Bulhorn - surgical method of plasty of the upper lip

Expressive smile is the key to attractiveness of the external image of a woman. To make sensuality to lips, to change their form and contours the plastic cosmetology will help. Technicians of cheyloplasty are able to effectively correct the imperfections of this facial area. To make the smile more open and charming is possible with the help of Bulhorn - the surgical method of plasty of the upper lip.

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The essence of the method

One of the methods of cheyloplasty Bulhorn literally translates from the English "horn of the bull."This name is due to the sinuous shape of the skin, excised during surgery to increase the height of the upper lip by reducing the distance between it and the base of the nose. The effect can be achieved in several ways, however, they are common. It consists in tightening and slightly turning out the red border of the upper lip after removing the dermis stripe between it and the nose and neatly sewing the tissues of the incision.

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Advantages of

The Bulhorn method has the following advantages:

  • The presence of several plastic techniques, the choice of which is performed by the doctor, based on the needs of the patient. With the help of some techniques, it is possible to avoid the scar after Bul'horn, for example, by performing excision through the internal mucosa.
  • Minimal tissue trauma during surgery, which reduces the recovery period. There is no need for inpatient treatment, the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis.
  • Ability to correct defects in this area, including congenital and acquired as a result of injury.
  • Raising the upper lip with the Bulhorn technique provides a natural result. There is no effect of protrusion( "duck profile"), which is typical of the procedure of injectable cheiloplasty. The increase in the lips of the Bulhorn method is achieved by their easy eversion, which is why the species is natural.
  • Ability to eliminate age-related changes in this site. This technique, although not considered anti-aging procedure, but has a pronounced effect of rejuvenation. Lifting the lip of the Bulhorn method allows you to avoid its thinning, lowering.
  • The durability of the result, especially in comparison with other correction methods( for example, using fillers).The effect of the operation is retained for up to 5 years and longer. There is no need for a repeated Bulhorn procedure.
  • High efficiency of the method. The result of the operation is an increase in the upper lip with one-stage shortening. The effect can be assessed after healing of scars. The active blood supply of this area contributes to a fairly rapid regeneration of tissues.

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The main purpose of the surgical method is Bulhorn - giving the upper lip aesthetic appeal. It is also often used to rejuvenate this area. Indications for cheloplasty using the Bulhorn method are:

  • long and excessively thin upper lip;
  • asymmetry of the mouth;
  • natural ptosis, lengthening, thinning of the upper lip, due to age-related changes;
  • traumatic injuries of this area;
  • small volume of the upper lip. In this case, Bulhorn can be combined with lipofilling, injections of hyaluronic acid;
  • the distance between the nose and upper lip is above the established rate, which is about 1.5 centimeters.
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Technique for the operation

Because surgical correction of the upper lip is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia, Prior to its carrying out, standard preparatory measures are appointed:

  • general blood and urine tests;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • fluorography;
  • consultation of a surgeon, therapist, anesthesiologist.

A few days before surgery, you should not carry out aggressive cosmetic procedures( for example, peeling).

The choice of the correction method is made by the doctor taking into account the anatomical structure of the patient's face, indications and the required result.

With the help of surgical manipulation of various techniques, the following effects are achieved:

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  • acquisition of lips with a clear contour, the severity of Cupid's arc;
  • smile becomes more charming and open due to exposure of cutters to a third of their size;
  • elimination of lip protrusion, "duck effect";
  • rejuvenating effect as a result of elimination of fine wrinkles in this area;
  • lips acquire greater volume and sensuality.

The method of plastic surgery Bulhorn can be carried out using several techniques.

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Outdoor equipment

Can be implemented in two ways.

