Why you can not look in the mirror when you cry

Russian people have always believed and will believe in different superstitions, because they can not be explained in scientific language. There are quite a few beliefs associated with mirrors. It turns out that this is a special mystical and even magical object, which has long become an element of the interior. Today we will tell you why you can not look in the mirror when you cry.

Signs of

Surely you noticed that sometimes it happens, you look at yourself in the mirror in a bad mood and then throughout the day, or even a week everything goes "awry".The thing is that mirror reflections accumulate the energy of a person and they do not care whether it's good or bad. They looked at themselves in tears, unhappy and tired - they are provided with troubles, but if they came to a mirror in a good mood, remember themselves happy, then the day will pass perfectly.

According to the beliefs, a girl, crying in front of a mirror, runs the risk of drowning her happiness in tears.

Every day luck will turn away from her, as the mirror has remembered her unhappy, and now she will give her negative energy. Another superstition says that once a mirror remembers you crying, it will postpone the imprint of your image on a further fate, and you will cry all your life, even for small things that you should not even pay attention to.

What to do

But what if you cried in front of a mirror? Do not panic and fall into even more hysteria, all can be corrected if you adhere to certain rules:

  • If you are a very superstitious person, it is best to get rid of the mirror that saw you unhappy. But, in no case do not break it and give it to anyone. Carefully wrap the mirror in a rag and take it out of the house. People who are less superstitious can simply just wash the mirror surface, thus removing all negative energy from it.
  • For the future, stop crying in front of the mirror. First, this is not the most pleasant picture, and secondly, over time negative energy will accumulate, and the mirror will have to be thrown out.
  • Treat mirror surfaces with care and with due respect. Always talk with your reflection and share your positive emotions, and the mirror will answer you with the same warm energy.

In some countries girls are taught from an early age to repeat in front of a mirror that they are the most beautiful and happy. So, according to the belief, they convince their mirror image of superiority and call to themselves a successful life. Why do not we follow the example of these girls? Try at least a week to talk with your mirror double, to praise him and talk about beauty and, at least, a good mood you have already secured. And, according to experts, a positive attitude is the key to success in all endeavors.

Julia Kaseva

I do not look in the mirror when I'm crying. Well, I can not look at myself sobbing.

  • Jun 04, 2018
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