate you,
    And we sincerely wish you to replenish!
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