Stone sardonyx and its properties

Sardonyx - a unique talisman of travelers and a reliable guard of the family hearth. Unique properties of the stone were appreciated by the best masters of the world, and the incredible coloration of the sardonyx fascinated rulers of different countries for several millennia in a row.

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History of stone

According to archaeological finds, it can safely say that sardonyxIt was already used by mankind already in Ancient Egypt.

  • It is known that Egyptian queen Cleopatra( 1st century BC) used vessels, made of sardonyx, to store cosmetics.
  • In the 4th century BC, during the heyday of the fashion for stone cameos, in Egypt's Alexandria hundreds of skilful masters cut out on sardonyx different portraits, images of gods and mythical monsters. Unfortunately, the names of the first masters working with sardonyx have disappeared in time, although their works are still a decoration of many collections and exhibitions.

  • Sardonyx was used, due to its unique properties, and for the manufacture of seals, becauseTo this natural stone do not stick viscous substances.

In ancient Rome, sardonyx owes its popularity to the Roman general Scipio African, whose family seal was carved from sardonyx.

Also in ancient times, various ornaments from sardonyx and chiseled sardonyx figurines were in vogue.

In the Renaissance, sardonyx was valued along with emeralds and sapphires. The famous "Golden Mirror" of Louis XIV, dating back to 1600, was decorated with selective sardonyxes.

Sardonyx is recollected repeatedly in Christian literature. For example, in the "Apocalypse" there is a description of the wall in Heavenly Jerusalem, which has twelve foundations. Each of the bases is answered by one of the stones. Sardonyx is, according to legend, the ornamentation of the fifth base. Also, the sardonyx was considered to be the stone of the apostle Philip, who had the gift of resurrecting the dead.

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Description of mineral

Natural sardonyx is one of the varieties of agate( onyx).The colors of this natural stone range from fiery to red-black. It has a unique bright linear coloration, in which darker and lighter bands alternate with each other. Most often there are sardonyxes, containing white, pink, brown and brown strips, and above all others are valued minerals, on which the bands form a beautiful pattern.

Depending on the shade of color, in ancient times, women's and men's sardonyxes were distinguished:

  • female stones were minerals with a lighter and softer color;
  • dark stones were considered exclusively male.

The name of the stone went from the Greek word "sarclolith", which in the translation sounds like "a stone from Sardis".Sarda was an ancient Lydian city, which was famous for the whole world by a unique market of gems.

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Chemical composition and physical properties of stone

By its species, sardonyx is a common type of chalcedony.

In terms of its chemical composition, it is silicon oxide. Accordingly, its chemical formula: SiO2.Silicon oxide ranges from 90 to 99% in the chemical composition of the mineral. The rest is from 1 to 10% impurities:

  • Al2O3( alumina),
  • Fe2O3( iron hydroxide),
  • CaO( calcium oxide),
  • MgO( magnesium oxide),
  • H2O( water).

It is due to these impurities and, first of all, the admixture of iron hydroxide, a unique reddish-orange color of the stone is formed.

The hardness of the sardonyx is 6.5-7 units on the Mohs scale, and the density is 2.6 g / cm3.

The mineral does not have a special shine. As a rule, its aggregates are dull, closer to wax, shine.

There is no cleavage in the sardonyx, and the fracture has a conchoidal or shell-like shell shape.

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Deposits of sardonyx

The most famous deposits of fire sardonyx are found in India and in the entire Arabian Peninsula.

Stone deposits are also known in the USA, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Australia, Argentina.

On the territory of Russia, sardonyx is extremely rare. Minor mineral deposits are located on Kolyma and Chukotka.

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The healing properties of

mineral In ancient times, healers used sardonyx powder as a strong antibacterial agent. With his help, healed deep wounds, open fractures and severe bleeding.

Sometimes with the help of natural sardonyx, they treated various inflammations, relieved pain and even relieved from tumors.