  1. Excision and removal of skin tissue is performed under the base of the nose. This external subnase method is the most common method of correction. The shape of the cut is identical to the outline of the upper lip in the mirror projection, which provides the most natural result of the operation. Then, the necessary volume of tissues is removed and the dermis is sewn, first its deeper layers in order to fix the brach, then the skin surface itself is leveled. Seams after Bul'horn in this area are barely noticeable, easily masked by cosmetic means. Healing occurs within two months.
  2. It is possible to perform longitudinal excision of the skin along the edge of the upper lip and remove part of the tissue directly above the rim. This external method has a pronounced effect of braces, however, it has a significant drawback - often a noticeable postoperative scar. For this reason, the subnasal method is considered more aesthetic and is preferred with the external technique of Bullhorn.
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Italian Bulhorn

With this technique, 2 cuts are made on each side of the columella. The advantage of this technique is the concealment of postoperative scars inside the nose. This technique is effective with a slight correction of the upper lip. With its strong omission and thinning, this technique is considered impractical.

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Internal technology

This method is also called a hidden Bulhorn, since the aesthetic appearance of the operated area is not impaired. The incision is through the mucosa of the upper lip. For this reason, there are no visible scars. Applicable in the case of a significant lip tightening, when the Italian Bulhorn is not suitable.

If, with the use of these techniques, the excision of the tissue site is not sufficient to turn the lip out, use its fixing with fixing threads. This eliminates the aesthetic defect - the nakedness of the incisors with a smile. With the help of filaments, the lip is raised and sewn to the tissues at the base of the nose.

Smile is considered attractive, in the case of exposing the front teeth by half the length. If this rate is exceeded( "gingival smile"), bite correction or other surgical manipulations may be required.

Hospitalization operation using the Bulhorn method does not require. The procedure lasts no longer than an hour, in case of general anesthesia the patient is released home after a few hours, local anesthesia - immediately after the procedure.

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The first time the edema remains after Bulhorn. There may be hyperemia, bruises. Usually these defects can be easily masked by cosmetic means. Symptoms occur within 2 weeks, a small scar can persist for 2 months, after which it disappears. Painful sensations after surgery are absent, burning and discomfort can be observed.

Within the first week after the surgical procedures, it is necessary to refuse the use of products that promote puffiness: salty, spicy, smoked, and also from hot food. During this period it is not necessary to visit the sauna, sauna, it is recommended to be protected from direct sunlight. It is necessary to limit physical activities and active facial expressions after Bul'horn, avoid traumatizing the operated area. It is necessary to comply with all the recommendations and appointments of the operating doctor.

Seams are removed after 5-7 days. At this time, it is already possible to evaluate the effect of the operation, however, the final result is fixed six months after the surgical manipulations due to the long process of tissue scarring.

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Before performing the operation, the physician performs an external examination and analyzes the patient's health condition in order to identify possible contraindications to the procedure. These include:

  • propensity to form keloid and hypertrophic scars;
  • herpetic rashes;
  • disorders of blood clotting processes;
  • oncological diseases;
  • some systemic diseases( decompensated diabetes mellitus, heart disease, blood vessels, etc.);
  • chronic pathologies in the acute stage;
  • infectious diseases;
  • damage to the operated site( injuries, wounds, abrasions);
  • gestation period;
  • with some anatomical features of the structure from an aesthetic point of view, it is not recommended to perform the operation by the method of Bulhorn: a short upper lip, a gingival smile, an upturned tip of the nose, a small distance from the base of the nose to the upper lip.
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Possible complications of

The qualitative work of the surgeon, the patient's performance of his appointments and compliance with the rules of the rehabilitation period minimize the risk of negative consequences. However, in case of an unsuccessful Bullhorn, the following complications may occur:

  • Insufficient sterility during the operation and during the recovery period can cause tissue infection and inflammation in them. In this case, there is no aesthetic effectiveness of the operation, the duration of the rehabilitation period is significantly increased, excessive scarring of the tissue occurs.
  • Loss of skin sensation between the nose and upper lip.
  • It is possible to deform facial expressions after Bulhorn in the motor-active zone of the mouth area. This occurs as a result of cicatricial processes within a year after the operation.
  • Serum fluid congestion.
  • Traumatization and excessive activity( mimicry, sneezing, etc.) of the operated area can cause divergence of seams, impaired cosmetic effect, inflammatory and scarring processes.
  • Dissatisfaction with the patient result. To prevent this, you need to carefully study the techniques and nuances of the Bullhorn method, discuss with the doctor details of the operation and the desired effect.
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