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Earrings have not only aesthetic value, but also serve as a guard, protecting a person from negative influence. To lose an ear ring is always unpleasant, especially if a thing is made of precious stones and metals or just a favorite. People's signs and superstitions say that such losses are a warning about the upcoming troubles or, conversely, happy events.

  • For a man
  • For a girl
  • For a married woman
  • Find a lost earring
  • Lose a gold or silver earring
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For a man

To the stronger sex, the loss of the earring brings misfortunes, illnesses and financial losses. The belief developed many years ago, when the earring in the ear of a man had a special meaning:

  • Defined caste, was a sign of wealth and power for a noble warrior, as well as the definition of slaves and women of easy virtue.
  • Served for the sailors amulet, protecting them from a variety of hazards on the water.
  • Pirates wore an earring as a payment to someone who would find and bury their body. Also, the number of earrings in the ear of sea robbers showed how many ships were successfully taken to boarding.

  • According to the number of punctures in the Cossacks' ears, it was possible to trace the history of their family tree and to understand whether the warrior has brothers or he is the only son - the support and hope of the family, the successor of the family. It happened that the enemies who noticed this difference, spared the warrior and saved his life.
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For the girl

To lose an earring to an unmarried girl is a good sign, to finding a spouse of life, marriage soon. In villages there is a proverb "Lost earring - you will find Alyoshka".

  • From the right ear - the relationship will develop easily and soon grow into a happy family life.
  • From the left ear - there are difficult tests and struggle for their own happiness.
  • Both earrings - a good omen, the girl is waiting for double luck.
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For the married woman

The sign is twofold - on the one hand, the loss of decoration promises the appearance in the life of a new man, easy flirting or a love affair. On the other hand, deterioration in relations between spouses is nearing, which can lead to divorce.

In the people there is a belief that the husband should not give his wife earrings - their loss leads to an inevitable parting. One of the interpretations of this sign foreshadows the woman a widow's fate.

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Find lost earring

In case you happened to find an earring, there are also signs:

  • To find it means that everything predicted during its loss( troubles or new relations) will have a temporary nature.
  • Stranger - a bad omen, promising diseases and bad luck. This earring should not be raised and, even more so - it contains in itself someone else's energy, often negative. According to popular beliefs, when earrings accumulate a large amount of negativity or take an energy strike( spoilage), they can no longer perform a protective function and leave the owner, so as not to harm - they are lost. These ornaments should be cleaned - sanctified in the church, otherwise there is a risk of taking over someone else's troubles.
  • A man found - a favorable sign, foreshadows the receipt of profits, improving financial condition.

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Lose gold or silver earring

These metals are good conductors of energy, so the loss of gold or silver jewelry only enhances the effect of the sign: girls bring happiness in love, married women - conflicts in the family, men - monetary setbacks.
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Dreams about earrings mean the following:

  • To lose an earring - to lose something good. You can expect leakage of information, financial loss, conflicts at home or at work, illness. The same meaning has a dream in which the earrings are stolen or broken.
  • If you lose jewelry made of gold, you should expect a quarrel or parting with your loved one. If in this case someone presents you or wears new earrings in a dream - you should beware of gossips and adventures both in personal relationships and in the financial sphere.
  • If a woman who has two children dreams that she has lost an earring - she should pay more attention to the health of children.
  • Married man to lose an earring in a dream - to the appearance on the horizon of a seductress, which can destroy family life. If he dreams that the earring is losing his wife - this indicates that she does not have enough attention from her husband.
  • Looking for a lost earring in a dream symbolizes fatigue, dissatisfaction in real life, the need for change.
  • To lose, and then find an ornament - to good news, pleasant events.
  • Find an earring, especially a gold one - soon you will receive a profit, a reward or a gift, a new acquaintance or a meeting with an old friend.
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