Modern lithotherapists attribute extraordinary properties to sardonyx. In their opinion, natural sardonyx is able:

  • to get rid of fever;
  • cure the spleen;
  • to eliminate disturbances in the digestive system;
  • help to avoid problems with the thyroid gland;
  • to cure infertility;
  • to improve potency;
  • heal ulcers;
  • improve hearing.
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Magic properties of sardonyx

  • Since ancient times, sardonyx has been a talisman of travelers. He seemed to unite in himself the fiery light of the sun and the purity of the sky - all that the traveling traveler so needs.
  • Also, people began to notice that the owners of sardonyx were less sick, they rarely encountered obstacles on their way, and their families were full of idyll and mutual understanding.
  • Mages recommended statuettes from sardonyx to those who needed support, becausestone not only helped to cope with fears, but also gave its owner confidence and strength.
  • It is believed that the pendant with sardonyx will help keep the partner faithful, and the bracelet will protect against treachery and lies.
  • Esoterics claim that if you put a sardonyx statue near the bedside table, the dreamer will dream of prophetic dreams and even the gift of clairvoyance may open. At the same time, they do not advise wearing ornaments from sardonyx along with diamonds, rubies, jadeite, heliotrope and chrysolite. Such a combination of stones, in their opinion, can bring misfortunes and illnesses to the family and even lead to the death of its owner.
  • It is best to receive sardonyx as a gift, then it will bring great success in all endeavors, and also will give a long and happy life.
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Sardonyx and zodiac signs

The unique sardonyx has conquered not only lithotherapists, but astrologers with its unique properties.

Experts argue that people born under the sign of Leo, the stone will give an inexhaustible success in all endeavors and inspire them to new achievements.

Gemini sardonyx protects against dark forces and evil eye. The stone will help them neutralize all negative emotions.

Aquarius sardonyx will give clarity of thought and help to defeat all internal fears and feelings.

Astrologers do not recommend wearing sardonyx to Virgo and Cancer. For them, the stone will be a magnet, attracting only trouble. Also, a stone can immerse them in melancholy and make them too sensitive and vulnerable.

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Application of the gem

Since ancient times, sardonyx has been a material for glyptic. Up to our time hundreds of refined sardonyx stones have been preserved.

Till now this stone serves as an ornament of various jewelry: beads, rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants.

Also natural sardonyx is actively used for making cups, candlesticks, jugs, figurines.

Thanks to its unique properties, it is ideal for family seals.

Used sardonyx and as a decorative stone as a mosaic and tiles for the decoration of walls.

In addition to jewelry, sardonyx is actively used in folk medicine and cosmetology. In particular, special balls for stone massage are made from it.

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Interesting facts about the stone

The world-famous cameo of Gonzaga, made 2300 years ago, skillfully executed on a three-layer sardonyx of 16x12 cm. Its name was given to a unique cameo in honor of its last owner, Marquis Francesco II Gonzaga.

There is more than one legend about this refined product. So, according to one version, it depicts the couple Ptolemy II Philadelph( son of Alexander of Macedon) and Arsinoe II( according to the legends of Ptolemy's sister).Cameo is a kind of wedding photography, where the faces of two lovers are conveyed with extraordinary accuracy. On her face Ptolemy expresses strength and courage, while Arsinoe's gentle face radiates tenderness and feminine kindness. And although the name of the master remained unknown, his work truly admired and fascinated for several millennia in a row.

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How to distinguish natural sardonyx from counterfeit

In the market, sardonyx has an affordable price, so fakes of this stone practically does not exist.

But to make sure that you have a real stone and not a plastic copy, perform the following manipulations:

  1. Take the stone in your hand and you can immediately expose the deceit. After all, it's not a secret for anyone that plastic is much easier compared to a stone.
  2. Hold the stone in your hand. The natural stone, in comparison, even with the most skillful fake, will stay cool for longer.
  3. Gently tap the stone against a hard surface. If there is a plastic counterfeit in front of you, then you will hear a characteristic "empty" sound.
  4. Sometimes sardonyx is forged by gluing several layers of different materials. In this case, the top layer can be made of natural stone, while the next layer can be glass or even plastic.

In order not to be deceived, take a good look at the stone through the magnifying glass, and if you have any suspicions, it's best to consult a specialist.

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Stone care

  • Sardonyx is not very strong, so it's best to store it in a separate case wrapped in a soft cloth.
  • Natural sardonyx is sensitive to sunlight. Long exposure of the stone under direct sunlight can lead to loss of color brightness.
  • Like any precious stone, sardonyx does not like excessive humidity.
  • It is necessary to clean the stone at least once a year, and it is strictly forbidden to use aggressive chemical agents. First, wash the stone in clean running water, then use a soap and a soft brush to clean the stone with gentle movements. After the procedure, rinse the stone in warm water and wipe dry with a soft dry napkin.
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Photos of the stone of sardonyx and its products

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Others say that such stones are generally harmful to health. And they can not be worn for long. And I so want earrings with sardonyx))
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